This ‘Never Trumper’ Refuses To Be Gas-Lighted By GOP Mantra. “Trump Has Been Exonerated!”

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These are my final thoughts regarding the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report regarding its 22 month long Trump-Russian probe:

President Trump and his sycophants in the White House, the US Congress, the right wing media outlets and the Russian army of trolls are doing their level best to skewer the FBI, its Trump-Russia probe and its lead investigator, the Special Counsel Mueller with his 3/22/2019 report, but they will only end up with egg on their faces.

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The one issue that the FBI’s Mueller report and the memo by the US Attorney General Barr put to rest is the fact that RUSSIA DID INDEED LAUNCH AND CONDUCT A MAJOR ATTACK ON THE 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS INFRASTRUCTURE.

Yet for how many months did we watch the republican President Donald Trump lie about this fact. Heck he openly declared at the 2018 Helsinki Summit with president Putin present, that he believed the Russian leader President Putin over all of his foreign policy experts, his military advisers, his intelligence officials.


That act alerted me as to the possibility that President Trump’s judgment having been compromised by his dependence on Russia monies. But his other behaviors also support my concern, like his attempts to lift Russian sanctions; his tearing up of translator’s notes when he met with President Putin; his dissing NATO and our European allies; his abrupt decision to remove military troops from Syria; his ending of military exercises in S. Korea; his and his minions’ constant lying about their contacts with Russians during 2015-2018; his revisionist history lesson on Afghanistan that just happens to match Russia’s version; his calling to congratulate the Russian President Putin’s on his election victory despite having been specifically warned against taking this action by his foreign policy experts working in the White House. This long list is never ending.

Around mid-2017, the FBI opened up a Counter-intelligence case against President Trump because of some of his questionable behaviors as described above, pertaining to Russia. The appropriate US Congressional representatives were duly informed about this action.  The FBI special counsel took over the role of overseeing this FBI counter-intelligence case which probably accounted for a good portion of his investigative time.


The decision to open this counter-intelligence probe was based in part to the following facts:

Soon after President Trump fired the FBI Director James Comey around May 2017, he let slip in an NBC interview comments like “When I decided to just do it, I said to myself — I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.’ ”

In addition to that slip of the tongue by the president, top FBI officials were also concerned about a draft letter addressed to Director Comey that President Trump had been insisting be delivered, but cooler heads prevailed. The letter was written with a belligerent and defensive tone. President Trump made repeated references to Director Comey’s private statements to him that he wasn’t personally under investigation in the Russia probe.
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It didn’t help that the day after President Trump dismissed FBI’s Director Comey, he welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak into the Oval Office. According to various accounts, it was during that meeting, that he went off script and began describing details of an Islamic State terrorist threat related to the use of laptop computers on aircraft.
The US press had not been invited, and this is when President Trump mentioned to his Russian guests that he had been relieved of the burden of the FBI’s Russian probe by his recent firing of Mr. Comey.
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PRESIDENT TRUMP/ President Putin/ McCain/ Clapper

Forgive me, but I would’ have to deny what I’ve seen with my own eyes and have heard with my own ears to buy into GOP gas-lighting attempts to tell the American peoples that the FBI report totally exonerates President Trump.

Any GOP talking points along the lines that no one besides President Trump has taken a tougher stance against Russia, is just another GOP LIE.

In truth, President Trump has tried to roll back, impede, and blunt the sanctions against Russia, whenever and wherever possible. Why do you think GOP lawmakers in the US Congress joined Democrats to pass a July 2017 veto proof bill blocking the president from unilaterally taking any action on Russian sanctions without prior congressional approval?


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What are they drinking to become so delusional. GOP folks can yell all they want but I’m not buying their BS. Their standard bearer could not pass the most basic FBI background security check to become a dog catcher employed by the US government. But this is who they have chosen to catapult into the White House. They must be so proud.

These GOP lawmakers deserve to lose bigly in 2020.

PS They are hard at work to insure their 2020 losses at the ballot box. They’re in the process of doing their damnest to kill Obamacare.

NOTE: This blog was last updated on 3/26/2019.


  1. I’m with you 100% on this. He is as guilty as they come, and we won’t know what Mueller actually concluded until we see the report for ourselves, not Bill Barr’s cherry-picked, watered-down interpretation. Barr was hired by Trump for this very reason … and now, as you mention, he is trying to ensure that millions of people in this country cannot afford health care. What next? Care to make any guesses? Good post, Gronda!


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    • Dear Jill,

      Mr. Barr isn’t getting away with gas-lighting either of us or our blogging family. All I know is that there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

      This move to kill the ACA is his latest maneuver.

