Fighting Judge Kavanaugh Tearfully Delivers His Testimony In Front Of US Senate Judiciary Committee

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford delivered her testimony before the hearing scheduled for 27th of September 2018 before the US Senate Judiciary Committee members regarding her accusations of being sexually assaulted by the US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh while they were in high school.

Then Judge Brett Kavanugh presented his tearful opening remarks.

Link to Judge Kavanaugh’s transcript (Politico): Full transcript: Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement to the Senate / Politico…



Here is the rest of the story…

On September 27, 2018, Elana Schor and Burgess Everett of Politico penned the following report, “Kavanaugh chokes up as he angrily defends against assault allegation” (“His testimony follows that of Christine Blasey Ford, who said she’s 100 percent certain that the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted her.”)


“Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday lambasted sexual misconduct allegations against him as part of an “orchestrated political hit,” telling senators that his name had been “destroyed” by claims from Christine Blasey Ford and two other women who have come forward.”

“Kavanaugh, at turns defiant and choked up, delivered a combative defense of his innocence in the wake of what he portrayed as a systematic “character assassination” by his critics. His tone was a marked contrast to Ford’s earlier testimony on the world’s stage, from which she emerged largely unscathed and gave Republicans little ground to chip away at the credibility of her allegation.”


“Kavanaugh described Ford’s claim as “not only uncorroborated, but refuted by everyone she says” attended the 1982 party where the California-based professor claims he tried to force himself on her.”

“I’m not questioning whether Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person at some place at some time. But I have never done this to her or to anyone. That is not who I am, and not who I was,” President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee said. “You may defeat me in the final vote. But you won’t make me quit.”

“Kavanaugh began his statement, before issuing a flat denial, by decrying his critics for ginning up allegations against him by Ford and two other women, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick. “This confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” the 53-year-old appeals court judge told the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

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Before Kavanaugh spoke, a “terrified” and visibly emotional Ford described in vivid detail to rapt senators her claim that Kavanaugh assaulted her. Ford explained how Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge took her into a room at the party and how the alleged assault changed the course of her life.

“I believed he was going to rape me,” Ford said. “I believed Brett was going to accidentally kill me.”

“Subtly addressing questions from some Kavanaugh supporters about why she didn’t come forward earlier, Ford recalled that she had told herself she “should just move on” because she wasn’t raped. Ford later said that she was “100 percent” certain that it was Kavanaugh that assaulted her and nobody else.”


“Asked by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Kavanaugh said the FBI wouldn’t reach a conclusion. He called it an “outrage that I wasn’t able to come immediately and clear my name” and complained about the flurry of allegations that have come out in the past 10 days.”

“He also exploded when Feinstein raised new allegations, deeming one from Swetnick “a joke. It’s a farce.”

As senators assessed Kavanaugh’s testimony, few were questioning Ford’s credibility.

“When Ford’s testimony ended, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) could be heard telling Ford: “Thank you for telling the truth.” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), one of Kavanaugh’s staunchest supporters even praised Ford as he left the hearing room for a break as “articulate” and “an attractive person.”

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“I found no reason to find her uncredible. Obviously there are gaps in her story,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas (R).”

“Cornyn said he expects Rachel Mitchell, an outside lawyer and veteran Arizona sex crimes prosecutor the GOP brought in to question Ford, to meet with Republicans later Thursday to go over the hearing. Senators said they expect Mitchell to also question Kavanaugh. As Hatch put it: “We think the more we stay out of it the better off it’s going to be.”

“While Democrats questioned Ford directly, Republicans outsourced the first portion of the hearing entirely to Mitchell. As the hearing wound down, Mitchell acknowledged the imperfect format and suggested a one-on-one interview would have been far preferable to five-minute increments of questioning alternating between Mitchell and Democratic senators.”

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“Ford’s attorneys said they were representing her pro bono after Mitchell asked about who paid for Ford’s polygraph and other probing questions.”

“Mitchell questioned Ford about the details of her memory regarding the night and her recollections of it to the media, focusing at one point on media reports that Ford was unable to fly due in part to the consequences of her alleged trauma.”

“Ford held her ground, describing air travel as “anxiety-provoking” but telling senators that she did take a plane to Washington for her testimony.”

“Senate Republicans huddled together after the first portion of the hearing.”

“Democrats had a different view: “I don’t know how any of my Republican colleagues … could possibly vote for Brett Kavanaugh,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).”

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“Mitchell used her time to ask Ford about potential discrepancies in her written statement before passing a polygraph exam in August, as well as in the July letter she sent Feinstein, the committee’s top Democrat. As the outside attorney kept an even tone, Ford sought to expand on her memories and told Mitchell there were no “corrections” to her allegation.”

