Washington Post Is Confirming That FBI Mueller’s Team Is Unhappy With Barr Summary


For 22 months the public had not heard a peep from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III and his FBI team of professionals who were gathering evidence as part of the Trump-Russia probe. There was ne’er a leak.

But according to the attorney Neal Katyal who wrote the current special counsel rules, after the FBI’s 3/22/2019 final report had been delivered to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), there is more leeway for anyone on the Mueller team to speak up, if there’s the perception that their work product is not being accurately characterized by the DOJ’s Attorney General William Barr.

Link: I wrote the special counsel rules. The Washington Post …

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On April 3, 2019, Ellen Nakashima, Carol D. Leonnig and Rosalind S. Helderman of the Washington Post penned the following report, “Limited information Barr has shared about Russia investigation frustrated some on Mueller’s team”


“Members of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team have told associates they are frustrated with the limited information Attorney General William P. Barr has provided about their nearly two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether President Trump sought to obstruct justice, according to people familiar with the matter.”


“The displeasure among some who worked on the closely held inquiry has quietly begun to surface in the days since Barr released a four-page letter to Congress on March 24 describing what he said were the principal conclusions of Mueller’s still-confidential, 400-page report.”

“In his letter, Barr said that the special counsel did not establish a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. And he said that Mueller did not reach a conclusion “one way or the other” as to whether Trump’s conduct in office constituted obstruction of justice.”

“Absent that, Barr told lawmakers that he concluded the evidence was not sufficient to prove that the president obstructed justice.”


“But members of Mueller’s team have complained to close associates that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming and significant.”

“It was much more acute than Barr suggested,” said one person, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the subject’s sensitivity.”

“The New York Times first reported that some special counsel investigators feel that Barr did not adequately portray their findings.”

“Some members of the office were particularly disappointed that Barr did not release summary information the special counsel team had prepared, according to two people familiar with their reactions.”


“There was immediate displeasure from the team when they saw how the attorney general had characterized their work instead,” according one U.S. official briefed on the matter.”

“Summaries were prepared for different sections of the report, with a view that they could made public, the official said.”

“The report was prepared “so that the front matter from each section could have been released immediately — or very quickly,” the official said. “It was done in a way that minimum redactions, if any, would have been necessary, and the work would have spoken for itself.”


“Mueller’s team assumed the information was going to be made available to the public, the official said, “and so they prepared their summaries to be shared in their own words — and not in the attorney general’s summary of their work, as turned out to be the case.”

“A spokeswoman for the Justice Department declined to comment. A spokesman for the special counsel did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Attorneys for the president did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

“In an interview Wednesday night with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Trump attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani said that reports of frustration by members of the special counsel team prove the office was biased.”


“They are a bunch of sneaky, unethical leakers,” he said. “And they are rabid Democrats who hate the president of United States.”

“Giuliani added, “I am absolutely confident that the report will bear out the conclusions. The conclusions: no obstruction, no Russian collusion of any kind. It will bear that out.”

“In the wake of the limited information released by Barr, Trump declared that the Mueller report provided him with “complete and total exoneration.” He has repeatedly called for an inquiry into how the investigation began in the first place.”

“There was no collusion with Russia,” Trump said. “There was no obstruction.”


“During nearly two years of work, Mueller’s team — which included 19 lawyers and roughly 40 FBI agents, analysts and other professional staff — worked in near silence, speaking only rarely, through public documents filed in court. The fact that some have been confiding in recent days to associates is a sign of the level of their distress.”

“Some members of Mueller’s team appear caught off guard by how thoroughly the president has used Barr’s letter to claim total victory, as the limited information about their work has been weaponized in the country’s highly polarized political environment, according to people familiar with their responses.”

“Their frustrations come as polls show many Americans have already drawn conclusions about the special counsel findings — even though only a handful of words from the report have so far been released.”

“On Wednesday night, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, questioned why Barr did not release the special counsel’s summary material.”

“It’s been my assumption that a 400-page report has an executive summary already, and so of course it begged the question, ‘Why did Barr feel the need to release his own summary?’ ” he said on MSNBC. “Why didn’t he release a summary produced by Bob Mueller itself instead of trying to shape it through his own words?”

“It is not yet clear if Mueller’s full investigative findings will be released publicly.”

“Barr told Congress in a letter last week that the principal conclusions he described were not meant to be a summary of Mueller’s investigation. He said he is aiming to submit a redacted version of the report to Congress by mid-April after removing classified and grand jury material, as well damaging information about peripheral players who were not charged with crimes.”

“Barr said the special counsel’s report is divided into two parts. The first pertains to the Russian effort to influence the 2016 election and documents crimes committed by Russians in that regard. The second addresses a number of actions by the president as potentially raising concerns about obstruction of justice, Barr said.”

“He said that the special counsel’s decision not to reach a legal conclusion on obstruction left it to him to determine whether Trump’s conduct as described constituted a crime.”

“Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein “and I have concluded that the evidence developed . . . is not sufficient to establish” that the president committed obstruction of justice, he wrote in his letter to Congress.”

“Democrats have questioned Barr’s conclusion, noting that he wrote a 2018 memo that criticized Mueller’s obstruction inquiry and argued that the president cannot be accused of obstruction for exercising his broad constitutional powers.”

Link to entire report: Limited information Barr has shared about Russia investigation …


  1. Barr is a Trumpian boot-licker sans conscience, sans integrity, sans honour. I hope … I REALLY HOPE that Mueller has copies of his full report complete with supporting documentation, stashed in a few safe places such that if the full report is withheld from Congress and the public by the the puppet Barr, it can be leaked, preferably to The Guardian, BBC or some non-US media outlet. As for Giuliani and Ingraham … I hope they choke on their lies. BAH HUMBUG.


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    • Dear Jill,

      There will definitely be a lot of right wing pundits choking on their words. Mr. Barr has no choice now but to release the full Mueller report even though his reputation has already been shredded to smithereens. He may want to salvage something.

      I had wondered about when there might be a leak, after Mr. Katyal who wrote the special counsel rules said that after the publication of the FBI’s report, that the FBI team could sound the alarm if they felt the AG’s office was not characterizing their report, accurately.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, interesting. It would appear Barr used coarse sandpaper to smooth away the edges. I have felt all along Trump will fight the release of the report, now that he has his messaging out. By the way, Rudy calling anyone a “sneaky, unethical leaker” reminds me of Guiliani knowing about the second Comey announcement before it happened.

    The plot has thickened. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Did we not call this one? Eventually, we’ll have access to enough of the Mueller report to have an accurate picture of the Trump White House.

      How many times have you said that those who get close to President Trump risk their reputations being sullied beyond repair.?

      But it keeps happening.

      Rudy GIuliani defines the word, “sneaky.unethical leader.”

      Hugs, Gronda


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