aside So Much For The President’s Wall Which Can be Easily Penetrated With Household tools

Several news sources have reported that the republican President Donald Trump had been advised to use the imagery of the wall on the US SW border to remind him to focus on his planned anti-immigration arguments even before he started campaigning to become the 45th US president.

This anti-immigration rhetoric was designed to appeal to those who blamed illegal and legal immigration as contributing to their deteriorating financial circumstances. It also would appeal to those with racist, Evangelical leanings as those who feel strongly against the flux of immigrants into the USA, tend to be also racist and anti-LGBTQ communities, as well as antiSemitic.

The president promoted his anti-immigration bullet points at numerous rallies right before the November 2018 elections. He wants to have the wall as a rallying flag to his anti-immigration/ racist/ anti-Muslim/ anti-LGBTQ faction of his base.

It is my opinion that President Trump has NO interest in cutting a deal regarding the requested funding of $5.7 billion dollars for his wall in exchange for ending the shutdown that he ordered starting on the 22nd of December 2018 because he loves his wall issue.

This is our reality. The $5.7 billion dollars for his wall isn’t enough to build squat. It is a figure that he threw out to get the democrats to buck his demands. NO, he doesn’t give a damn about the 800,000 government personnel and their families who are suffering from this shutdown because they will not get paid. He’s enjoying his reality show performance. He can’t wait to execute his new toy, the ‘National Emergency’ order.

That’s why he told reporters that as per his advisers, his having to deliver an Oval Office address followed up by a visit to the US SW border during the week of January 8, 2019 was a total waste of time. The president is praying that he can somehow shift the blame for the shutdown to the Democratic Party leaders. They keep saying the democrats aren’t for strong boarder security measures which is a lie.

The democrats are simply not for putting out funds for a wall that can be easily penetrated as per the below NBC report. They get that the president doesn’t want a deal and there is nothing they can do as he puts on his elaborate performance designed to impress his base. He will just stab Democrats in the back like he did with the US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell before Christmas when President Trump had signed off on an agreement with  him to avoid a shutdown but then reneged on it at the last minute.


And the GOP US senators in the US Congress led by the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are going along for this roller coaster ride. They are foolishly thinking that the American peoples can’t see through the president’s carnival like performance.

Dear Republican Party Lawmakers, “We the People” get that the president’s demands for a wall IS NOT A NATIONAL EMERGENCY. We know that we are being played and that you are allowing for this. There are public records that are easily Googled to show that he has been itching to order a shut down in connection with insufficient funds for his wall since May 2017.

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As per a 8/25/2017 Washington Post report, “Trump is threatening a government shutdown. Here’s what that looks like” by Rachel Chason,  “At his raucous Phoenix rally, President Trump threatened to shut down the government in a matter of weeks if Congress refuses to fund the border wall.”

“If we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall,” Trump told attendees, who fist-pumped and chanted, “Build that wall.”

“The Tuesday rally wasn’t the first time Trump had raised the prospect of a government shutdown. In May (2017), he tweeted that the “country needs a good ‘shutdown’” to leverage a better budget deal for Republicans.”


Donald J. Trump


The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there! We….

Donald J. Trump


either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good “shutdown” in September to fix mess!

A test of a steel prototype for the proposed border wall showed it could be sawed through.NBC News Exclusive

Here is the rest of the story…

On January 10, 2019, Jacob Soboroff and Julia Ainsley of NBC News penned the following report, “Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through”(“NBC News obtained a photo showing results of a test on a steel wall prototype”)


“President Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated for a steel slat design for his border wall, which he described as “absolutely critical to border security” in his Oval Office address to the nation Tuesday. But Department of Homeland Security testing of a steel slat prototype proved it could be cut through with a saw, according to a report by DHS.”

“A photo exclusively obtained by NBC News shows the results of the test after military and Border Patrol personnel were instructed to attempt to destroy the barriers with common tools.”

Related image

“The Trump administration directed the construction of eight steel and concrete prototype walls that were built in Otay Mesa, California, just across the border from Tijuana, Mexico. Trump inspected the prototypes in March 2018. He has now settled on a steel slat, or steel bollard, design for the proposed border barrier additions. Steel bollard fencing has been used under previous administrations.”

“However, testing by DHS in late 2017 showed all eight prototypes, including the steel slats, were vulnerable to breaching, according to an internal February 2018 U.S. Customs and Border Protection report.”


“Photos of the breaches were not included in a redacted version of the CBP report, which was first obtained in a Freedom of Information Act Request by San Diego public broadcaster KPBS.”

“The photo of testing results obtained by NBC News was taken at the testing location along the California-Mexico border, known as “Pogo Row.”

“In response to KPBS, CBP spokesman Ralph DeSio said the prototypes “were not and cannot be designed to be indestructible,” but were designed to “impede or deny efforts to scale, breach, or dig under such a barrier, giving agents time to respond.”

“In his address to the nation Tuesday 1/8/19, Trump said the steel fence design is “what our professionals at the border need. This is just common sense.”

“As a candidate, Trump promised to build an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful” wall on the border that would be paid for by Mexico. Before the Oval Office address, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget sent a letter to Congress requesting $5.7 billion for the construction of 234 miles of steel barrier.”

“Amid a government shutdown over his border wall proposal, Trump will travel to McAllen, Texas 1/10/19 to make the case for building the additional border barrier.”

Link to report: Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through

See:  Snopes for movie in 1950’s referring to scam, Trumps’ wall.


    • Dear Rugby843,

      This wall business is driving me crazy as this is a facade, a made up national emergency situation that the President is making good hard working peoples suffer for no real good reason.

      Thanks a million for your support and for your reblog via FB.

      Hugs, Gronda


  1. I think Pelosi is exactly right. Trump doesn’t want the Wall, as in a physical barrier on the border. He wants the Wall as a device to keep his base riled up and make the liberals unhappy. He wants to Wall to use to show opposition to the Democrats. He wants the Wall as a political tool but now his base wants to see the thing become real and he knows he can’t get it done. He’s boxed in, and acting like he knows he’s stuck.

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  2. Dear Tokyosand,

    You described President Trump’s motivation perfectly. He loves having his wall issue to use as a political weapon and he certainly doesn’t want to give up.

    He’s had 2 years while he had control of both houses of the US Congress to get his wall funded if this was a true priority. But it never was. Too bad, his base didn’t get this. Now he’s scrambling to save his political life.

    What Happened to the “Art of the Deal?” The president ran for his life with the first “no” that Speaker Pelosi uttered. There is no negotiator worth his/ her salt who would have fled a meeting on that basis.

    He is trying desperately to shift the blame for the shutdown unto the Democrats. All his huffing/ puffing/ acting will not change the fact that he is the one who set this ball rolling and everyone knows this except for his cult-like die-hard supporters.

    Hugs, Gronda


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