aside US House Speaker Paul Ryan will Never Be Thought Of As A Profile In Courage

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Once upon a time I actually had some respect for the republican US House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, but I lost it a long time ago as he has made his bargain with the devil to support the likes of a President Donald Trump in return for his poorly crafted tax cuts bill.

It is my opinion that he’ll go down in the history books as a man who sold his soul, this country, its peoples and everything worthwhile for 30 pieces of silver. That’s not leadership, that’s Mr. Ryan leaving a sinking ship which sunk the republican Party of ole, as he permanently departs from the US Congress.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On August 7, 2018, Mark Leibovich of The New York Times penned the following report, This Is the Way Paul Ryan’s Speakership Ends” (“The Republican leader is walking away. Don’t ask him about Trump anymore.”)


“Paul Ryan has a thing about punctuality and routine. They bring a sense of order to the chaos that he otherwise must try to maneuver through. We sat down at 9 a.m. sharp in the ornate offices of the speaker of the House at the United States Capitol. It was a Wednesday in late July, and Ryan had a packed morning, starting with an appearance on “Fox & Friends” and ending with a meeting at the White House with President Trump — if there is even a difference.”

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“Ah, jeez,” he said a few seconds after we sat down. An aide had just handed Ryan a note: The president was on the phone. “Let me take this real quick,” he said. I waited a few minutes in the reception area until being invited back in. “The president saw me on ‘Fox & Friends,’ ” Ryan told me, explaining the interruption. “He said he thought I looked good.”

“This is among the headiest commendations a Republican could hope to receive in Donald Trump’s Washington. “That happens to me a lot,” Ryan added, referring to his post-TV attaboy. But it’s important to seize openings, and he used the opportunity to steer the conversation to the subject of trade policy. The speaker had met the day before at the Capitol with the top trade officials from the European Union, who later that day would be meeting with Trump. He and the president compared notes. Ryan said he encouraged him to emphasize their shared goal of reducing and eliminating trade barriers. Trump seemed to get the message, or Ryan hoped he had.”

“After a few minutes, the conversation concluded with Trump reiterating to Ryan that he “looked good” on “Fox & Friends.”

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“Ryan announced in April that he would not be seeking re-election, ending a 20-year run in Congress that, for most of it, seemed to be on a straight-up trajectory. Ryan’s official reason for leaving was that his “family clock was ticking” and he no longer wanted to be a “weekend dad.” But it’s easy to suspect otherwise, and not just because that is a clichéd excuse: Ambitious 48-year-old politicians at the peak of their powers don’t suddenly just decide to quit because they’ve discovered that their teenage children are growing up fast back in Wisconsin. Ryan should, by rights, be riding out of town at the pinnacle of his starlit Washington career. Yet he remains a distinctly awkward match to a moment — and president — that seem certain to define much of his legacy.”

“As has been strenuously noted, Trump and Ryan are stylistic and philosophical opposites: Trump the blunt-force agitator vs. Ryan the think-tank conservative. Trump lashes out while Ryan treads carefully. Ryan still fashions himself a “policy guy” and a man of ideas: In high school, he read the conservative philosopher Ayn Rand and was captivated by her signature work, “Atlas Shrugged.” He bills himself as a guardian of the free-trading, debt-shrinking notions that Republican-led governments used to stand for before Trump crashed the tent. The speaker says he tries to encourage good behavior in the president. “He put out a tweet last night that was really good,” Ryan told me after he and the president hung up. (It was apparently an inoccuous tweet about trade.) The speaker’s words carried the vaguely patronizing tone of a parent affirming a potty-training milestone.”

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“Trump used to call Ryan “Boy Scout.” “I thought it was a compliment,” said Ryan, a former altar boy and habitual people-pleaser. But after the Republican-controlled Congress passed a few bills Trump announced to Ryan that he would stop using the nickname. “So I guess he meant it as an insult all along,” the speaker said. “I didn’t realize.” Ryan shrugged.”

“Questions about Donald Trump have been an inescapable companion to Ryan’s final months in office. They have trailed Ryan since the billionaire showman first incinerated the Republican Party as he knew it and reduced the boyish speaker to his most puzzled-over foil. “It was shocking to me,” Ryan told me of Trump’s rise. “I didn’t see it coming. It threw me off.” What would the supposedly principled conservative speaker tolerate? What would he fight for? Would he fight at all?”

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“Ryan is clearly sick of the “What about Trump?” questions and of having the dilemma imposed upon him. He has been held up as a figure of disdain across the spectrum: Trump-lovers have remained suspicious of him as a tool of the establishment and are quick to raise Ryan’s sacrileges against their hero during the campaign; Democrats, “never Trump” conservatives and — quietly — some elected Republicans wish Ryan would provide a stronger counterbalance to a battering-ram president. Ryan, the rap goes, has deserted his post as a potential conscience of the party and voice for decency, and he has allowed Trump’s most fervent acolytes in the House — Devin Nunes, for instance — to run wild in his defense. The speaker knows better and yet goes along anyway. “Ryan traded his political soul,” the conservative columnist George F. Will has written, “for … a tax cut.”


  1. Gronda, two things stand out in this, neither of which is news. Ryan has been a disappointment as Speaker. To me, his failure to call Congressman Devin Nunes on the carpet for his unethical and hyper-partisan actions to divide an Intelligence committee, is a major faux pas. This after GOP Senate Intelligence leader Richard Burr went to Ryan to get Nunes to cool his jets.

    The other is what we already know. The US President cares far more about perception than reality. He goes out of his way to compliment Ryan for looking good on Fox and Friends, or what I call Trump’s daily intelligence briefing. When you sell on fear, reality, like truth, are casuslties. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I can’t think of the House Speaker Paul Ryan as a leader.

      You are so right. He let his buddy, Rep Devin Nunes as the House Intel Committee’s chairman destroy a reputable bipartisan group of representatives empowered to exercise its over sight duties of the intelligence community, by being hyper partisan in the defense of President Trump as they led the attack against the “rule of law,” the FBI and the DOJ.

      Then he was in charge of enacting a huuuuuuuuge spending bill and a horribly crafted tax cuts bill.

      Your republican Senator Mr. Burr has been one of the few who has not lost his soul.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Gronda, history will not be kind to Ryan. He did not want the job, but when he relented and took it, he does not do it well.

        Burr has been fairly steadfast to letting the truth seekers do their job. Keith

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    • Dear Roger,

      This politician, the US House Speaker Paul Ryan knows that he will no longer be speaker when the Democrats take over the majority of seats in the US House, this coming November 2018.

      He is fleeing a sinking ship, while being the first one on that life raft. There are names for men like this. He’s a wuss.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Yep.So he wants to be a full-time father?…what teenagers are going to want their fathers hanging about the place?

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