Sanders Quits On 4/8; Endorses VP Biden On 4/13 To Be The US Democratic Party Presidential Nominee

4/7/2020, election in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kamil Krzaczynski/AFP via Getty Images

Finally, Senator Bernie Sanders faced up to the fading music, telling him that he didn’t stand a prayer to win the required number of Democratic Party delegates in order to successfully compete with the now presumptive presidential nominee, V.P. Joe Biden.

One day after the world witnessed Wisconsin’s American citizens being forced by GOP officials to risk their lives in order to exercise their rights to vote on the 4/7/2020 Democratic Party presidential primary race, has made Senator Sanders’ exit, a timely and an honorable one. Voters stood outside for a minimum of 2 hours in weather that included hail and rain before being permitted to cast their ballots, after they had been counselled to “shelter at home” by state leaders, so that they could avoid becoming infected with the coronavirus infection. This was an unnecessary voters’ “Sophie’s choice,” to be safe by staying at home or to venture out into lines of peoples waiting their turns to enter the voting booths.

Voters masked to protect from the coronavirus line up at Riverside HS in Milwaukee. Voting went forward in the state, despite the ongoing pandemic. Morry Gash/AP

Update: On April 13, 2020, Senator Sanders took the statesman type action of forthrightly endorsing VP Joe Biden to be the next US president from the Democratic Party in November 2020.

It’s time for all of us to get behind the next Democratic Party’s major upcoming battle, to push for Americans ability to safely exercise their rights to participate in the 2020 US November presidential elections by being able to cast their votes by mail. Everything should be done to prevent a repeat of the 4/7/2020 Wisconsin debacle.

Here’s the rest of the story…

As per the 4/8/2020 New York Times report by Sydney Ember, “Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Democratic Race for President.” (“Mr. Sanders, a democratic socialist making his second run for the White House, withdrew after a series of losses to Joseph R. Biden Jr., who emerges as the presumptive nominee for the general election.”)


“Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on (4/8/2020), concluding a quest for the White House that began five years ago in relative obscurity but ultimately elevated him as a champion of the working class, a standard-bearer of American liberalism and the leader of a self-styled political revolution.”

“Mr. Sanders’s exit from the race establishes former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the presumptive nominee to challenge President Trump, and leaves the progressive movement without a prominent voice in the 2020 race.”

“In a race reshaped, and eclipsed, by the escalating coronavirus crisis, Mr. Sanders faced no realistic path to the nomination after a series of lopsided losses to Mr. Biden, beginning in South Carolina in late February and culminating with a string of losses last month in crucial states like Michigan and Florida.”

“With the public health emergency preventing both candidates from holding in-person campaign events, Mr. Sanders spent the last several weeks on the sidelines, delivering addresses via live stream and making occasional television appearances, while facing calls from fellow Democrats to exit the race and help unify the party behind Mr. Biden. Though Mr. Biden had been careful not to pressure Mr. Sanders, he had begun to move ahead as if the race were over, taking steps, for example, to begin his search for a running mate.”

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This blog was last updated on April 20,2020.

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  1. The following post is from a comment posted on a Progressive blog that I follow. She provided a well-written and respectful response.

    Bernie is a class act and I have always appreciated his willingness to tell people the truth. I have two favorite moments in mind when I think of Bernie. In 2016, the most Christian and heartfelt speech to the students of Liberty University was made by a little Jewish Senator from Vermont. He actually won some folks over. The other is he stood up in front of coal miners in West Virginia and told them the truth – your jobs are going away. But, here is what I propose to do about it. (It should be noted politicians, including the president, have lied to these coal miners for almost ten years).

    It is time to honor Bernie and galvanize to help defeat the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon, who was a crook. Joe Biden may not be everyone’s first choice, but he has a long career of public service. I recognize fully he is imperfect like Bernie is, but both are a far cry above what we have now. I also urge you to ask some why questions. Like he did before, Trump and his sycophants have been wooing Bernie voters for some time now. I would wager that a couple of folks who appear to be ardent Bernie supporters and think Biden killed someone’s mother may be agents of Trump.

    If Democrats vote, the party will win and we can address climate change, civil rights and return to being respected around the world. Right now 64% of Europeans do not trust the US president, trusting Putin and Xi more.

    Bernie called Trump what he is a “pathological liar.” Gary Cohn, Trump’s former economic advisor called him a “prodigious liar.” Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, under oath called Trump “a racist, a con artist and a cheat,” and Republicans did not bat an eye. But, my favorite quote is from conservative pundit David Brooks who said the Trump White House is “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” We have seen that with the COVID-19 issue. Why Trump did not step up in January and forewarn Americans about the risk is beyond me.

    My comments may not sit well with some of your readers. I am an independent voter who has been a member of both parties. I appreciate your blog and thank you for letting this old fart offer his opinions.

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