aside Republicans Still Don’t Believe Russia Never Had Hillary Clinton’s Emails From Her Private Server

Mike Luckovich / Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionHow do I know that that Russia never had Hillary Clinton’s 31,000 plus deleted personal emails from her private service? This belief is based on the reality that if the Russians had possession of these documents, they would have been leaked long ago.

The irony is that the hacked material in the possession of the Russians that were eventually leaked via WikiLeaks, had been collected from a myriad of sites but NONE of the leaked material were proven to be from Mrs. Clinton’s private server. But the government server that Mrs. Clinton would have been obligated to use, had never been secure during the entire time that she worked for the State Department, and it has been proven to have been hacked multiple times. (See: State Department’s unclassified email systems hacked | Reuters Nov 17, 2014; Sources: State Dept Hack the ‘worst ever’ – Mar 10, 2015 )

How coincidental is it, that just two days after the State Department’s worst cyber-attack ever by Russian hackers on March 10, 2015, the New York Times was publishing the following headlines on March 12, 2015, “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules?” 

Editorial cartoon on Hillary Clinton and 2016 presidential electionBut what is important from what I digested from the June 29, 2017 Wall Street Journal article, by Shane Harris about how a recently deceased republican operative, Peter W. Smith with others in his orbit, including General Mike Flynn of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign management, is that they were hard at work in the summer of 2016 to track down hacked Hillary Clinton personal emails, even if this meant they had to deal with Russian operatives.

Mr. Smith would have been only one out of many political hacks who were in hot pursuit of this treasure trove of Mrs. Clinton’s missing personal emails.

Marian Kamensky / SlovakiaBut the FOX TV right wingers in the long list of the republican President Donald Trump’s surrogates and apologists believed with every fiber in their being and with a zealous hatred towards Hillary Clinton, that when she had been the secretary of state (2009-2013), she had cavalierly placed intelligence material at risk by using her own private email server.

And if they had to deal with Russian operatives in order to get their hands on hacked sensitive material by Hillary Clinton, so what?

John Darkow / Columbia Daily TribuneFor background on how this saga began…

On June 5, 2016, Paul Roderick Gregory wrote about his research in his Forbes report, “Putin’s Army Of Internet Trolls Is Influencing The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal.”


“The Hillary Clinton email scandal broke more than three years ago—on March 19, 2013—with the Russian news service RT’s publication of Sidney Blumenthal’s emails to the then-Secretary of State. What most American journalists don’t realize is that Putin’s internet army continues to influence the evolution of the story.”

“My article on the Blumenthal emails, published on the same day, attracted 361,000 viewers, meaning the story was not a secret. The mainstream press ignored the story, only to see it burst upon the 2016 election scene where it occupies daily headlines. As I pointed out in my more recent piece entitled “What If Vladimir Putin Has Hillary’s Emails?,” the Clinton campaign and the country could be sorely damaged if Hillary’s emails (including those she deemed “personal”) are in Kremlin hands. Even if they are not, Putin can gain leverage simply from the suspicion that he has them.”

John Darkow / Columbia Daily Tribune“Despite the New York Times’ weak assurances that there is “no evidence of hacking,” experts agree, including a former defense secretary and head of the CIA, that Kremlin cyber forces most likely hacked Hillary’s emails”

“I have been following the Russian and English language blogosphere using Google searches like “Does Putin/the Kremlin have Hillary’s emails?” Included are rumor-mills such as Sovershenno (“Completely secret”) and (“Compromising material”). In a country that thrives on gossip and rumors, even on delicate matters such as the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the Russian search yields absolute silence. The Kremlin is holding information about any possession of Hillary’s emails as close to the vest as possible.”Ken Catalino / Creators Syndicate

 “Not that the Kremlin is not enjoying Hillary’s discomfort. The FBI investigation, the testimony of the hacker Guccifer, and the release of the state-department Inspector General report are covered daily and with glee. My own Forbes articles are prominently featured. Russia’s information technologists have elevated me from a moronic paid Forbes hack to a distinguished scholar writing for a respected publication. My words seem to count when I suggest that Putin has outsmarted Hillary Clinton.”

