aside When A Contentious Reader Acts Like A Russian Troll/ Zealot Trump Supporter

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I’m not sophisticated enough in computer skills to identify the following blogger as a Russian troll but he/ she looks, acts and writes like one. Admittedly, he/ she could also be a zealous right wing supporter of the republican President Donald Trump. But in this case, the reader is a gentleman who likes to stir the pot, on occasion.
Update on 3/26/2019: One of my family of  fellow bloggers reminded me that SKawlor is one of her readers who does comment on her posts. Jill Dennison, has graciously advised me that while he sometimes is contentious, that he is neither a Russian troll nor a Trumpian believer. Please see her comments below.
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But since he has given voice to a GOP talking point about progressives attacking the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller, post his 3/22/2019 final report, I’m keeping this blog published for about another week before thrashing it.
I’ve noticed some of the GOP pundits on different cable news shows like CNN, where guests like Van Jones had to push back. The GOP talking point appears to want to portray Democrats/ liberals as turning on the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III who led the 22 month long Trump-Russia probe and that the Democrats are now thrashing his report while refusing to accept his findings.
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This talking point by zealous supporters of President Trump; right wing media pundits; GOP lawmakers and/ or the Russian troll echo chamber is reflected in the writings by the below mentioned blogger who isn’t someone who  frequently leaves a comment on my posts. Overall, the commentary is delivered in a reasonable manner.
I responded by explaining that posts written by me with the family of bloggers who frequently comment on this blog, have been positive in our coverage of Mr. Mueller, the job he’s been doing and that hasn’t changed.


    • Dear Sklawlor,

      I totally and respectfully disagree with the gentleman in the video. Facts are a funny thing but in my book facts rule:

      When Mueller was appointed special counsel on May 17, 2017, Rosenstein said the probe would include “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation” into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

      But an exception was made in August 2017, Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate allegations that Manafort may have “committed a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government” before and while pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych was in office.

      This info was important because it could show why Mr. Manafort was so motivated to become President Trump’s campaign manager even to the point, of volunteering to work for free. It could explain why he ordered US policy toward Ukraine and Russia to be altered in the GOP platform.

      Mr. Mueller was constrained by the DOJ’s Deputy Rod Rosenstein’s mandate to where he was limited into what he could investigate.

      Hugs, Gronda

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from twitter and I happen to feel that this is pretty balanced analysis at this point.

“Quick thread on Russia. 1st off, no collusion and if you care at all about the United States of America you should be thrilled about that even if you don’t like bad orange man. Sadly, we are seeing virtually none of that from those who cheered this hoax on for the past two years.

If there had been collusion not only would we be impeaching the president which would be a disaster, but what’s next? Take out the VP? Install speaker Nancy Pelosi as president? Then what? Wait til 2020 election? The entire election would be about oncoming war with Russia.

What could be a bigger declaration of war than installing the president of the United States? The point is, that didn’t happen and we should all be freaking thrilled about that. Of course CNN/MSNBC and other clickbait websites will move the goal posts and continue the witch hunt.

To that point there are a lot of people in media and political establishment who just need to go away now. They don’t need to be shamed or locked up, but they do need to stop this nonsense. Of course they won’t because they’re in too deep. So paranoid accusations will continue.

And they’ll do far greater damage to the country than Trump. These are the same people who said Trump wouldn’t accept results of election…and that’s what they’re still doing here 2+ years later. Don’t like Trump? Beat him with good ideas, not never ending conspiracy theories.”

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  • Dear SKLawlor,

    If you’ve been reading the posts written by me with the family of bloggers who frequently comment on this blog, you would know that we’ve backed Mr. Mueller and the job he’s been doing and that hasn’t changed.

    From the start, I’ve said President Trump should thank his lucky stars that Mr. Mueller had been assigned to manage FBI’s Trump-Russia probe because he was competent and fair.

    The problem that I have is, that while I can live with Mr. Mueller findings that there was not a sufficient level of evidence to criminally charge President Trump and his family for having conspired with Russians to help them attack the US 2016 elections’ infrastructure, it is not unreasonable to want to study the entire report for myself. That’s how the rule of law in the USA works.

    But many Americans are suspect of a partisan GOP appointed Attorney General Mr. Barr over-imposing his thinking for that of the independent arbiter Mr. Mueller regarding the president’s culpability regarding ‘obstruction of justice.’

    The good news is that this FBI Mueller report does conclude conclusively that Russia did in fact conduct a major attack on the 2016 US presidential elections’ infrastructure.

