Apology About Complaint VS. Twitter Over Anomalies I Noticed With My Account In Oct. 2018

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Update on 10/17/18:
I am asking that Twitter not follow up on my earlier complaint, as I’ve figured out why I lost about 150 followers at one fell swoop starting October 7, 2018. I had become concerned as this drop was atypical for my account, Within the past year, I’ve had consistent steady net increases. I was worried that there was something untoward that Twitter was doing.
It turns out that in October 2018, I started commenting as to how I disagreed with some democrats who wanted to fight/ push back / match republicans at their same levels of incivility. While I’m for fighting hard, smart, I don’t want Democrats to act ugly like too many Republicans do. I want voters to have an option to side with folks who represent decency.
Now that I figured out what happened, I’m fine with the resulting loss of followers.
I’m still figuring out how to use twitter, but I’ll get the hang of it, eventually.
What I had written originally (10/15/18)…
Dear Mr. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter,
I am writing to you for what I pray is a simple explanation to my problem with Twitter.
I am asking if there have been some recent changes by Twitter engineers which would explain a huge deviance in the analytics for my account.
Around October 7, 2018, I noticed a precipitous drop in followers. My account has over 56K tweets with few followers, to where one could wonder about why I would bother about complaining.
It’s because I, as a more mature consumer, pay attention to anomalies which don’t make sense as I know from experience that I’m rarely alone.I’m willing to bet that this instance is no exception.
I have made 2 complaints regarding this issue but with no results or explanation.I did note an Ad, Get your Tweets in front of more people/ Promoted Tweets and content open up your reach on Twitter to more people. Thank you for your attention and assistance.
Sincerely,  Gronda Morin
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Before October 7, I had over 700 followers which dropped to about somewhere in the mid 550s.
For the year 2018 until October 15th, my account shows 56.5K tweets; following 275 accounts.
For the 12 prior months, I’ve consistently shown an increase in followers, averaging around 30 new followers per month. Without any difference that I can discern regarding the way I manage this twitter account, I’ve noted a huge drop in followers starting on October 7, 2018.


Your current follower audience size is 580

That’s 89 less than the same time 30 days ago. You’ve lost around 3 followers per day

500600700800Sep 23Sep 30Oct 7Oct 14

Interest name % of audience
Science news 90%
Weather 88%
Space and astronomy 84%
Comedy (Hobbies and interests) 76%
Government 74%
Education news and general info 71%
Tech news 62%
Political elections 61%
Politics 59%
National parks 57%

28 day summary with change over previous period

1,123 + 24.4%
Tweet impressions
129K  +25.1%
Profile visits
674  +48.8%
1,486  +17.1%
580 -84



Tweet impressions


Profile visits




New followers

-95 (minus)



Tweet impressions


Profile visits




New followers



    • Dear Joanne the Geek,

      I expect Twitter to act to eliminate bots. I’m looking at net numbers. Starting Oct. 2018, I had a huge net drop for the 1st time in 12 months. I didn’t start using Twitter on a regular basis until start of 2018. If Twitter rid me of bot followers due to added scrutiny because it is close to election season, that’s a good thing. But I find it hard to believe that my blog/ tweets had such a high % of bots.

      I get concerned when I note a major variance in stats. I just wish there was an easier way to get feedback as to hat’s going on where this could happen.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Joanne the Geek,

      I listened to you and rechecked the history of my tweets to where I’m okay with losing a significant number of followers in a couple of days. I had worried that something nefarious was happening caused by Twitter.

      It was around that time that I started pushing back on some democrats who were talking about fighting republicans on their same ugly terms. While I’m pro fighting back hard but smartly, I’m not for getting in the mud with Trumpian republicans by resorting to similar tactics.

      I’m not about to change my thinking on this issue. But this explains what happened to my satisfaction.

      Thanks for speaking up.

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Rugby,

      I didn’t even know that there were analytics for Twitter until this occurred. I’m used to no major changes happening as long as I chug along just doing my thing.

      When one uses twitter, there are three numbers that an account users always sees. That’s the number of tweets to date, the number of other Twitter accounts that someone follows and the number of peoples/ accounts who follow the person tweeting..

      For me, these numbers just kept growing slowly but dependently upwards until one day there was this sharp drop.

      Without an explanation, this fact was driving me crazy. I like dependability. I worried about nefarious actors.

      Well I figured out what occurred. With some of my tweets, I had upset more than a few when I disagreed with them about fighting back republicans using their ugly tactics. I simply believe in Democrats or non-Trumpians fighting back hard, smarter but not by resorting to their ugly tactics. That those who disagreed with me would drop out as followers makes perfect sense and I’m okay with that.

      Hugs, Gronda



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