It Turns Out Rep Nunes Is Not Just Into Fake Memos, He’s A Fake Farmer As Well

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Farmers in the California 22nd district that the republican Congressman Devin Nunes supposedly represents are asking the courts to remove the description of farmer from the ballots with his name on it. It seems that is not only is he not a farmer but he hasn’t been paying attention to their complaints.

As per the August 8, 2018 Fresno Bee report by Rory Appleton, “A social media threat made against a town hall event for senior citizens at the Clovis Veterans Memorial Building on Wednesday led to an increased police presence and a full investigation, according to host and Democratic congressional candidate Andrew Janz.”

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“The threat, which was still visible on Twitter as of noon Wednesday, was made by an account self-identified as @Mtat22. It was a response to a tweet by a popular pro-Janz and anti-Devin Nunes user. Janz is challenging for Nunes’ congressional seat.”

“The tweet reads: “How about I waste you and everybody in the Clovis town hall.”

”The candidate, who is a Fresno County violent crimes prosecutor, said he and his staff take these threats seriously. It is unclear whether the threat was politically motivated, but Janz stressed the importance of civility during an increasingly contentious campaign.”

Link to entire report: Tweet threatens congressional candidate Janz town hall event

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Here is the rest of the story…

On August 9, 2018, Rory Appleton of The Fresno Bee penned the following report,”Tulare County farmer asking court to make Devin Nunes stop calling himself one, too”


“Several residents within California’s 22nd Congressional District filed a petition in Sacramento Superior Court on Thursday morning, asking the court to remove “farmer” from Rep. Devin Nunes’ description on California ballots.”

“The petition was filed on behalf of Paul Buxman, a Dinuba stone fruit farmer, as well as Daniel O’Connell and Hope Nisly, whose occupations are not listed. O’Connell is an active advocate for local farmers and is the executive director of the Central Valley Partnership.”

“I don’t believe (Nunes) has had any income from farming for at least 10 years,” Buxman said. “He has some interest in a few wineries, but he’s distanced himself from those and says he has no involvement in their day-to-day management.”

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“Buxman, who said he once supported Nunes, said his congressman has forgotten about farmers and thus has no business identifying as one. Buxman listed three things that have gone wrong during Nunes’ congressional tenure: his well has gone dry and he’s lost orchards due to lack of water; his neighbors’ workers have been targeted in ICE audits; and the recent rush of tariffs has ruined the market for his crops.”

“The 69-year-old farmer said he bore no ill will toward Nunes, “whom I pray for regularly.” But Buxman said he felt the need to speak out for his fellow farmers, who he meets with regularly at church and community gatherings.”

“The legal action was organized and paid for by Democratic super PAC Fight Back California, which also pays for the three billboards targeting Nunes on various issues along Highway 99.”


    • Dear Rawgod,

      Your words ring true. This is why the voters are resistant to politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths. Voters are becoming more discerning and they want their representative to talk to them like a real person who gives a damn about them and who has real plans to address issues important to them.

      I do not include President Trump’s base of voters in this mix.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • That IS one of the biggest problems right there, Gronda. You cannot say or do anything to change the mind of a “true believer.” Trump could arrest all his opponents, as do the many dictators who rule by force in their little kingdoms, and his Trum-Pets would applaud him. They cannot see the wool he has pulled over their eyes, nor do they want to. Yet he is hurting them as much as anyone else. There must be a strategy to show them he is not the saint they believe him to be, an expose that will open their minds to his nefarious lies that are cutting their heads off at the neck. Find that strategy, and they will crucify him on their KKK Krosses. And when they slice a hole in his unmoving body, they will see the ichor that runs through his body instead of blood. No offense to the insects of the world, but Trump is lower than the lowliest of bugs.

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        • Dear Rawgod,

          I do detect a crack appearing amongst those ardent followers of President Trump.

          I just shared this story on Keith’s blog:

          Miracles do happen. Today, I had lunch with a long time friend who has been a die-hard fan of President Trump to where we just avoid discussing politics. As we were leaving, there was some seating outside and she said she wanted to talk to me about something.

          I couldn’t believe my ears. Here’s a woman in upper 60s who has never voted for a democrat in her life asking me about a democrat running to be the next Florida governor, Gwen Graham. She is considering voting for a democrat against the likely republican candidate. She also said she would not be voting again for President Trump in 2020.

          She is definitely my bell weather comparison predictor. THE CRACK IS STARTING.

          Hugs, Gronda


  1. Gronda, it is not unusual for unethical people to have more than a few examples to point to. Just with his Chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee, we can point to a series of poor judgments by Congressman Nunes. This is just one more.

    I sent the following email to my Congressman with a variation to my two senators, one of whom is Richard Burr. I complimented Burr on his patriotism and leadership. Keith

    I wanted to share with you my disappointment with Congressman Devin Nunes’ statement to PBS Newshour regarding their query over his politicization of Rod Rosenstein’s governance of the Mueller investigarion. In short, he blamed the liberal media for making his actions and statements an issue as well as their perpetuating the Russian investigation.

    I am an Independent and former Republican voter who pays attention to real news. What I see in Mr. Nunes is unethical and hyper-partisan leadership of what should be a bipartisan committee. Even GOP Senator Richard Burr spoke with Speaker Paul Ryan asking him to get Nunes to cool his jets.

    To be brutally frank, Mr. Nunes owes the American people an apology at the very minimum. Yet, I believe he should also resign or be asked to step down as Intelligence Committee chair.

    I recognize my opinion matters little, but I say these things with concern for our country. Please speak to him or Speaker Ryan about his need to remember what he swore an oath to. The constitution takes precedence over any President.

    Many thanks,

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    • Dear Keith,

      I will be forwarding by mail the email you’ve forwarded to your US representatives to all of those folks in leadership roles and those who are members of the House and Senate Intel committees.

      Thanks for doing this. Can you believe that Rep. Nunes is still polling ahead of his opponent Andrew Janz by about 8 points?

      This is what happens when there is gerrymandering playing a role.

      Hugs, Gronda


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