    I’m still concerned about President Trump being too dependent on Russian financial monies to where his judgment is compromised to where he would not put US national security interests as his primary concern but be pushed to promote Russia’s objectives. But this part is under investigation by the US Attorneys in the Southern District of New York’s court system.

    Everyone in the know including President Trump’s attorneys know that Mr. Mueller was not the real threat to him, not like the SDNY US Attorneys’ offices

    This is the premiere US prosecutors office in the entire country for investigating financial type crimes.

    But, at least that point of Russia having attacked US elections’ systems in 2016 is no longer in dispute.

    Hugs. Gronda


  1. Actually, Sklawlor is Scott Lawlor who has been a frequent reader of mine for quite some time, and although he sometimes likes to be contentious, I can vouch that he is neither a Russian troll nor a Trump supporter! He and I have had disagreements many times, and he even left my blog for a brief time a few months ago, but we have come to a mutual respect, and in truth, I think sometimes he just stirs the pot to see our reactions. By the way … neither here nor there, but Scott is blind since birth, the stay-at-home-dad of … 2 or 3, I disremember, and is a very good musician.

    That said, I’m with you, Gronda … I still believe Robert Mueller is a man of honour and integrity, and i don’t think he engaged in partisan politics when performing his investigation or issuing his report. I do think he felt that it wasn’t a wise move for him to even attempt to indict Junior or Kushner, or Papa Trump himself, and hoped that perhaps the AG would follow through. Else the State of New York. I know, and you know, that Trump is as guilty as anybody could be, and this isn’t the end of the line, but only the beginning.

    What is making me sick and angry at the moment are the lies … ongoing lies … do these people ever learn to tell the truth … by the republicans and Trump himself that he was exonerated. The report plainly states, and Barr even copied this part, that Mueller did NOT exonerate Trump. Perhaps it would be good if Trump learned to read??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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    • Dear Jill,

      Thanks for rescuing me by telling me about Scott Lawlor. Now I recall where I’ve seen the same ‘SKLAWLOR.’

      I’ve updated the post, accordingly.

      I’m with you. I’ve not budged in my thinking that Mr. Mueller is a decent, honorable, competent man who had been working incredibly long hours to seek the truth regarding his task to ferret out what Russia did regarding its attack on our US democracy and whether there was proof that President Trump directly and actively conspired with Russian operatives in its endeavor.

      There is nothing short of having access to the FBI’s Mueller report minus classified data, etc., that’ll satisfy me. By Mr. Barr adding his partisan two cents to Mr. Mueller’s work, I no longer trust his office to do what’s right.

      What the FBI’s Mueller report definitely does not do, is exonerate President Trump.

      Do you know that there are folks who still believe, OJ Simpson was innocent?

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • No, I didn’t know some people still believed O.J. Simpson was innocent, but then … it shouldn’t surprise us, given that some people still believe the earth is flat!


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        • Dear Jill,

          The same ones who believe in OJ’s innocence are probably Trump supporters as they are capable of believing anything.

          But oddly enough, this case is the perfect one to compare to the OJ Simpson trial. I actually get why the jurists fell obligated to agree in a not guilty vote because of reasonable doubt. It was proven that the LAPD had planted evidence and no, it wasn’t the gloves. But although the jury felt obligated to follow the law and declared him not guilty, most Americans believed he was guilty as sin. But there was that part of the American population who truly believed he wasn’t guilty.

          Hugs, Gronda

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        • Good point … sometimes the waters get so muddied that it is impossible to figure what is fact and what is not. And there will always be some who will believe what they want to and find a way to ignore or talk away the facts. This is why I wish to come back as a wolf, rather than a human. 😉


  2. Wait. What? OJ is guilty?!? Sorry Gronda. I couldn’t resist!😏 Anyway, I still very much respect and admire Mr. Mueller, both for stepping up in the first place to tackle this, as well as for his professionalism and determination to get to the truth. I think I said this on another post of yours, my only question (not criticism) is why he didn’t come to a conclusion one way or the other regarding obstruction of justice. The DOJ came out this afternoon and said the report will be seen by Congress and the public within weeks, not months. Hopefully they’ll follow through on this. In the meantime the administration has given the Democrats a gift of sorts in now striving to completely abolish the ACA without offering anything to replace it.

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    • Dear Kim,

      I only suspect that the reason he couldn’t give a definitive conclusion regarding an ‘obstruction of justice’ charge has to do with the fact that he never interviewed President Trump. One key fact that has to be proven to prosecute an ‘obstruction of justice’ case is the intent of the person committing this crime.

      I suspect that there are lots of reasons as to why this never happened but we’ll find that out when we have access to the final Mueller report versus Barr’s summary.

      Hugs, Gronda

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