Why Are Republicans’ Not Facing Reality Of President’s Ties To Russia?

I’ve been blogging since the early days of the republican President Donald Trump’s administration, about his long held ties to Russia. In the beginning of the President Trumps burgeoning ties to Russia, the links were encouraged from the Russian side because of his connections in the US business world. Over time the president became more dependent on Russian monies to survive as US banks refused to lend him monies because of his history of filing bankruptcy claims.

That the president is a billionaire today is due to Russian monies. When Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring to become the next US president, Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin set up what could best be termed a “marriage of convenience” between the two leaders.

I will be purchasing the the newest book out on this subject, House of Trump, House of Putin” by Craig Unger. Below is a critical book review by USA Today.

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See: Theory: President Trump’s Ties To Russian Leader Vladimir Putin/ GrondaMorin

Here’s the rest of the story…

On August 14, 2018, Ray Locker of USA Today penned the following report, “New book looks into ties between Donald Trump, Russia, but there’s more smoke than fire”


“In Craig Unger’s “House of Trump, House of Putin”(Dutton, 368 pp., ★★½ out of four), Russian names rush past the reader faster than the Cossack cavalry in Sergei Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin,” starting with Vladimir Putin, Felix Sater and Semion Mogilevich. “

“Putin is, of course, the Russian president for whom President Donald Trump has a bizarre fixation. “


“Sater is the developer whose Bayrock Group was part of several attempts by Trump to develop property in Moscow. Trump has said repeatedly that he barely knows Sater despite appearing in multiple photographs with him at events around the world. Mogilevich is the money launderer known as the “Brainy Don” of the Russian Mafia, for whom Sater ran errands.”

“All three Russians seem to float comfortably in a pool covered with the toxic algae of corruption, violence and murder. The list of Russians and Ukrainians jailed, murdered or dead through mysterious circumstances at the alleged direction of Putin is long indeed. Many of them, Unger writes, have funneled money into Trump’s properties, especially New York’s Trump Tower, through veiled transactions with laundered money.”

“Unger, a veteran journalist and author, takes the reader on a veritable tour of sleazy night clubs, restaurants and resorts frequented by Russian oligarchs and criminals in this book subtitled “The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia.”

“Often, that tour leads to the doors of the White House and Trump Tower, and the implication is clear to even the most obtuse reader: Trump is in Putin’s pocket and those of the financiers who have grown immensely rich through their associations with the country’s putative dictator. “

“Then the trail often runs cold. At one point, Unger recalls a conversation with an anonymous source “who had direct experience with the Russian underworld” in which Unger asked if Mogilevich has blackmail-worthy evidence – kompromat – on Trump. “Does the Mafia know?”

Chris Britt / Illinois Times

 ‘Of course they do,’ he told me. ‘Everyone talks about it, Seva (Mogilevich) and Mikhas (Sergei Mikhailov),'” another money launderer and gangster.

“But my source cautioned that he had not seen any kompromat first-hand, only that he had heard about it, and his allegations have not been corroborated,” Unger writes.”

“The standard of proof when writing about the president of the United States, even someone as polarizing as Trump, needs to be higher than that. As evidenced by his July news conference with Putin in Helsinki, Trump often acts as if he’s under Putin’s spell, but the proof so far has lagged behind the speculation.”

Before flying off on his foreign trip, President Donald Trump responded to the naming of a special prosecutor to investigate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as "the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"

“Perhaps the greatest evidence is what we already know. The June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr., campaign manager Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, with a lawyer who reputedly had “dirt” on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, is fact.”

“Also during that Helsinki news conference Putin himself said he wanted Trump to win the 2016 presidential election. The entire U.S. intelligence community has verified that the Russians meddled in the election and worked on Trump’s behalf. “

See: Theory: President Trump’s Ties To Russian Leader Vladimir Putin/ GrondaMorin


  1. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best.
    It’s greed pure and simple. They want to get re elected to obtain their connections, great healthcare and money and influence and to do so, they must sell their soul.

    This means catering to trump and his looney cult to get what they want even if it means staying silent on ANYTHING. Just looked what happened to Brennan and the threat to do the same to others. We are being run by the Russian mafia and trump is either a stooge or a agent of Russia and they both use his ignorant racist uneducated uninformed cult as their stooges.

