image What Really Happened to Trayvon Martin on February, 26, 2012

The Red line is Mr. George Zimmerman in a truck. Where red line stops is where Mr. Zimmerman exits his vehicle.

The yellow line is “Retreat View Circle” which runs the entire outside perimeter of the development  of “THE RETREAT AT TWIN LAKES.”

The Purple line is Mr. Zimmerman running or walking to follow Trayvon down Retreat View Circle which leads to the back entrance.

The white line represents the route Trayvon took from the 7eleven to return to his town home,

The walking short cut is also the location of Frank Taaffe’s home.

The pool is where the club house and the mail boxes are located on “Retreat View Circle.”

The purple line and the white line intersect as Trayvon is on the cut off area, close to the back door of his destination while George Zimmerman is walking North back to his vehicle.

The street with the red line which is concurrent with the yellow line in front of the pool  is “Retreat View Circle”, the street which he had already given the dispatcher.

The Yellow Line Is Retreat View Circle The 7eleven Short Cut is the Home of Frank Taaffe
The Yellow Line Is Retreat View Circle The 7eleven Short Cut is the Home of Frank Taaffe

OK, This is it…This is what I really believe happened that fateful rainy night on February 26, 2012 in the development,  “THE RETREATAT TWIN LAKES,” located in Sanford, Florida about 20 miles North of Orlando.  A young man of 17 years was hanging out with his host by themselves at his Dad’s Fiancee’s town home while  they went out to dinner. The two boys were watching the NBA ALL Star game and playing electronic games.  Close to 6:25 PM, the 15 year host had a hankering for skittles and Trayvon agrees to run to the local 7eleven as it is less than .8 miles away even if it is raining, he puts on his hoodie, grabs some money and decides to take a short cut frequently used by the local kids.

This short cut goes right by the town home of Frank Taaffe, who is a neighborhood watch partner with the coordinator, George Zimmerman.  Frank Taaffe in the early part of February reported that there was an attempted robbery by a  Black suspect at  his home that was thwarted. As per a “Mother Jones” expose dated August 8, 2013,   Mr. Taaffe does have a long history with alcoholism and racism.  It is my guess that a few minutes before 7:00 PM, he notices a Black young man in a hoodie walking past his home and decides to somehow contact his friend George Zimmerman (or they are already hanging out together as they live close by).  George Zimmerman has spent the day stewing in frustration as he and his wife had a major fight to the point she decided to leave the household earlier in the week to stay with her Dad for awhile.  This is when George Zimmerman grabs his KelTec PF9 semi automatic gun with the bullet already chambered and climbs into his truck to look for the suspicious kid his friend described.

He spots Trayvon Martin and decides to call the non emergency police line and connects with the dispatcher at 7:09 PM. If Mr. Taaffe and Mr. Zimmerman do not have any cell phone records of telephone calls prior to this event, it could mean they were already hanging out together.  Mr. Zimmerman being prodded by Frank runs to his house which is nearby and goes into action.  I am not buying into the coincidence that a man residing on his own decides to go shopping armed with a gun at the same time Trayvon is in the area because both men have been complaining  recently about the rash of robberies in the neighborhood being perpetrated by young Black males and both are neighborhood watch partners.

If Mr. George Zimmerman acted totally on his own, then this is almost the worst case scenario.  He has spent the whole day being angry and working himself into a righteous anger because his spouse left to stay with her Dad after they had a major fight. He goes shopping armed with a gun with the bullet chambered and spots Trayvon Martin and profiles him quickly as a criminal.  While you cannot say Mr. Zimmerman is racist per se, you can say that Mr. Zimmerman was in the mood for trouble, was looking for trouble, acted out of control and the only reason Trayvon Martin was fatally shot is because he was Black.

Trayvon Martin does notice the white man following him and mentions this to his long time friend since childhood, Rachel Jeantel on their cell phone conversation which started 6:54 PM.  She tells Trayvon to run and he either runs  South on the cut off area between the two sets of townhomes or runs past the cut off and runs South on “Retreat View Circle” thinking the man in the truck cannot follow him as vehicles are not allowed past the cut off.  He travels South on this cut off area or “Retreat View Circle” as either route  leads directly to the the town home where he is staying.  Rachel temporarily looses the connection while he runs but reconnects 7:12 PM.

