Where has Gronda Morin Been For The Past Months Of May/ June/ July/ Aug/ Sep 2020

STAND UPThis is a thank-you to my blogging family friends, followers and readers for all the support and patient loyalty, that I and my work have been granted along with an update as to why I’ve been absent for a couple of months from the blogging world. I’ll be back to blogging on a regular basis by end of September 2020.

It has been killing me that I’ve not been able to blog anything until very recently. I’ve been watching major news events of the century while having my voice muffled.

You know that saying, “when it rains, it pours.” Well I’m drenched. I’m only certain of one thing, and it’s that I’m not alone. These are trying times for most folks.

My story starts with having kidney stone issues, 2 out-patient surgeries, on overnight hospital stay and all that these set of circumstances entail.

Then I discovered that my adult son with a family has been recovering from the COVID-19 coronavirus. He had come into contact with a beloved IT whiz from his work place who had recently passed away from this same bug. My son is now in the recovery process.

Pin on old like meThen I became a victim of fraud during the lock-down resulting from the Spring 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Whenever I’d type something on my lap top computer, multiple letters would appear.  My computer had been infected by one of those viruses.

So on Google Chrome I looked up the customer service phone number for Geek Squad because I have an account with this service. The first number that appeared was 844-231-9883. Well guess what? That’s a phony number but the folks who answered the phone call acted like they were agents of Geek Squad. I was transferred to a Tech support representative with the California phone number, 949-534-2749.

While I was stuck in the hospital, my bank approved 3 charges on my credit card for over $1900.

It’s a long story as to how I allowed myself to be scammed but the short version is that I was desperate to get my computer working properly at a time when Best Buy’s Geek Squad was closed down because of COVID-19 and technicians couldn’t come to my house.

Consequently, I was dependent on accessing computer help, remotely. I was told that the (fake) Geek Squad had to send for a box worth over $1900 to complete the project of eliminating all the viruses from my computer, and that a hold for this amount of monies would have to be placed on a credit card. However, I was assured that I wouldn’t be obligated for these monies as long as I returned this box within 6 days. Yes, I did call my bank to warn their representatives about my concern over this questionable procedure, even though at the time, I had been convinced that I had been interacting with an agent from a reputable company, Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Some hilarious comic strips and cartoons that share a common theme ...After, I returned from my hospital stay, I discovered that my credit card had incurred charges totaling over $5,750.00 but fortunately, the bank is not holding me responsible for these charges.

Meanwhile, my son has promised to send me another computer. My daughter has advised me that she’s doing research to find me a great deal. This week of 6/1/2020, the Geek Squad is allowing for technicians to go to its client’s homes to do computer fixes and I’ve been granted a time slot.

I keep telling myself that tough times never last but tough people do. But I just don’t feel so tough. I’m sure lots of us are facing difficult circumstances. We are being robbed of months of fully living our lives because of the White House’s mismanagement of this coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

This blog has been updated on 9/23/2020.


  1. OH MY, Gronda!!! You have certainly had enough troubles in one year to last you a lifetime! I’m so so sorry you’ve had to go through all of this. I have missed you, been meaning to email you for a week or so to see if you were okay, but just hadn’t done it yet. Hang in there, my friend … things have to get better, right? I’ll be glad to see you start blogging again … we all miss you!!! Love ‘n hugs! ❤

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  2. EGADS! YOU have been put through the wringer in more ways than one! What’s that old saying? It never rains but it pours? You, my dear lady, have been drenched!

    In any case, glad to hear that things are smoothing out … finally! … and that you’ll be back among us in short order.

    You’ve been missed.

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  3. Hello Gronda. Sorry to hear what you have been through. Glad you and your son are returning to better health again. I have missed your posts and look forward to reading your posts again. Best wishes. Hugs

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  4. oh my dear. I never thought you’d been going through all of THIS…I was worried enough to post a quick note on your blog somewhere, and just hoped you’d find time to read it. Glad you are on the mend, thrilled your bank doesn’t hold you accountable, wishing the fake geeks will find themselves scammed and hoping your son recovers quickly.

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  5. So sorry to hear of your troubles, i’m sure the worst is over and better days lie ahead. Be careful of computer repair scams, apparently call centers from India are very common these days and they target the elderly. Please consider installing virus protection software like Kaspersky, Malwarebytes or Webroot. Otherwise even new computers get infected very easily. Or customize ur firewall and turn off admin privileges under Task Scheduler, Servies & System Configuration. Use a VPN would be very helpful protecting ur privacy.
    Computer repair scamming is a 100+ million/ yr industry for India & Nigeria.
    This video explains how it’s done:

    Stay safe and best wishes, blog soon! Hugs ❤

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  6. Gronda, I am so sorry for your troubles and the loss of your friend. I am glad your son is recovering. You have a right to be drenched. I hope your health and financial troubles are behind you.

    Take care my friend. And, be safe. Keith

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  7. Gronda,
    You certainly have gone through it. I’m surprised that if you have the Geek Squad’s virus protection that your computer would pick-up a virus. Here’s praying that you are recovering from the kidney stones, and that things fall back in order for you. Also praying for your son.


  8. So sorry for all of your health problems, computer issues and this scam thing on top of it. I am glad your son and daughter and the real Geek Squad can help you get reconnected and that your bank is not holding you responsible for the money that was scammed. I hope everything falls into place now, as it should.


  9. Hi – I was interested in reading about your fraud experience with Geek Squad, because my mom is in the middle of the exact same situation! I would love to know the outcomes from your experience and what anyone – police, bank, and especially Best Buy – has done toward resolving the situation! Did the bank investigate? And did they refund your money without provision? I am trying to handle this for mom as she is beside herself with worry. thanks


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