“The GOP counsel questioned Ford on whether she was drinking before the gathering or was on any medication. Ford said no. She then told Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) that she would not mix up Kavanaugh or Judge and recalled the “uproarious laughter” between them at her expense during the incident.”

“Ford offered only minor alterations and made no substantive changes to her story other than to ask the committee to probe when Judge, Kavanaugh’s friend, worked at a local supermarket to pinpoint when the incident occurred. She said she encountered Judge at a supermarket after the incident and he didn’t want to speak to her after previously being friendly.”

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“Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) opened the hearing by apologizing to both Kavanaugh and Ford, citing the “vile threats” both have received since Ford’s allegation became public. Grassley then vocally defended the way the GOP has handled Ford’s claim, hailing its “thorough investigation.” Feinstein called for a reexamination of the treatment of women who publicly allege sexual misconduct against powerful men, 27 years after Anita Hill testified on her sexual harassment allegations against now-Justice Clarence Thomas.

She also referred to 2 additional allegations brought forward against Kavanaugh recently by other women; Grassley shot back that he was “sorry you brought up the unsubstantiated allegations of other people.” Two more women have come forward since to allege sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh: Deborah Ramirez, who told the New Yorker that she believes Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party when both were in college; and Swetnick, a client of well-known anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti who has signed an affidavit alleging Kavanaugh’s participation in multiple acts of sexual misbehavior.

With Kavanaugh short of the 50 votes to get confirmed and at least four GOP senators’ decision hinging on his and Ford’s performance, the hearing is likely to determine Kavanaugh’s fate in the Senate.

Link to report: Kavanaugh chokes up as he angrily defends against assault allegation


  1. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    Too bad not one senator thought to ask Kavanaugh how he would have responded to a defendant or witness in his court that was combative, and evasive when questioned? Not that it really matters they have now had their little kangaroo court and now they will proceed to hang Dr. Ford and reward King Donnie’s get out of jail free card to the SCOTUS!!

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    • Dear Crustyoleman,

      Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t have the temperament to serve on the US Supreme Court, and that’s independent of whatever allegations have been made against him by women regarding any sexual abuse activities.

      The fight continues for now. There will not be a vote for at least a week.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Have we heard that statement for McConnell yet? Last comment that I heard that was attributed to him was he was going to call for a vote as soon as Monday morning? I’m quite skeptical anytime that trump makes a comment as it usually does not reflect what he actually means, or does! Do you wonder how much redacting that will be done in this report prior to it leaving the oval office? Did they spell out the scope of the investigation? They could simply do an investigation without doing one by how they spell out what is to be investigated..

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  2. Just ask any actor how they tear up before doing an emotional scene, it really isn’t hard. He will feel very frustrated at the thought of coming so close to this then losing out, it won’t feel fair to him whether or not he committed the act, that’s behind him, when he was a different person. At the end of the day it comes down to he said, she said. But there’s no ignoring the fact that two more women say the same thing.

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    • Dear David Prosser,

      Judge Kavanaugh put on a great show for President Trump which made him look unhinged and definitely not suited for prime time on the US Supreme Court.

      Some people are not good drinkers to where they become a different person.

      I suspect that he’s a lousy drunk. I’m betting that the FBI can prove more than you think if Judge Kavanaugh and his buddy Mark Judge acted in a pattern of imbibing too much and then abusing women while in high school and college.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. Unfortunately the Democrats missed quite a few opportunities during their questioning of Judge Kavanaugh.Why didn’t they bring up the accusations from Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick? Why didn’t they bring up the speculation that Ed Whelan may have developed his theory of mistaken identity with Kavanaugh’s team? While a man who’s professing his innocence certainly has the right to be upset, Kavanaugh came in a bit unhinged. After seeing the way he yelled, smirked, and continually interrupted and insulted the Democrats questioning him, I could physically see that agressive, belligerent drunk that many have described.

    Unfortunately, I think he’s most likely going to get in. Bob Corker has just stated he’ll be recommending him and I have a feeling Jeff Flake will as well. When the full Senate votes next week, I’m not holding much hope for Senator Collins or Senator Murkowski. I am however now a resident of Maine so for what it’s worth I’ve emailed Collins and spoken to one of her staff.🤷🏻‍♀️

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    • Dear Kim,

      I couldn’t agree more. They didn’t even delve into Judge Kavanaugh’s lies about the definitions of words HE USED in his year book like ‘devil’s triangle,’ ‘Renate Almunius, ‘Boofed. No one uses the terms like ‘Devils Triangle’ and ‘boofed’ without knowing their true meanings. Both are sexual terms and not whatever the judge said. 14 boys referred to Renate as a gal they knew who was loose but he lied about this. The FBI can easily check this out.

      He lied about not getting stinking drunk He did not answer questions about Mark Judge’s book where he writes about the character Bart O’Kavanaugh.

      Hugs, Gronda

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