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    • Dear Mary Plumbago,

      Yo do have a clear picture. With their cowardice, the GOP lawmakers in the US Congress have sold their souls and this country for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver and that’s how they’ll be remembered in the history books.

      These GOP sycophants should be a check on the president for actions like what he did in revoking Mr. Brennan’s security clearance but they have been turned into weenies.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, I guess they think it can be all swept under the rug. Yet, this Russian bear will be hard to sweep. But, it is not just this issue that continues to be ignored by too many GOP leaders – beating up our allies, starting an unforced tariff war, and bullying the press and highly credible critics, are termites eating away at the foundation.

    There is a reckoning coming that could have been avoided with political courage. Acquiescence to the perpetrator makes the quiet leadership culpable. Keith

    PS – A report out of China is purchasers are getting petroleum from non-US suppliers even though the tariffs on this was delayed. As noted several months ago, purchasers and suppliers need stable transactions. The jerking around with tariffs has an impact even if they eventually are not applied.

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    • Dear Keith,

      I’m just listening to Omarosa tell how President Trump fired someone because this person couldn’t figure out how to move a tanning bed into the White House, discreetly.

      Why is it that women like Stormy Daniels and Omarosa are the ones to take the president down a peg, whereas there are a bunch of GOP wusses in the US Congress who are so intimidated by the Russian asset living in the White House, that they are shaking in their boots? They are not honoring their oath of office.

      Frankly, there should be tons of ads about these degenerate GOP lawmakers who don’t have the guts to honor their oath of office.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Gronda, one clear way of knowing a thing irks him is he will not let it go. And, when he babbles on and on, he often harms his defense. His staff must wish that he would just STFU. But, that “ain’t happening.” Keith

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  3. I think your answer is that these people just don’t care. Russia, Smussia. As long as Donnie Dump Truck is currying their favour, they are willing to be curried. So their tax bills have gone up, doesn’t matter. So their healthcare coverage has gone down, doesn’t matter. So they’ve lost jobs and income due to foolish trade war tariffs, doesn’t matter. As long as DDT is letting them condemn non-Evangelicals, non-whites, non-hetetosexuals, who cares what else he is doing? They are having their 15 months (plus) of fame and glory, that’s what makes them happy. The rest of America, the rest of the world be damned, they are the Trump-Chosen, and so what if he himself is not a good christian, no sweat off their brows, because their prayers will ptotect him–from the witch-hunters, from the fake news media, even from the voters… Even from God himself, if necessary…

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    • Dear Rawgod,

      Just pray that this November 2018 elections turns out to be the Blue Wave that we are counting on. If the democrats take the majority of seats in the US Congress, I still want that independent commission to uncover every tiny detail about Russia’s attack on the US democracy.

      They had better do something about those tariffs, immigration and a host of other outrages. It is almost impossible to keep up.

      Your analysis is spot on.



      • With Russia already involved, don’t count on anything come November. I’m not, even though I hope you are right, er, center-left. Donnie Dump Truck is not above using every means at hand to keep the status quo. Legal, illegal, moral, immoral, just, or unjust. He is terrified of losing, but puts on a cowardly but confident face. He has to look like a winner to be a winner, at least in the eyes of his Psycophants and Trum-Pets. So however he feels inside, expect him to be trying to hold himself together.
        Imopossible? I sure hpe so…

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  4. Trump is definitely feeling the heat and – as we all know – strikes back when under pressure. I was telling my children to remember the fact that they have lived through an era of the US’s worst President. He is completely unable to accept any criticism of his actions and having such a narcissistic individual holding the Office of President is dragging his country’s reputation into the mud.

    Brennan is very clear about his view on this man’s relationship with Russia: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/16/john-brennan-trump-security-clearance-collusion-russia

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    • Dear Ivankinsman,

      The reason that the GOP are targeting the ex-CIA director John Brennan is because he was one of the main instigators for the Trump-Russia probe being led by the FBIs Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. He has credibility and he is well informed on the subject matter.

      I am in 100% agreement with Mr. Brennan’s analysis.

      Thanks for sharing your reference.

      Hugs, Gronda


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