Dems, Don’t Believe the Pollsters! Voters Get That This Is a Choice Election


Dems, every vote counts more than ever. Most of the elections in swing states are toss up races. GOP MAGAs political operatives would love for voters to buy the punditry hype that GOP MAGA candidates are slated to win these states’ elections to depress voter turnout.

But with a record number of Americans taking time to mail in their ballots and to stand in line in states with early voting days, the political pollsters cannot possibly make accurate predictions.

See: Early voting turnout breaking records two weeks before ……

Dems, this upcoming November 2022 elections is a “choice” election versus a referendum on the performance of the Democratic Party US president, POTUS Biden.’ Dems get the reality that Americans are suffering financial pain because of worldwide inflation and higher gas prices, post the COVID pandemic shutdown days and post Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, limiting oil supplies. Dems have been working tirelessly to competently address these voters’ kitchen table concerns regarding inflation, energy and crime, etc. with some notable successes despite minimal help from GOP MAGA lawmakers.

Democratic Party candidates and their surrogates like former President Barack Obama are talking about these challenges that Americans care most about, including the precarious state of our US democracy. Dems should be painting a picture as to how all the complaints by Americans will be made much worse if GOP MAGA elected officials increase in numbers and power.

Dems should be working to have wall to wall TV ads depicting this ugly stark future.

GOP MAGA voters have the numbers to dictate how their elected representatives will act which doesn’t bode well for the majority of Americans. While they’re a minority, GOP MAGA politicians are fully aware that they’ll not succeed in winning any election without their backing.

Because these strong supporters of the defeated ex-president believe with an absolute certainty that he lost the 2020 elections due to the “big lie,” the purported outright fraud orchestrated by Dems, these GOP MAGA folks will be demanding extreme measures to redress this perceived harm. GOP MAGA congressional legislators have already been advertising their intent to hold hearings ad nauseam against the so-called enemies of the GOP defeated ex-president which would include the impeachment of POTUS Biden. This is why GOP MAGA candidates have been refusing to publicly acknowledge that POTUS Biden did indeed win the 2020 election, fair and square.

In addition, as these GOP MAGA officials go overboard to please their GOP MAGA followers by pontificating and acting on culture war issues like the nation-wide banning of legal abortions, the reversal of rights granted to minority communities like same sex marriages and civil rights’ laws, the suppression of the individual’s power to have their votes count, the tolerance of bigotry with its corresponding increase in violent hate crimes because those who think differently are openly demonized, there won’t be time for GOP MAGAs to effectively address the ills of Americans’ lot in life. Any prayer of passing sensible gun restrictions, competently confronting the negative consequences of climate change, the protection of safety net programs from GOP cuts, making it easier and more secure for voters to cast their ballots for their intended representatives, protecting minority civil rights, will become a pipe dream.

Kinzinger calls out GOP leaders for tolerating White replacement … – CNN

Thus, If GOP MAGA voters succeed in increasing their representatives’ numbers, there’ll be more years of an administration similar to that led by the GOP MAGA defeated ex-president, where divisiveness, chaos, uncertainty, hate crimes, prevailed. There’ll be fewer voices to admonish GOP MAGA lawmakers as they turn a blind eye or diminish the significance of acts of violence by GOP MAGA supporters who participated in the 1/6/2021 insurrection against our US Capitol and the recent beating up of the Democratic Party’s house leader Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi by a believer of the “big lie.” Who in their right mind wants more of this?

Meanwhile, the GOP dark money corporate titans who own the GOP MAGA party will be taking advantage of the above divisive, chaotic environment to push their 5 decades worth of plans for corporate tax reductions, less governmental oversight, the gutting of safety net programs like social security and Medicare, etc. Because these policies aren’t popular with most folks, they’ve been spending millions to maneuver our US democratic style of governing towards an autocracy with more centralized power where it would become much easier for them to move forward on their objectives. Just look at what has happened to autocratic governing bodies in our hemisphere, Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil with economies that have tanked, where the rich got richer, and the poor became poorer. Is this what Americans want?

So, while GOP MAGA voters get high on seeing their culture war issues stoked by GOP MAGA leaders as their wish lists come to fruition, they’ll eventually figure out that they’re being fleeced when their economic conditions become much worse. When they finally come down from their high, they’ll be faced with having lost the power of their vote. So, as GOP MAGA followers blame immigrants (or other minorities) for their diminishing financial stability, lower standards of living, being left out of the American dream, they’re not looking at the GOP corporate CEOs who’ve been the ones responsible for manufacturing jobs going overseas, technology innovations replacing workers, keeping wages stagnant for over 5 decades, the loss of pensions, the dismantling of labor unions, safety net programs, etc.

How GOP MAGA politicians deal with serious problems by dealing in culture war issues

POTUS Biden requires more Dems in the US Congress to pass serious crime reduction bills. In July 2022, POTUS Biden did try to address this issue. He had traveled to Pennsylvania, where he outlined a plan to prevent violent crime and to hire more police officers, but his $37 billion proposal was DOA in the US Congress because of resistance from both sides of the aisle but mostly, the GOP MAGA lawmakers have been the obstructionists. His plan would’ve included $13 billion to help communities across the nation to hire and train 100,000 police officers over 5 years while creating a grant program that would’ve funded ideas for preventing violent crime, solving murder cases and/ or creating a public health response to nonviolent incidents, aimed at reducing the burden on law enforcement.

