Breaking News: FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller Delivered Public Statement On 5/29/2019

This is great news, I hope. The US House Judiciary Committee members headed by the Democratic Party Chairman Jerrold Nadler have been negotiating for quite awhile to have the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify before them in a public hearing but Mr. Mueller has resisted, preferring to first give a public opening statement, followed by a closed hearing. He has expressed his goal of not having his 3/22/2019 final report regarding the FBI’s 22 months long Trump-Russia probe become even more politicized than it has already become.

At the end of March 2019, the US Attorney General William Barr revealed his true colors of being President Trump’s lackey who heads the powerful US Department of Justice (DOJ). He managed to prove that he can’t be counted to mete out justice fairly when he deliberately acted to mis-characterize the FBI’s Mueller report which was totally countered by the FBI’s redacted findings that were made public about 4 weeks later. The unfortunate fact is that while millions watched on their TVs, the Attorney General Barr whitewash the FBI’s report that he received around 3/22/2019, few peoples will take the time to read the 448 page FBI report delivered 4 weeks later.

Because of the Attorney General Barr’s whitewash of the FBI’s Mueller report, many Americans have been left with the impression that the FBI had totally exonerated the president of any wrong doing. To counter this falsehood, over 900 federal prosecutors from both the Republican and Democratic Parties have gone on the record to assert that based on the FBI’s Mueller findings, if Donald J. Trump were not president, he would have been criminally indicted.

However, it’d be helpful if Mr. Mueller would clarify what he truly intended to imprint in the minds of the American peoples about his findings which list numerous felonious acts committed by the republican President Donald Trump. It looks like he’s stepping up to the plate to explain once and for all time, the conclusions contained within his final report.

Here’s the rest of the story…

On May 29, 2019, Jordan Fabian of The Hill Penned the following news item, “Mueller to make first public statement on Russia investigation”


“Special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday (5/29/2019) will make a statement about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Justice Department announced.”

“The on-camera appearance will be the first time Mueller speaks publicly about the probe since he was named special counsel two years ago. The Justice Department did not elaborate on what he plans to say but said he will not take questions.”

House Democrats are seeking to have Mueller testify before the Judiciary Committee but lawmakers have thus far not reached an agreement with the special counsel regarding possible testimony.

The White House was alerted on Tuesday night that Mueller may make a statement on Wednesday according to a senior White House official. It’s not clear if the Judiciary panel was alerted about Mueller’s appearance ahead of time.

See: Full Text of the Mueller Report’s Executive Summaries…

Special counsel Robert Muller speaks at the Department

Update post Mr. Mueller’s 5/29/2019 statement…

Mr Mueller’s press conference where he took no questions took less than 10 minutes. He made it clear that if he were required to give testimony at a Congressional hearing, he would not share anything more than what’s contained in his 3/22/2019 final report. He has given his notice to resign from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and he announced that he’s closing down his office. He thanked all those who worked in his department for their professionalism and hard work.

He emphasized the point that the Russians did indeed launch a major cyber attack and propaganda campaign against the 2016 US elections/ voting infrastructure.

He did make clear that he would have stated in his report that President Trump had been cleared of any wrongdoing, but he couldn’t do that.

He pointed out that he couldn’t say that the president didn’t commit a crime, because of  a longstanding Department of Justice’s policy which bars him from taking that action against a sitting president. He reiterated the fact that charging the president was not an option he could consider, but that the US Congress is the government entity empowered by the US Constitution to hold the president criminally liable for his numerous attempts to interfere with the FBI’ s 22 months long Trump- Russia probe.

Finally, he said that his final report should be the only testimony necessary for Congress to decide how to proceed. As per a 5/29/2019 Lawfare tweet:

From Bob Mueller:

Image result for photos of mueller on 5/29/2019

Here’s what the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Nadler tweeted:

On a more positive note, the FOX TV News department and its senior legal adviser Judge Andrew Napolitano have both informed their audience that what Mr. Mueller stated, was a contradiction to how the Attorney General Barr portrayed the FBI’s Mueller report, as being an exoneration of President Trump’s misdeeds.

