Evangelicals Are With The Trump GOP Revolution For The Long Haul

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This movie was designed to convince audience that Trump really is God’s selection/ Liberty University / Jerry Falwell and Producer Rick Eldridge of Reelworks Studios made movie,/Rotten Tomatoes gave it a .5 rating.

The largest group within the current GOP infrastructure, led by the republican President Donald Trump are the White Evangelicals who can be counted on as reliable GOP voters who definitely show up at the polls. It’s estimated that these Christians represent about 35% of the president’s base of voters.

From personal experience, I can assert that these same Evangelicals are the same ones who who defined the former Democratic Party President Barack Obama as not a US citizen, that he was born in Kenya, that he’s really a Muslim even though he’s publicly stated that he’s a Christian. I’ve even heard him referred as the anti-Christ. There is definitely the strong stain of racism permeating through their ranks.

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They are also the ones supporting President Trump’s anti-immigration policies.

As per the 10/30/2018 Vox report, The Bible says to welcome immigrants. So why don’t white evangelicals?” by Tara Isabella Burton. “68 percent of white evangelicals say America has no responsibility to house refugees.”

“In January, a Washington Post/ABC poll found that a staggering 75 percent of white evangelicals in the US described “the federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants” as a positive thing, compared to just 46 percent of Americans overall. And according to a Pew Research Center poll in May, 68 percent of white evangelicals say that America has no responsibility to house refugees, a full 25 points over the national average. White evangelicals are the only Christian group to express this level of hostility toward refugees. ”

Link to entire report: vox.com/  The Bible says to welcome immigrants. So why don’t white evangelicals?”…

Yet, they will tell you God has sent President Trump for just this time, to be the one to champion their causes which he’s been doing in spades.


theguardian.com/ The chosen one? The new film that claims Trump’s election was an act of God..

How Fossil Fuel Money Made Climate Change Denial the Word of God


As per July 5, 2019, The Economist published the following report,  “When American evangelicals fall out”


“Striking still is the widening ideological and personal schism within the very group of citizens who should be a conservative president’s most natural supporters. That group is the white evangelical Christians, of whom 80% are thought to have voted for Mr Trump. Leading evangelicals are not just sparring over metaphysics, they are also trading insults. Think of the war of words that erupted after June 25th when Russell Moore, a distinguished theologian who heads the Ethics and Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, protested over the fate of migrant children on the Mexican border.”

“Mr Moore (pictured left), whose job involves running the public-policy arm of America’s largest Protestant denomination, had tweeted that conditions for youngsters trapped at the frontier with Mexico should “shock all our consciences” given that all “those created in the image of God should be treated with dignity and compassion.”

“Jerry Falwell junior (pictured right), president of Liberty University and a champion among pro-Trump evangelicals, shot back with a personal sneer: “Who are you Dr Moore? Have you ever built an organisation of any sort from scratch? You’re nothing but an employee – a bureaucrat.” Other Trump-minded Christians chimed in to say that protesting over the immigration crisis amounted to an unpatriotic slur on the United States Border Patrol.”

“Mr Moore is a solid theological conservative and a leading figure in dialogue with Catholics, but also a longstanding critic of Mr Trump, in particular his personal morality.”

“(One) popular view holds that Mr Trump’s rude and rumbustious character is really a merit in a time of great geopolitical and spiritual danger. As Robert Jefress, a megachurch builder and Trump favourite, told a newspaper in his native Texas: “When I’m looking for a leader who’s gonna sit across the table from a nuclear Iran, or who’s gonna be intent on destroying [the jihadists of] ISIS, I couldn’t care less about that leader’s temperament or his tone or his vocabulary. I want the meanest, toughest son of a gun I can find.”

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“But according to a new book, “Believe Me”, by John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, all these theological disagreements are being transcended by a more salient issue: whether or not to support Mr Trump wholeheartedly and therefore overlook his character flaws. These days, by far the most important distinction is between what Mr Fea calls “court evangelicals”, who stridently support the president and are rewarded with access to him, and every other kind of evangelical. As a new coalition lines up to fight next year’s election, some of the battle formations which formed in the 2016 contest are coming back into view, with even sharper spears.”

“Among those who inhabit the court, Mr Fea discerns three main groups: first, a section of the mainstream religious right whose origins go back to the 1980s; second, a cohort of independent “charismatics” who claim the gifts of the Pentecostal tradition (visions, miracles and direct revelations from God) but do not belong to any established Pentecostal group; and third, advocates of the “prosperity gospel” who resemble the second category but put emphasis on the material rewards which following their particular version of Christianity will bring. What defines all these “courtiers” is an insistence that loyalty to Mr Trump must be unconditional. In their world, the president is presented not just as the least-worst political option whose merits outweigh his flaws, but as a man assigned by God to restore America to its divinely set course, and therefore almost above human criticism.”