Mr.  Zimmerman answers the dispatcher’s request for a description stating that the suspect is young Black male,  and then he says, he is running and then something along the lines,” these a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ALWAYS GET AWAY.”  At this point he thinks he has lost Trayvon, so he parks his vehicle as close to the cutoff area as he can and then takes his gun out as he believes he is placing himself in a dangerous situation.  His best guess is that the suspect would travel the street that leads to the back entrance to escape and so Mr. Zimmerman is running down that street, “Retreat View Circle.”  He goes down to the end of the street and does not see the suspect at all.  He decides to return to his vehicle taking the quickest route via the cutoff area that has the sidewalk in between two sets of town homes.

Picture of Cutoff at between Retreat View Circle & Twin Lakes
Picture of Cutoff between Retreat View Circle & Twin Lakes

He goes North while Trayvon was walking South and as he is getting close to his townhome ,they both collide.  I have wondered if there is a possibility that Trayvon Martin did  run down “Retreat View Circle”  originally and that is where George Zimmerman thinks he saw Trayvon turn South.  He decides to run that path on” Retreat View Circle” thinking that the suspect is going to exit out of the back entrance and is surprised when he loses him.   Trayvon may have taken this route in order not to  lead this strange man to the back door of the townhome where his 15 year old host is by himself.  He is out of breath and thinks he lost the man and tells this to his friend Rachel on the cell phone.  He is walking back to the town home where he is staying and fortunately, he is close. He just has to go up North a very short distance in the cut off area with the sidewalk between two sets of townhomes.

It is just coincidence that this is also the shortest route for Mr. Zimmerman to walk back to his truck.  Trayvon sees Mr.  Zimmerman behind him just as he thinks he escaped and is trying to get his breath back.  Mr.  Zimmerman is surprised because he was convinced Trayvon, the criminal had fled out of the back south exit on “Retreat View Circle” and evaded him. Trayvon is defeated as he thought he had almost made it home safe.  Trayvon does not want to lead this man who he perceives to be a lunatic with a gun to the house where his 15 year old host is by himself.  Remember, Mr.  Zimmerman does not explain or announce himself.  Mr.  Zimmerman ended his call to the dispatcher a little after 7:13:38 PM and Trayvon Martin ended the call with Rachel Jeantel around 7:16PM.

Rachel last heard Trayvon asking, “why are you following me?”  Then Mr. Zimmerman said something like, “what are you doing around here?”  This is when I believe Trayvon saw the gun in Mr. Zimmerman’s hand and he acted in a  state of blind panic as he was truly in fear of his life. Mr. Zimmerman was stuck because due to his very recent running, he was out of shape.  He could not throw the gun away as the bullet was chambered and if Trayvon grabbed it , he could easily shoot him.  If he had not already chambered the bullet then he could have thrown the gun away and landed some punches on Trayvon which would have allowed for some time as the police were in route . This is because it would have taken Trayvon two hands to hold the gun along  with some training.  If the gun was in the holster concealed in the back part of his pants,  then Mr. Zimmerman would still have been able to fight Trayvon.  As it was, when Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life, and tried he to grab the gun away from him.  Mr.  George Zimmerman shot him in the torso around 7:16 PM.  The police were at the scene at 7:17 PM.  The best proof of my hypothesis is the fact of no bruises or marks on Trayvon’s hands with the exception of  a scratch on the left ring finger and no bruises or markings on Mr. Zimmerman’s hands. It is also now my theory that because of the close proximity of the two with Trayvon on top and the back of Mr.  Zimmerman’s head laying flat on the cement sidewalk, when Mr. Zimmerman fired the shot with little control, the recoil effect caused the damage to his nose and the lacerations to the back of his head. Refer to these sites regarding the recoil issue: Keltec PF-9 Recoil Demonstration & Failure to Eject – YouTube; Keltec PF-9 Still Sucks Review – YouTube