UK’s PM Theresa May Strikes Out Third Time To Win The Votes For A Brexit Deal

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Hahahahahaha!!! Omg. The TIMING! On the day Britain was set to leave European Union, the official campaign finally admits it broke the law. Deliberately. Massively. And overseen by Theresa May’s closest advisor & one of her ministers. Incredible

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On March 29, 2019, BBC published the following report, “Brexit: Vote Leave drops appeal against referendum spending fine”


Vote Leave has dropped its appeal against a £61,000 fine for breaking electoral law over spending limits, the Electoral Commission has said.

The official pro-Brexit campaign for the UK’s EU referendum was fined in July for exceeding its £7m spending limit for the vote.

The campaign said at the time the watchdog’s findings were “wholly inaccurate” and politically motivated.

It said in a statement it had run out of money to pursue the appeal.

The announcement came as MPs rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement on the day the UK had been due to leave the EU.

The Vote Leave campaign, fronted by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, was found by the Electoral Commission to have funnelled £675,315 through pro-Brexit youth group BeLeave, days before the referendum in 2016, which helped ensure it did not breach its £7m spending limit.

“The founder of BeLeave, Darren Grimes, was fined £20,000 and referred to the police, along with Vote Leave official David Halsall.”

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‘Serious offences’

“Vote Leave bosses say they were given the go-ahead to give the money to BeLeave and they had acted within the rules.”

“But the Commission found there was “significant evidence of joint working” between Mr Grimes and Vote Leave and that Vote Leave should have declared the spending as its own.”

“An Electoral Commission spokesman said: “Vote Leave has today withdrawn its appeal and related proceedings against the Electoral Commission’s finding of multiple offences under electoral law, committed during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.”

“Vote Leave was the designated lead campaigner for the leave outcome at the referendum.”

“We found that it broke the electoral rules set out by Parliament to ensure fairness, confidence and legitimacy at an electoral event. Serious offences such as these undermine public confidence in our system and it is vital, therefore, that they are properly investigated and sanctioned.”

“We have been advised that Vote Leave has paid its £61,000 fine and look forward to receiving the sum in full.”

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See: Vote Leave drops appeal against fine for electoral offences

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  1. Gday mate, yes, the whole Brexit saga is causing harm now and into the future of Great Britain. Teresa May has done her best to provide good leadership and intelligence into the issue, however, she has been let down by self serving peacocks of parliament on both sides. The opposite of America, where the majority of politicians are endeavouring to gain foothold over one self serving peacock. Interesting times not, these positions were constructed by influence and media. How long before the public majority (voters) wake from their slumber. How long before the majority simply become nothingness to the games of the privileged and wealthy. All my pommie friends were mortified at the Brexit vote, and it is interesting that several of the loudest political voices for that vote are now hiding in the shadows… Hugs mate.

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