Link to entire article: When American evangelicals fall out

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On July 5, 2019, the Atlantic published the following report by Peter Wehner, “The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity: Support for Trump comes at a high cost for Christian witness'”

“Last week, Ralph Reed, the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s founder and chairman, told the group, “There has never been anyone who has defended us and who has fought for us, who we have loved more than Donald Trump.”

“Reed is partially right; for many evangelical Christians, there’s no political figure whom they have loved more than Donald Trump.”

“I recently exchanged emails with a pro-Trump figure who attended the president’s reelection rally in Orlando, Florida, on June 18. (He spoke to me on the condition of anonymity, so as to avoid personal or professional repercussions.) He had interviewed scores of people, many of them evangelical Christians. “I’ve never witnessed the kind of excitement and enthusiasm for a political figure in my life,” he told me. “I honestly couldn’t believe the unwavering support they have. And to a person, it was all about ‘the fight.’ There is a very strong sense (I believe justified, you disagree) that he has been wronged. Wronged by Mueller, wronged by the media, wronged by the anti-Trump forces. A passionate belief that he never gets credit for anything.”

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The rallygoers, he said, told him that Trump’s era “is spiritually driven.” When I asked whether he meant by this that Trump’s supporters believe God’s hand is on Trump, this moment and at the election—that Donald Trump is God’s man, in effect—he told me, “Yes—a number of people said they believe there is no other way to explain his victories. Starting with the election and continuing with the conclusion of the Mueller report. Many said God has chosen him and is protecting him.”

“The data seem to bear this out. Approval for President Trump among white evangelical Protestants is 25 points higher than the national average. And according to a Pew Research Center survey, “White evangelical Protestants who regularly attend church (that is, once a week or more) approve of Trump at rates matching or exceeding those of white evangelicals who attend church less often.” Indeed, during the period from July 2018 to January 2019, 70 percent of white evangelicals who attend church at least once a week approved of Trump, versus 65 percent of those who attend religious services less often.”

The enthusiastic, uncritical embrace of President Trump by white evangelicals is among the most mind-blowing developments of the Trump era. How can a group that for decades—and especially during the Bill Clinton presidency—insisted that character counts and that personal integrity is an essential component of presidential leadership not only turn a blind eye to the ethical and moral transgressions of Donald Trump, but also constantly defend him? Why are those who have been on the vanguard of “family values” so eager to give a man with a sordid personal and sexual history a mulligan?”

“Part of the answer is their belief that they are engaged in an existential struggle against a wicked enemy—not Russia, not North Korea, not Iran, but rather American liberals and the left. If you listen to Trump supporters who are evangelical (and non-evangelicals, like the radio talk-show host Mark Levin), you will hear adjectives applied to those on the left that could easily be used to describe a Stalinist regime. (Ask yourself how many evangelicals have publicly criticized Trump for his lavish praise of Kim Jong Un, the leader of perhaps the most savage regime in the world and the worst persecutor of Christians in the world.)”

Many white evangelical Christians, then, are deeply fearful of what a Trump loss would mean for America, American culture, and American Christianity. If a Democrat is elected president, they believe, it might all come crashing down around us. During the 2016 election, for example, the influential evangelical author and radio talk-show host Eric Metaxas said, “In all of our years, we faced all kinds of struggles. The only time we faced an existential struggle like this was in the Civil War and in the Revolution when the nation began … We are on the verge of losing it as we could have lost it in the Civil War.” A friend of mine described that outlook to me this way: “It’s the Flight 93 election. FOREVER.”

Many evangelical Christians are also filled with grievances and resentments because they feel they have been mocked, scorned, and dishonored by the elite culture over the years. (Some of those feelings are understandable and warranted.) For them, Trump is a man who will not only push their agenda on issues such as the courts and abortion; he will be ruthless against those they view as threats to all they know and love. For a growing number of evangelicals, Trump’s dehumanizing tactics and cruelty aren’t a bug; they are a feature. Trump “owns the libs,” and they love it. He’ll bring a Glock to a cultural knife fight, and they relish that.


  1. Somehow, after reading this, after reading the words of Falwell and other jacks, I feel ill. I am not a Christian, don’t claim to be, don’t wish to be, but these people? They are not Christians either, by the definitions I’ve always understood. The evangelicals are aggrieved because they are mocked??? They are mocked because they are utter fools … they’ve brought it on themselves! I try to be open-minded … I really do … but for some reason I want to line all the Falwell, Graham and Jefress up in front of a firing squad. They have, in all likelihood, caused the total destruction of not only one nation, but the entire globe. Stupid. Fools. I have other words, but I will stop there. Sigh.