      The GOP must take us all as fools.

      President Trump is just getting started. But I’m still resisting.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • You are so right, and yes, there is definitely more to this than we have been told. Trump and the GOP seem to feel emboldened by the Mueller report. Now I’m hearing that Barr will send the report to the White House before sending it to Congress to give Trump the opportunity to employ “executive privilege” and redact whatever he wishes. WRONG! FOUL!!! I will resist until either I end up in prison or dead. Heck, I might even come back and haunt this bunch of crooks once I’m dead!

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        • Dear Jill,

          I’m willing to go to Washington dc to protest over this. I’ve not been able to confirm that one news item that President Trump has been given green light to redact report before it’s made public.

          But if true, it’s time to take action by a full court press by “we the peoples” with marches, phone calls, visiting our representatives. We will become McConnell’s mob nightmare. We will sit on the steps of the offices of William Barr.

          Hugs, Gronda

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        • Here is where I read that Trump will get first view of the report, at Business Insider It doesn’t surprise me, but I will protest it at the top of my lungs, for we all know that by the time Trump’s lawyers finish with it, there will be nothing of substance left. Executive privilege, my foot! Yes, if they thought we were loud and vocal before … just wait!!!


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  2. I had forgotten that tRumpsky had taken Putin’s denial of hacking … yet it’s right there in the report that they DID attack our elections. Guess I’m not the only one that’s forgotten.

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    • Dear Nan,

      That’s the section that the president and his GOP cronies are working overtime to deflect your attention, elsewhere. But that’s the headline.

      Russia did indeed launch and conduct a major attack against the US elections’ infrastructure in 2016.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. I can’t tell you how disappointed I have been in all this. I do feel there is some big story behind all this that we will never know and I do feel politics is corrupt by its very nature and it’s always a long game. We are but the pawns.

    I felt so sure that Mueller would have some evidence and indictable evidence against trump and/or some of his family. All the stories and evidence we have seen over two years and not just speculation. Did Mueller feel it was in the best interest of the country to squelch all this?

    Is there more to Mueller being a republican than we thought?

    How can Clinton be impeached for lying about a sex act and trump not be impeached for what, 9000 lies about everything under the sun?

    And Manafort, Cohen and others are guilty and trump is clean as a whistle? How must they feel now. They took the fall, it seems to me.

    And obstruction!….it was so obvious to me and I’m sure others.
    Isn’t this a big bump up to insure his re election? The cult is now emboldened even more…just wait.

    Is our country really this corrupt now and we the little people are just superfluous. It’s no wonder people become apathetic.

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    • Dear Mary,

      I have not bought into the AG Barr’s version of what Mr. Mueller has claimed in his final report on the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe.

      As per the Brennan Center here are key phrases that Mr. Barr does quote as Mr. Mueller’ words:

      Following @BrennanCenter

      Pay particular attention to two of Mueller’s phrases: “did not establish” and “did not exonerate.” Lawyers will know that those two phrases actually hint at the opposite of a complete Trump vindication.

      Please keep the faith. The GOP are trying to gaslight us into believing that the Mueller report exonerates President Trump 100% and nothing could be further from the truth.

      This GOP Russian type propaganda marketing campaign was orchestrated to convince you of what Mr. Barr says vs. what Mr. Mueller actually states. They would love to see you depressed over this. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Oh I know he’s guilty and so does any sane person, but the base buys it totally…the exoneration…and even if they don’t buy it, they don’t care and they have a lot of power these days.

        Their voting power is what controls the Republican Party. The republicans in office better do what trump says and wants or the base won’t vote for them. And trump better continue to feed their racist bigoted desires or they won’t vote for him either.

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        • Dear Mary,

          Its hard to see that a significant minority of folks buy into President Trump’s shtick. A lot of folks have left the republican party and membership for young peoples like Millennials is way, way down. This tells you that the republican Party of Trump is the minority.

          Where I live in Florida, there are efforts to register many more voters, to insure the integrity of the vote and to push to add a referendum for Medicaid expansion on the ballot. We’re also fighting attempts by GOP to depress the vote.

          These folks need to get trounced at the ballot box. We can do this!

          Hugs, Gronda

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  4. Hello Gronda. I think the information in the real report is very damaging to not only tRump but other Republicans in congress. If was as good for the President as is claimed it would be released immediately and read on Fox every thirty minutes. One other thing to remember is Mueller was constricted to look into tRump campaign’s dealings with Russia, but not the time after the election. But the information will come out. The Barr report has poisoned the well and charged up tRump’s base and they won’t even hear the real Mueller report when it comes out. Which is what tRump’s people wanted Barr to accomplish. Hugs

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