Ari Melber tweeted:

New document from Mueller’s office contrasts Barr’s assertion about how Mueller determines if there “was an obstruction of justice” — to Mueller’s different explanation:

As of this afternoon, the Democratic Party leadership within the US House of Representatives led by the Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still resisting the formality of commencing an impeachment inquiry.


  1. Hello Gronda. Do you think that the White House and Bill Barr have pressured Mueller to put forward a narrative most support of the President before he testifies to congress? It seems to me that this is what Barr did for a month before he released the redacted Mueller report. Hugs

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    • Dear Scottie,

      While the AG Barr was deft in making misleading comments about the FBI’s Mueller report, Mr. Mueller was equally clever in setting the record straight which means he politely called AG Barr, a liar.

      Frankly. Mr. Barr must be fuming as his reputation has been muddied.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. It seems to me that Mueller is a totally honest and upstanding statesman. He did his job. He knew what he found. But because of personal ethics, he refuses to slander and attack … even though it would seem from all indications, he found enough evidence to do so.

    Although many of us would like to have someone truly hit tRumpsky between the eyes with indisputable evidence, it doesn’t appear it’s going to happen. UNLESS … the NY actions reveal what has been hinted at for quite some time. I suppose time will tell …

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    • Hello Nan. From what I have read of the Mueller statement today he was clear he couldn’t even consider charging tRump because of DOJ policy and the SC is under the DOJ. Basically he gave road map of impeachable offences to congress and left it to them. I do think Barr and the DOJ has and is hogtying him for what he could do and say Hugs

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      • Oh I feel certain Mueller is being “influenced” as regards to his comments — perhaps even threatened! This is most likely the core reason why he has resisted going before Congress.

        Our nation is in a very sad state right now.

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      • Dear Scottie,

        Mr. Mueller gave notice that he’s retiring today, 5/29/2019. This means he’ll be a private citizen. But frankly, if I were him, I would not agree to testify until the House steps forward to commence an impeachment inquiry. The Dems in the House need to have some skin in this game.

        Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Nan,

      This is my opinion based on actually having read and studied the Mueller report. There is ample evidence contained in the Mueller report for Congress to commence an impeachment inquiry. That’s why over 900 Federal prosecutors from both sides of the aisle have publicly declared that were Donald Trump not president, he would have been criminally indicted.

      The House Speaker Pelosi is resisting by moving the bar that there needs to be GOP members in the Senate to come on board when she knows full well that they will never voluntarily support impeachment; and that the case needs to be more of a slam dunk even though most prosecutors believe that she has a great case already; and that the public needs to be more supportive, although during the Watergate era, the majority of Americans did not support impeachment of President Nixon until towards the end in April 1974. When the hearings started, there was only 19% approval. In short Speaker Pelosi is trying out different excuses to avoid having to act.

      She’s not going to be able to sit on the fence for much longer.

      It’s a shame that a GOP Rep. Justin Amash is demonstrating more courage than Speaker Pelosi.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Rugby 843,

      No worries!

      There’s progress being done, but real progress will be when the Dems step forward to commence an impeachment inquiry. No, this won’t be a pleasant walk in the park, but we both know that one can’t afford not to push against a bully. The Dems in the House have to face reality, they don’t have a choice.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Gronda, the messages which should be heeded from his comments are being played with in a game of politics. Here are my takeaways:

    – Russia influenced our election!! And, they are still doing it. What are we doing about it Mr. President? Don’t tell me how tough you are on Russia – Congress has been tough, but more is needed.

    – No clear evidence of conspiracy (without a full review) is not the same as no collusion.

    – The President obstructed justice, but could not be charged as a sitting President (I take issue with this – what if he did shoot someone on 5th Avenue)

    I think the President should resign or be impeached led by his own party. GOP Congressman Amash is dead-on accurate. Between his obstruction and daily defamation of the office he holds and our global reputation, he is a clear and present danger. By not supporting the concerns of Abe in Japan over North Korea’s test was a huge insult. Pulling out of global agreements against the pleas of our allies are not supportive of long-term relationships.

    To be frank, we cannot wait. We have a mercurial man who disdains preparedness and is surrounded by a hawkish cabinet. We pulled out of an Iran deal they were in compliance with and now anything could happen.


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