Once The House’s Judiciary Committee Commences An Impeachment Inquiry, What’s Next?


I’m taking a page out of the republican President Donald Trump’s playbook by writing my own reality show depicting what I wish the US House Judiciary Committee members led by the Democratic Party Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler would do, as they plan to initiate an impeachment hearing against the president for his numerous crimes as detailed in the FBI’s 3/22/2019 final report regarding its 22 months long Trump-Russia probe, led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III and the findings of other investigative projects conducted by the US House oversight committees.

As the first step, I’m thrilled that the FBI’s former director of 12 years and the FBI’s current Special Counsel Robert Mueller III will be testifying before the US House Judiciary Committee on the 17th of July 2019, due to his being the recipient of a subpoena. He can explain how there’s a US Department of Justice (DOJ) rule that barred him from indicting President Trump while he’s still in office.

Incidentally, over 1000 federal Democratic and Republican Party prosecutors have publicly shared their conviction that if Donald J. Trump had not been a sitting president, that he would have already been arrested.

Link to Washington Post report: Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not President...


Mr. Mueller can take time to clarify his thinking regarding his own findings and intent as compared to what the head of the DOJ, Department of justice, the Attorney General William Barr has been attempting to portray Mr. Mueller’s work product in the most favorable light possible for the White House.

Unfortunately, President Trump has managed to weaponize the US Department of Justice under the Attorney General  Barr, who has proven himself to be the president’s eager and obedient partner in abusing the power of the state to advance the president’s political interests.

In short, Mr. Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on 7/17/2019 will be a crucial first step.

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The second priority is to convince the reticent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ally Rep. Adam Schiff, the Chairman for the House Intel Committee to buy into why it’s more important for the House to commence an impeachment inquiry, rather than succumb to the allure of avoiding this constitutionally mandated obligation because of political calculations.

See GQ:  “the political costs of not impeaching President Trump

Because of the White House’s numerous attempts to arduously block the House’s oversight committees from the collection of evidence, which will continue to occur despite the courts being more favorably predisposed towards working with the House’s Committees’ demands, due to the formality of the invocation of an impeachment inquiry, the investigation conducted by the House Judiciary Committee will take several months, as the members delve into the quagmire of all of the president’s numerous criminal enterprises.


But with the House initiating the rare event of an impeachment inquiry. its members will be inundated with widespread daily media coverage which will be a way to regularly inform the public about how corrupt the president and others have been as they’ve inhabited the White House, as well as showcasing all the legislation that the House has been diligently crafting and passing, only to be DOA in the US Senate as its Republican Party Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been blocking even bipartisan crafted bills from being voted on, in the US Senate.

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The third phase of the impeachment inquiry would be for the US House’s Judiciary Committee lawmakers to oversea hearings by experts as to how successful Russia has been in its full throttle attack via cyber warfare and propaganda campaigns against the US elections systems in 2016, and how Russia plans to continue interfering in 2020 US elections.

Then the Judiciary Committee representatives can have experts to demonstrate how vulnerable US voting machines are to both foreign and home grown manipulations by actors intent on doing harm; and how the House just passed the SAFE Act to secure our elections by making the states install only voting machines with a paper trail, only to have this bill buried in the US Senate because the president and the Senate’s Majority Leader McConnell object to its passage.

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The fourth act would be to have the House Judiciary Committee members invite US Constitutional scholars to educate the public as to how the impeachment process is supposed to work. For Instance, I noticed a poll demonstrating that 70% of Americans would favor a sitting president being criminally indicted for his felonious activities but there are other polls showing that independent and Republican party voters oppose impeachment. They may not get that the impeachment inquiry step is one way to make the president pay a price for his misdeeds via public exposure and scrutiny, as the mark of impeachment by the US House mars the president’s legacy forever, whether or not he’s tried, convicted and ousted by the US Senate. The impeachment process does not bar the president from facing criminal federal charges, once he leaves office in January 2021, unless he’s reelected.

As per Wikipedia:

“At the federal level, the impeachment process is a three-step procedure.”
  • “First, the Congress investigates.”…(this is the impeachment inquiry step.)
  • “Second, the House of Representatives must pass, by a simple majority of those present and voting, articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations.”
  • “Third, the Senate tries the accused.”

See: The US House Oversight Committees Need to Educate The American Public About Impeachment

As part of step 4, I would want the House Judiciary Committee to make certain that every possible task has been done in order to collect the president’s IRS tax returns, his NY State tax returns and any other data that would shed light on his financial dealings. This alone, will take time for forensic accountants to review. This has to be a priority as this is the president’s Achilles heel.

See: House Democrats sue for Trump’s tax returns

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The fifth major hearing that I would like the US House Judiciary Committee to undertake is the full exposure of the brutal, cruel and inhumane way the children (many separated from families) and their refugee families from Central American countries are being treated. who have been legally seeking asylum at the US SW border. This constitutes crimes against humanity.

As per a 7/2/2019 CNN Politics report, “Here’s how the US is required to treat migrant children under the law:”

“When a child is taken into custody at the border, they are granted certain rights by US law.”

“A settlement established by the court case Flores v. Reno details the length of time and conditions under which US officials can detain immigrant children.”

“The Flores agreement says that these border facilities are meant to be short-term processing centers, and the government should ensure that children are transferred or moved to another location in under 72 hours.”

“It also establishes that conditions must be “safe and sanitary.”

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Here’s what the else the US has to provide under the law:

  • “Migrant children have the right to clean water, clean bedding and medical care if they need it.”
  • “They have to be offered a meal at least every six hours, and at least 2 of them should be hot.”
  • “Families with babies must have access to diapers and baby wipes.”
  • “If they are in the facility for 48 hours, the law says “reasonable efforts” must be made to provide showers, soap and a clean towel.”
  • “The law also spells out that migrant children should be kept together with their siblings, if possible.”

“What the law says about family separation: The law says children who came to the US without their parents, or if their parents can’t be found, need to be reunited with their closest relatives or a licensed program like foster care, for example. The 72-hour limit applies here.”

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