Ambassador Bill Taylor Spilled The Beans On White House’s Shady Dealings In Ukraine


The US Ambassador Bill Taylor, a career professional with a reputation for being a straight shooter,” who had been operating in Ukraine during the time period that the US House’s Intel Committee has been investigating as part of its Impeachment Inquiry against the republican President Donald Trump, testified on the 22nd of October 2019 about his knowledge regarding the White House’s efforts to encourage Ukraine to look into developing dirt on a political rival, his son and into 2016 campaign irregularities.

According to a myriad of news reports, Ambassador Taylor’s testimony was damming to the White House. His opening statement has been made available to the public.

Read the full statement here: (Source: 10/22/2019 Time report)

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  1. Hello Gronda. What do you think will happen next? What impact will this testimony have on the republicans? Graham said to show him the quid pro quo, well here it is. I see McConnell told his people to argue the process and not to mention what tRump is accused of. He told them argue the Democrats are committing the crime. Hugs

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