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    • Dear Jill and Mary,

      The connection between President Trump and the Evangelicals may be of God but not for the reasons that Evangelicals are thinking.

      These Evangelicals are not following the God and the bible that I’ve become acquainted with over the years. There’s a phrase in the bible, where Jesus warns how to not end up following false religious teachers and others.

      He said, look at their fruit. President Trump and those who support him or who look the other way are complicit in the evil being perpetrated against the innocent refugee children being abused at the US SW border in the name of the USA.

      Having hate in one’s heart like in the form of racism is not Godly.

      Whatever they’re doing has nothing to with God.

      Hugs, Gonda

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      • They are not recognizable as “Christian” by any standard I’ve ever known. I’ve known, respected and loved many Christians in my life, but none were ever such hateful bigots as these evangelicals. Sigh. Hugs, my dear friend!

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  2. Jill, I couldn’t have said it better.
    One can only hope someday that the way this Christian cult behaves and believes, will ultimately be the undoing of Christianity entirely. Maybe younger generations yet to come, will have an entirely different view of religion and it’s effect on people at large. One can hope, but I’m doubtful.

    The view by these Evangelicals is that god sent trump to erase all of the evils…you know like someone daring to want to help minorities, someone wanting to love a person regardless of their gender, with with wanting to have freedom of choice with their bodies, with someone daring to want to protect the very planet we live on from further degradation and environmental disaster and with daring to want to include all people and faiths (that are not harmful).

    They further believe that they, the special few, will go to a magical place called heaven where they will rejoice and finally rot for all eternity and us poor slobs will burning away in hell with the majority.

    More likely, and I can find no other reasonable explanation, is the evolution has set up a process within the DNA in all life that will cause self destruction, to make room for changes and new life forms. It’s a process and religious extremism has evolved to be the means to that end. I truly believe this. It’s the only logical purpose of a truly harmful religion.

    Look at the news. We are a dying species. The hatred, divisions, endless wars, mass shootings, corporate greed, big oil, big Pharmaceutical greed, political corruption, guns and more guns, environmental destruction, the entitled generations, the sexual predators, human trafficking, a huge drug problem, every kind of awful perverted cruel thing one can imagine and on and on ad infinitum.

    And religion has its hands, dirty, in much of this because they only have two concerns..abortion and gay marriage…nothing else. In their extreme arrogance, they focus on all the wrong things.

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    • Thanks Mary. How I wish they would go to that ‘special place’. I saw a noted pastor on Twitter this afternoon who blatantly said that “America” could not survive without Christianity. As you can imagine, I let him have it with both barrels. My patience is at an all-time low this week and I’ve no patience for such ignorance. Do they all forget that as per the Constitution, this is a SECULAR nation, and that every religion is welcome, but no single one affects our laws? I’m so sick of it all! They profess to be Christians, which is supposed to be a religion of love and tolerance FOR ALL, yet they can turn a blind eye toward blacks being murdered by police, and children being abused by CBP. Sigh.

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      • In the long run, this new kind of Christianity will destroy America. I use to think Hitler was repeating, but now I might add the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

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  3. Gronda, here is the purchase price for getting conservative judges:

    – the role model for your kids is a confessed private-part grabbing and peeping Tom, who may also be a rapist and who bullies, demeans and lies;
    – a US that is less trusted by global leaders because of the untrustworthiness of our president;
    – an ongoing assault on the media, public servants and other leaders;
    – a person who thinks he is above the law; and
    – a person who pits Americans against one another as he makes more money for an oligarchy.

    If this person was sent by God to save us, I must be worshiping a different God and reading different news sources. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      You are so right.

      What’s amazing is that these Evangelicals are acting so counter to the teachings in the Bible that I can’t help but believe they’ve been brain washed into becoming cult like.

      If these Evangelicals don’t wake up from this cult mind set, they’ll be in for a rude awakening some day. Normally, I would say that they are free to believe whatever, but unfortunately,their warped beliefs are having a deleterious effect on how our government is being run. In short, they’re messing with my freedoms, my well being and my life.

      There’s a reason that our Forefathers backed the separation of religion from the state which is to prevent what we’re seeing today.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, these evangelicals might find it interesting that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Paine were Deists. The way I see it, a Deist believes in a supreme being who winds up the clock and let’s us live our lives as it runs. Keith

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