The Fix Is In As President Has Already Been Briefed On FBI’s Mueller Report By AG Barr

The republican President Donald Trump is directing the reality show’s final extravaganza as he orders his Attorney General William Barr and the Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to hold a press conference on the 18th of April 2019 at 9:30 AM, before the US Congressional lawmakers have had a chance to review the FBI’s 3/22/2019 final report on its 22 months long Trump-Russia probe led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. The press conference is scheduled to be held hours before the FBI’s final report with all the redactions, personally reviewed and approved by Mr. Barr will be delivered to the US Congress and the public. The key law enforcement professional who’s MIA at this press conference is the FBI’s Special Counsel Mr. Mueller. This staging tells me all I need to know.

“We the People” are about to be presented with a snow job par excellence, where we have every right to be beyond, outraged. The delayed timing of the release of this FBI report just happens to coincide with the timing of when the White House has been able to form a rebuttal in the form of a 35 page plus report. It turns out that according to the 4/17/2019 New York Times breaking news, Mr. Barr and others have been informing president Trump regarding the contents of the FBI’s 3/22/2019 report for weeks.

It has become obvious that the Attorney General William Barr has been performing like the president’s former fixer, Roy Cohn instead of honoring his oath of office to represent the interests of the American peoples.

Remember back, when for 2 years, there had been the GOP US Senators backing the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions even though the president had been personally and brutally attacking him for having dared to appropriately recuse himself from exercising his oversight duties over the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe, but then all of a sudden the president was given the green light to fire him around November 2018 by no less than the US Senate Judiciary Committee’s Chairman Senator Lindsey Graham and the Senates Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell. The fix was in. By mid February 2019, the new Attorney General William Barr was ensconced in his role as the head of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) with full oversight responsibilities over the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe, A month later, it was announced that the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III was ending his 22 months long Trump-Russia probe.

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According to the legal expert Neal Katyal who wrote the rules for the ‘Special Counsel’ role, the Attorney General William Barr has been acting outside of the parameters of these rules. In addition, he has a history of these kind of under-handed behaviors.

See:  I wrote the special counsel rules. The Washington Post 



Here’s the rest of the story…

On April 17, 2019, Mark Mazzetti, Maggie Haberman, Nicholas Fandos and Katie Brenner of the New York Times penned the following report, “White House and Justice Dept. Officials Discussed Mueller Report Before Release”


“Not all of Robert S. Mueller III’s findings will be news to President Trump when they are released Thursday (4/18/2019) morning.”

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“Justice Department officials have had numerous conversations with White House lawyers about the conclusions made by Mr. Mueller, the special counsel, in recent days, according to people with knowledge of the discussions. The talks have aided the president’s legal team as it prepares a rebuttal to the report and strategizes for the coming public war over its findings.”

‘A sense of paranoia is taking hold among some of Mr. Trump’s aides, some of whom fear his backlash more than the findings themselves, the people said. The report might make clear which of Mr. Trump’s current and former advisers spoke to the special counsel, how much they said and how much damage they did to the president — providing a kind of road map for retaliation.”

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The discussions between Justice Department officials and White House lawyers have also added to questions about the propriety of the decisions by Attorney General William P. Barr since he received Mr. Mueller’s findings late last month.”

“Mr. Barr and his deputy, Rod J. Rosenstein, determined that Mr. Trump did not illegally obstruct justice and said the special counsel found no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia’s 2016 election interference. Mr. Barr told lawmakers that officials were “spying” on the Trump campaign, raised ominous historical parallels with the illegal surveillance of Vietnam War protesters and pointedly declined to rebut charges that Mr. Mueller’s investigators were engaged in a “witch hunt.”

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“Spokespeople for the White House and the Justice Department declined to comment. Mr. Barr, who plans to hold a news conference at 9:30 a.m. Thursday to discuss the special counsel’s report, refused to answer questions from lawmakers last week about whether the department had given the White House a preview of Mr. Mueller’s findings.”

“The Justice Department has not said when the report will be released. Lawmakers are expected to receive the report by midday, Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York and the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said on Twitter.”

“Much is at stake for Mr. Barr in Thursday’s expected release, especially if the report presents a far more damning portrayal of the president’s behavior — and of his campaign’s dealings with Russians — than the attorney general indicated in the four-page letter he wrote in March. That letter generated anger among some members of Mr. Mueller’s team, who believed it failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry and have told associates that the report was more troubling for Mr. Trump than Mr. Barr indicated.”

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“Justice Department rules do not require Mr. Barr to make the special counsel’s report public, and the attorney general’s defenders say he will fulfill pledges of transparency he made during his confirmation hearings to make as much of the document public as possible. Even a redacted report is likely to answer some of the outstanding questions about Russia’s attempts to sabotage the election; contacts between Kremlin intermediaries and the Trump campaign; and the president’s efforts to derail the investigation.”

“The information that Justice Department officials have provided to the White House could potentially be valuable for Mr. Trump’s legal team as it finalizes a rebuttal to the Mueller report — expected to be released not long after the department makes the special counsel’s findings public. Advisers to Mr. Trump insist that they still do not know many details about Mr. Mueller’s conclusions.”

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“The president’s aides have devised a strategy where numerous lawyers and political aides will quickly read different parts of the document to develop a rebuttal strategy, according to multiple people briefed on the plan.”

“The recent conversations between the Justice Department and the White House were first reported by ABC News.”

“Democrats on Capitol Hill, armed with subpoena power and deeply mistrustful of Mr. Barr’s motivations since he was first nominated, have pressed for more and believe they could soon have the upper hand.”

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“They have already demanded the full text of the report and access to the underlying evidence they say is necessary for continuing congressional inquiries into foreign influence and obstruction of justice.”

“The House Judiciary Committee has already authorized a subpoena for Mr. Nadler to try to force Mr. Barr to hand that material over to Congress. Democrats involved in the planning say the subpoena could be sent to the Justice Department within a day of the redacted report’s delivery if Mr. Barr has withheld material the committee deems necessary for its work.”

Link: White House and Justice DeptOfficials Discussed Mueller Report …


  1. When I received the “Breaking News” that Barr would be giving a press conference in the morning prior to releasing the redacted documents, my first thought was, “Why would anybody bother to listen, for all he’s going to do is lie anyway.” We really do not need Mr. Barr to give us his interpretation … we can already read, and the majority of us are smart enough to even understand! Which, I’m certain, would surprise the press secretary, not to mention the Barr/Trump duo. And why, if Trump is so bloomin’ innocent, do his attorneys feel a need to prepare a 35-page rebuttal??? More of the same ol’, same ol’. I would love to see Mueller get angry enough to go on a morning talk show and give his own summation of the events. Or send a copy of the full, unredacted report to one of the reputable European news agencies for publication.


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    • Dear Jill,

      I can’t wait until the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III testifies at one of the House’s Oversight Committee hearings. I’ve ordered the Mueller report so I can read it in book form. It’s Amazon’s #1 seller.

      President Trump found his Roy Cohn in the AG William Barr. He not only let down the ‘rule of law’ but the entire US Department of Justice’s reputation as a fair arbiter of justice.

      It is so disheartening to be a witness to this flagrant attack on the ‘rule of law.’

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I had no idea it was even in book form! I have the .pdf file in two formats, but the book might be nice to have too. Yep, he found himself a toady and it didn’t take long for us to see it. He has re-defined the DOJ. Hugs!!!


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