Why I Want Nomination Process Of Judge Kavanaugh To US Supreme Court, Fully Investigated

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It is my opinion that any talk about impeachment against the recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a waste of time as it would be extremely difficult to execute successfully. But I still back a full throttled probe as to what occurred during this entire debacle confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh from June -October 2018.

I’m thinking that the better course is to collect solid data, if it exists, against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. While the GOP US Senate members believe that they saved a good man from being destroyed by leftists out to get him, most of us believe Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations as well as those of others like Deborah Ramirez.  On September 27, 2018, Dr. Ford testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, that she was sexually assaulted by a drunken Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge in their high school years.


I’m betting that if solid evidence were to be produced by a competent, thorough inquiry, then his fellow US Supreme Court colleagues won’t want to have any association with him to where he’ll be forced to resign.

If I were on one of the US House Oversight committees, I would want a subpoena issued to gain access to all the data that the GOP members on the US Senate Judiciary Committee had in their possession prior to the hearing, where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford presented her testimony about how during her high school years, she had been sexually attacked by a drunken Brett Kavanaugh and his friend.


This whole saga over the nomination process of Judge Kavanaugh has left a sour taste in the hearts of many American women, especially since there were a number of other equally qualified  justices on a Federal Society list who were available for consideration. As a matter of fact, Judge Kavanaugh was not found on the original list. It appears that the republican President Donald Trump may have added his name to the list due to his past favorable writings regarding the expansion of rights by the executive branch. There is no way that I want this past 2018 Kavanaugh nomination process to set a precedent for the appointments for future US Supreme Court justices where his/ her partisan bona fides trumps being the best qualified nominee to represent fairly the best interests and what’s right for all Americans.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On January 22, 2019, Chris Riotta of the Independent penned the following report, “Brett Kavanaugh ‘likely’ to be investigated for perjury, House judiciary member says” (“Multiple Democrats on the House panel seen discussing latest Supreme Court justice’s possible impeachment”)


“A freshman Democrat selected to serve on the House Judiciary Committee has told his constituents the panel will “likely” investigate claims accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of perjury during his controversial confirmation hearings last year.”

“Joe Neguse, a Colorado Democrat elected in 2018 to serve the state’s second congressional district, told supporters on Friday the committee could move to impeach the newly-appointed justice if their findings prove he knowingly lied to lawmakers during his confirmation process.”

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Donald Trump’s second pick to serve a lifelong appointment on the Supreme Court was alleged to have provided misleading statements surrounding sexual assault accusations levelled against him by Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale classmate.

“There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Mr Neguse said on Friday (1/25/19). “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

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“Clear discrepancies were revealed in Mr Kavanaugh’s story about when he first learned of the sexual assault allegations brought against him, though it remains unclear whether his intent was to mislead lawmakers about his knowledge of the accusations.”

“He first said during his testimony that he had only learned of Ms Ramirez’s allegations after they were published in an explosive New Yorker story.”

“However, NBC News then published a report after obtaining text messages he sent apparently discussing the accusations before they were revealed by the New Yorker.”

“The reason it remains unclear whether Mr Kavanaugh was purposefully misleading lawmakers on the issue is because he had previously informed investigators in the US Senate that he was aware Ms Ramirez was seeking to substantiate her claims by reaching out to their former classmates and fellow alumni.”

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“However, Ms Ramirez’s accusations aren’t the only issue Mr Kavanaugh was accused of providing misleading statements on. The justice was criticized for providing inaccurate definitions to slang terms included in his yearbook that may have cast the Republican judge in a negative light. He was also alleged not to have provided accurate details about his tenure serving in former President George HW Bush’s White House.”

“Mr Kavanaugh has defended the answers he provided throughout his confirmation hearings as truthful and accurate to the best of his recollection.”

“Mr Neguse isn’t the only Democrat on the panel to have openly discussed the possibility of impeaching Mr Kavanaugh.”

“During an Acela train ride from New York City to Washington, Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, was reportedly overheard by a journalist discussing what could happen if the latest Supreme Court justice was impeached.”


  1. While I would dearly love to see him impeached, I must admit that you are right … it would likely go nowhere at this point in time. If, as you say, hard, fact-based evidence can be obtained and made public, that he lied to Congress, then I think that if he doesn’t choose to resign, impeachment becomes a viable option. The entire confirmation process was a three-ring circus, and Christine Blasey Ford was treated shamefully by certain members of Congress, as well as by Trump himself.


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    • Dear Jill,

      I am still upset over how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had been treated during this Kavanaugh confirmation process to where he was confirmed over her dead body.

      These old GOP gizzards on the US Senate Judiciary Committee think we’ve forgotten how they treated her but that’s a memory that’s not easily erased. If they kept back crucial info, I want this exposed.

      Going public with solid data would be a start.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Dear Holly,

    This is the #1 investigation that I want done. I do not want to see good decent women’s accounts being discounted, thrown in the garbage to protect one of their own. Brett Kavanaugh was a well known figure in Washington DC conservative circles to where so many of those same GOP senators on the Judiciary Committee know him on a personal level.

    I would want this inquiry to be discreet and above board until and if there is substantial evidence uncovered to prove that he should not have been confirmed.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Sotomayor111,

      I’m hoping that this Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination will be reviewed from start to finish. This process does not pass my smell test.

      Thanks a million for your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. Dear Dreamer9177,

    For me this is good news. I’m still upset over how the testimony by Dr. Christine Blase Ford was totally discounted by the GOP males on the US Senate Judiciary Committee. They need to get that the Me,Too movement is not just a passing fancy.

    This whole scenario begs for added scrutiny.

    Thanks a million for your support and for this reblog.

    Hugs, Gronda


  4. Dear Joanne the geek,

    I echo your thoughts. How this man was pushed through the nomination process to serve in the US highest court by his fellow republican party elderly male members in the US Senate Judiciary Committee while not giving due deference to the testimony by the reputable Dr. Christine Blasey Ford describing how he had sexually abused her in their high school years, still bothers me.

    The reason that this bothers me, is that those same male Senate members and the president had a list of other conservative leaning justices, some of whom were more qualified. Why would they push this guy forward when there were better options. Something is wrong with this picture.

    Hugs, Gronda


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