Health Care Is Under Attack - The Santa Barbara Independent

Dems need to educate seniors, a reliable midterm voting bloc about what they’ve been doing to protect their social security and Medicare monies from GOP MAGA elected leaders’ sticky fingers, like the FL US Senator Rick Scott who has been recommending a review these benefits to sunset them every 5 years. Seniors should be reminded that in 2023, millions of seniors will be granted a cost-of-living increase of 8.7% in their Social Security benefits. In addition, during August of 2022, Dems passed the Inflation Reduction Act without any GOP MAGAs support that’ll allow for Medicare to negotiate the price of certain prescription drugs, bringing down the price seniors will have to pay for their medications and Medicare recipients will have a $2,000 cap on annual out-of-pocket prescription drug costs, starting in 2025. This includes capping the costs of insulin.

In short, the 2022 November elections’ policies favor Dem candidates. Voters are being presented with a choice between representatives led by an unexciting, reliable, dependable POTUS Biden who genuinely wants to unify the peoples of this country, to lift up the living standards of everyone while promoting US democracy versus GOP MAGAs who prefer trafficking in trumped up culture wars, conspiracy theories, divisiveness, chaos, crime, etc., in an environment which invites the advent of autocracy.


  1. Gronda, well done. The attacks on major programs that all Americans will use at some point should scare people. As for this love affair with Trickle down economics, a couple of add ons are:

    – I ask people to look at what happened on the state of Kansas in the last ten years, when Republicans almost bankrupted the state with Trickle down economics. The new legislature had to bail it on and override the governor’s veto to can it.
    – George W. Bush was handed a surplus budget by Bill Clinton. His Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill (who turned around Alcoa as CEO) told Bush and Dick Cheney not to do the tax cut as it was unnecessary would lead to deficits and greater debt. O’Neill was fired for saying this. He was right.
    – Liz Truss’ accelerated the fastest demise in British PM history by pushing Trickle Down economics that the markets, who are already reeling from the Brexit mess, reacted poorly to.

    Five studies have proven Trickle down economics does not work. Giving more money to rich people does not work as they don’t spend it, they put it in the bank. And, to convince someone that tax cuts pay for themselves is the height of hubris.


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  2. Dear Keith,

    You are stating what should be obvious to most folks that the most frequently trumped-up GOP MAGA solution to any US economic hiccup is to have lawmakers enact tax cuts for corporations and for the very rich. This past week, it was great to observe President Obama on the campaign trail on behalf of Dem candidates making fun of this GOP lawmakers’ penchant for tax cuts.

    The 50-year-old trickle-down economics theory, a made-up justification for tax cuts for corporations and rich folks by GOP political operatives has been proven to be a dismal failure.

    The other favorite economic gimmick is for the GOP to push for cutbacks on safety net programs like social security and Medicare. Look at how much effort was expended by GOP power brokers to end, dismantle Obamacare with US Congressional GOP lawmakers making multiple changes designed to weaken it, filing numerous lawsuits, having it reviewed by the US Supreme court. It survived all these challenges. Yet, after 7 years in 2017, it was saved from the ax by only one GOP vote.

    You’d think at least seniors could be persuaded to protect their pocketbooks.

    Folks have short memories and have to be reminded that in 2017, the GOP MAGA defeated ex-president managed to pass major tax cut legislation favoring corporations and the wealthy; that he was shy of only one vote from being able to kill off Obamacare and how, overtime, he was able to pack the federal court system and the US Supreme Court with politically driven conservatives who tend to side with big business interests. The GOP MAGA dark money donors came out smelling like a rose from the Trump era while the majority of Americans have suffered a decline in the state of our US democracy, civility towards others, respect for the “rule of law,” and just plain decency. We can look forward to more of a downward spiral if GOP MAGAs increase their numbers in elected offices, post 2022 elections.

    Hugs, Gronda


  3. An excellent post, as yours always are, my friend! So good to see you back … we need your strong, intelligent voice now more than ever before. I have grave concerns over the upcoming election … I’ve tried hard to remain hopeful, but the hatred I’m seeing, the raw greed, makes me wonder if I am being a Pollyanna in remaining hopeful. Tonight, I must admit that my hope is largely diminished. If the Republicans can mock and lie about an 82-year-old man being brutally beaten in his home because of who his wife is, then they truly have zero values, zero conscience, and are, in my book, something less than human. Sigh. Hugs

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    • Dear Jill,

      When GOP MAGA operatives are telling their own supporters not to pay attention to polls, my guess is they know something that the rest of us don’t. Then there are the high voter turnout numbers. Dems have a chance to surprise everyone.

      I’m praying that the GOP MAGAs penchant for cruelty, meanness as a way to court their voters, will show voters the extent that GOP elected officials will go to keep power and that enough of them will be turned off.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I hope you’re right, Gronda, and as I just told Keith, I’d love to see the Republicans crushed this time ’round, despite the predictions of a “red wave”. They’ve gotten cocky and arrogant and need to be taken down a few pegs, made to realize that it is the PEOPLE of this country that make it worthy, not the wealthy, not industry, and for sure not conspiracy theories and lies.


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  4. Dear Jill,

    Remember this summer when the State of Kansas, a republican party bastion held a special election for an anti-abortion referendum. The pollsters predicted a win of 4 points but the anti-abortion measure lost by 18 points. The pollsters’ models didn’t account for a record number of voters turning out to kill it. Record turnout numbers is what’s happening now in states that allow for early voting and mail-in votes.

    I’m praying for a November 2022 surprise that’ll be recorded in history books.

    Hugs, Gronda



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