Democratic House Leader Pelosi Has Filed FOIA For All Data Pertaining To Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

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Any talk about impeachment against the recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a waste of time as it would be extremely difficult to execute successfully.

The better course is to collect solid data, if it exists, against Judge Kavanaugh. While the GOP US Senate members believe that they saved a good man from being destroyed by leftists out to get him, most of us believe Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations as well as those of others like Deborah Ramirez. Dr. Ford testified that she was sexually assaulted by a drunken Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge in their high school years.

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If solid evidence is produced, then his fellow colleagues won’t want to have any association with him to where he’ll be forced to resign.

That is why the US House’s Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is starting this process.

Here is the rest of the story…

On October 8. 2018, Stassi Reid of the Hill Reporter penned the following report, “Nancy Pelosi Requests All Documents Related to Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI Investigation”


“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has filed a formal request to obtain all documents relating to the FBI’s investigation against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.”

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“Pelosi made good on her promise to request a Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the FBI’s investigation of sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, according to Talking Points Memo.”

“The Democrat congresswoman released a press release on Sunday, confirming she had taken the appropriate steps to have the full report released, including interview transcripts and communication between the White House, Senate Republicans, and the FBI.”

“The report —which has only been read by senators and some of their staffer members — could potentially spark more controversy against Kavanaugh’s Saturday (10/6/18) appointment to the Supreme Court, considering many of his former classmates and accusers have accused the FBI of ignoring their attempts to reach out.”

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“One such classmate, William E. Scheuerman who attended Yale University and graduated the same year as Kavanaugh, told the Indy Star in an opinion piece published today that he had information regarding Debby Ramirez’s allegations.”

“However, the FBI reportedly never returned his call, prompting Scheuerman to state: “In reality, the FBI investigation was a joke. I know because I tried to help FBI and was rebuffed.”

“With Pelosi’s FOIA request, she seeks “to set the record straight” for the American people.”


  1. Gronda, this gets back to the question I asked Flake, Collins and my two Senators, is this the horse you want to back? The truth that the President hamstringed the investigation, which he denies, and the people who were not talked will come out. Kavanaugh lied not just in his last testimony. Yet, because the GOP Senators were not interested in the truth, they spent their time fawning over Kavanaugh. I do wish Feinstein brought up the confidential claim earlier, to avoid what has been construed as political.

    Why was the investigation so short? Why was the FBI restricted? Why did they deviate from normal process? On the flip side, the President is saying Ford is evil, after he first said she was credible and then mocking her. I truly would love to know how women who support Trump feel about such a change. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      The GOP Grumpy Old Perverts in the US Senate have been deaf, dumb, and blind. Instead of influencing President Trump in a better direction, they have succumbed to being his boot lickers.

      Like you said, they backed the wrong horse. President Trump is only making this worse as he doesn’t know how to win graciously. When the truth comes out and it will, they are all going to be pointing the fingers at each other but they all were warned. They need to face their ugliness by taking a look in the mirror.

      As of 10/9/18, 63% of women plan to vote for Democratic Party candidates. That’s why the GOP are disseminating the fake news talking point that the protests= mob rule. They are rightfully frightened of those angry women whose voices refused to be snuffed out.

      They better get on their running shoes.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Many of the women who support Trump believe everything he says – no matter what he says or when. I believe many of these women were raised to be silent supporters of men. Period. The #MeToo movement is totally alien to them. To them, feminism is a sinful scourge.

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    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      The good news is that these Trumpian republican women are now a true minority and besides, who knows what they’ll do in the privacy of the voting booth. What’s done in the voting booth, stays in the voting booth.

      As of 10/9/18, the latest polls show that 63% of female likely voters plan to vote for Democratic candidates.

      This is why the GOP Grumpy Old Perverts who are Trumpian republicans are in such a panic that they are disseminating the propaganda that the women protesters are the equivalent of ‘mob rule.’ What they’re asking for, is for their base to rescue them but they don’t have the numbers as they are a true minority.


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    • John, it amazes me that people believe him at all. But, he sold on fear and told them whom to blame. I often cite per Polifacts he lies 69% of the time. But, at his pep rallies, he lies even more frequently at 75%. Three out of 4 statements are not true. Can we trade Presidents? Keith

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