Dear Dems, You Will Not Poke The Bear, Trump In 2020 Without Getting A Bit Bloody

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There have to be thousands of stories about how individuals waited for others to rescue them when they had the means to save themselves within reach, if they just took a risk.

It looks like House Democrats are ready to take a risk via an impeachment inquiry/ investigation regarding President Trump.

Laurence Tribe @tribelaw tweeted following on 7/26/2019:
Those eager for a trumpet call might be disappointed. Those who want the substance of #ImpeachmentInquiryNow have all that’s needed. @SpeakerPelosi
quietly made this subtle transition possible. Kudos are in order.
1:11 PM · Jul 26, 2019
Overcoming fear…

Here’s the story.., Once upon a time, there were some “Watchers of the bear” (House Democrats) who were afraid of poking a nearby huge angry, mean bear because it might raise its head to do what bears do, growl and be aggressive, etc. While they did have possession of the  most powerful tool granted them by their forefathers, where they could offensively do enough damage to neutralize the bear’s ability to do harm, they were frozen, paralyzed by fear, thinking the tool might not work and backfire. But after months of walking on eggshells and avoiding taking any risk to protect what they had, the peoples complained to the “Watchers of the bear” that they were hurting,as they realized that slowly but surely, appeasing the bear was costing them their way of life which they had once cherished, valued and missed. Finally, the “Watchers of the bear” decided to use their special tool while protecting the most vulnerable among their ranks. Yes, they knew that the bear would respond by acting scarier, more boisterous than ever, but in the end the “Watchers of the bear” by doing a little digging, figured out the bear’s Achilles heel. He was afraid of mice. The solution ended up being so easy as they planned a way to release several mice near the bear, where he would take off, never to be seen again.

This is also the tale about the House Democratic Party leadership who are attempting to protect their majority position in the US House of Representatives by figuring out ways to hold the republican President Donald Trump accountable for his criminal activities and abuses of power without formally using their most powerful tool, granted them by the US Constitution. However if they decides to commence the impeachment inquiry/ investigation, the House oversight committee members, will soon discover their legal power will be at its zenith. For example, on the 26th of July 2019, the House Judiciary Committee Chair, Rep. Jerry Nadler finally filed suit to obtain the redacted grand jury information, contained within the FBI’s Mueller report. However, if the House had initiated the Impeachment Inquiry, the Judiciary Committee would have automatically been granted this access based on court precedent regarding impeachment.

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With the legal status of an Impeachment Inquiry, it becomes easier and quicker for the House members via the courts, to compel the testimony of key witnesses and to collect evidence, like President Trump’s financial / tax records. Fortunately, President Trump has been shouting from the roof tops, that his kryptonite equals his financial documents. Once the House Democrats have compiled sufficient financial data regarding President Trump, they can play, let’s make a deal. But to get to this point the House Democratic Leadership players must take a risk to shoot for the moon.

It’s understandable that the House Speaker Pelosi would be concerned about maintaining her majority position with the 26 House Democrats from Trumpland who in 2018, had flipped their districts from red to blue. Of course, it helped that there was record voter turnout in 2018, which included young activists and our Black sisters who helped these Democrats from Trumpland win with laser-thin margins. But the House Democratic leadership team members can repeat this model, by motivating their base of supporters to help them win again in 2020 with greater voter turnout numbers than in 2018, by having the courage to commence an impeachment inquiry.

Then the next obvious step is to have the House move heaven and earth, to obtain President Trump’s financial records, yesterday.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On July 24, 2019, Michael Brendan Dougherty of the National Review penned the following analysis, “You Can’t Beat Trump without Throwing a Punch


“All along, Democrats were hoping the special counsel would do their dirty work. It’s the same mistake all of Trump’s opponents have made.”

“Toward the end of (7/24/2019) long hearings, special counsel Robert Mueller struggled to find even the word “conspiracy” on his lips. Instead of drama, the hearings amounted to a recitation and endless reiteration of the stock phrases: no collusion, no exoneration. No interference from the Justice Department, and no charge of obstruction. That’s just the policy. “The president wasn’t exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed,” Mueller said.”

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“Trump tweeted, of course: “So Democrats and others can illegally fabricate a crime, try pinning it on a very innocent President, and when he fights back against this illegal and treasonous attack on our Country, they call it Obstruction? Wrong!” A very innocent president who wasn’t exculpated for obstruction of an investigation into collusive acts with a hostile intelligence service by an investigation whose origins may also partly depend on intelligence planted into the body politic from the same hostile power.”

“The hearings allowed the special counsel to opine gravely about the inappropriateness of Trump’s praise of Wikileaks, and on the continuing danger of Russian interference, but on the whole it felt like the fumes going out of a long drama.”

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“And thus you’ve had the interminable buck-passing. It was once alleged that Attorney General William Barr’s press conference somehow caused the public or the Congress to misunderstand the nearly 500-page Mueller report released minutes later — as if the House majority had no power at all to lead or to shape public opinion on its voluminous contents.”

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“Politico’s mid-day summary reflected this bottomless passivity among Democrats, reporting that the hearing “missed the mark for pro-impeachment Democrats … Those who wanted to begin impeachment proceedings needed bombshells from the former special counsel. Mueller gave them nothing besides affirmation about what was in his report.”

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“Just as spectators of the political game, it should be obvious by now that this is the signature mistake that all of Trump’s opponents have made. A fear of direct confrontation with Trump leads his opponents to hope that Trump can be defeated without hard fighting. Perhaps circumstances will change, or the media will finally pin him. Or maybe some other Trump opponent will pick the perfect kamikaze maneuver and reopen the political field.”

“This is a vain hope. Like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton before them, House Democrats will lose any contest with Trump so long as they are unwilling to sustain political damage in the act of inflicting more damage to him.”

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And aggression is not the natural language of our political class. Our politicians call for regime change, as if war were a matter of switching office holders. Trump threatened countries with fire, fury, and annihilation. And in that completely bizarre, and entirely non-credible threat (to be able to fight) is the Democrats’ problem heading into 2020. They sometimes feel like fighting. But I suspect they never will.



  1. Hello Gronda. The idea that Democrats wont fight for anything has been around since I was a kid. How many times have I read or heard someone say the Democrats need to get a spine. I hope the new progressives in the House are showing the others how to do it. Hugs

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    • Dear Scottie,

      That’s why I look at the Squad as a breath of fresh air as they are willing and able to fight for what they believe. Everything they do is not a political calculation. They are actually trying to get things done to help peoples.

      If I was working with these young HOUSE Dems, I would simply give them direction. For example, if I wanted to get security election legislation passed in the US Senate, I would direct the Squad to go to war to get this objective done. Then I would sit back when some GOP lawmakers complained by saying, “these young peoples, just don’t listen to me. Does that sound familiar?

      Hugs, Gronda

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