“Contrary to the Russian media silence, the U.S. media began buzzing with the May 6 publication on an obscure conspiracy-oriented website ( entitled “Kremlin War Erupts over Release of Top Secret Hillary Clinton Emails.” The article, written under the exotic pseudonym of Sorcha Faal, claims that a faction within the Kremlin wants Hillary’s email cache released. Fox News pundits (Sean Hannity and Judge Anthony Napolitano) cited the article as evidence that Putin has the Clinton emails. Their comments were triumphantly and derisively panned by Media Matters, who pointed out that the same website published articles on British jets fighting UFOs and a new planet threatening existence on earth.”

Nick Anderson / Hearst papers“Both Fox News and Media Matters, in my view, are both unwitting victims of a classic Putin troll attack. Whereas Washington works on the basis of leaks, Kremlin information technologists first plant their narrative in an obscure blog (like and then use its blogosphere network to cascade the story until it reaches more mainstream outlets. In this case, they struck gold with references by major figures on Fox News. With the Kremlin’s psychological operations, no one knows fact from fiction (Is this just some crackpot or the Kremlin?) and first impressions tend to stick, even if the story is proven false.”

“There are good reasons to believe that a Putin troll attack is at work here.”

“First, it spins an alternate-world narrative that serves Kremlin interests in a number of ways. The Sorcha Faal article explains to the world that, yes, the Kremlin does have Hillary’s emails, thanks to Russia’s vigilant cyber forces, who obtained them in a perfectly legitimate way. After they detected hacker Guccifer’s attempted hacking of their own RT, they claim to have followed him as he attacked Hillary’s server and ended up coincidentally with the cache of Hillary’s emails. The lesson: Russia has good cyber security; the incompetent U.S. does not.”

Chris Britt / Illinois Times“The even more important message is that the CIA, knowing that the Kremlin has damaging secrets (such as the truth of Benghazi), launched a false Panama Papers operation to discredit Putin’s inner circle.”

“The story’s lightning-fast spread through the blogosphere is a second reason for believing in an organized troll attack. Faal’s crazy headline stories that Media Matters derides do not spread through the blogosphere. Granted that the Clinton email story is hot, its cascading through the internet smells of a planned operation by Putin’s troll army.”

 Dave Granlund /“In the case of the Clinton emails, the Kremlin appears to be using its classic “Madeline Albright declaration” approach. In the Albright case, an obscure and unidentified blogger, “Natalia 1001,” made the unsubstantiated claim that then Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, had declared that Siberia, with its rich resources, should belong to the United States, not to Russia. This false claim was repeated by multiple sources (including an FSB mind reader) until it has become an integral part of the Putin doctrine that the U.S. is an aggressive power intent on Russia’s demise.”

“We are no closer to proof of whether Putin has Hillary’s emails or not. What we have is a troll attack. In either case, Putin is sitting in the catbird seat. The mere suspicion that he has the email cache gives him leverage over the U.S. election. Those who argue that Clinton’s use of an insecure private server is a minor dereliction do not understand the consequences of having the Secretary of State’s correspondence in the hands of a hostile nation.”


  1. I see that Assange’s bubble is finally starting to burst, never really bought into his ‘crusading’ façade, always seemed to concentrate on American activity.
    Bit like Snowden really……now where he is currently residing?
    Oh yes!
    My! What-a-coincidence!
    (I’m sure Putin must visit a church on a regular basis, go down on his knees and cry out ‘Thank You God!)

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  2. LOL, Gronda your cartoons are hilarious, keep them coming! What i also find entertaining: Obama assured the voters that America’s election couldn’t possibly be rigged,saying, “there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even — you could even rig America’s elections, in part, because they are so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved.”

    In a now-infamous talk dubbed the “stop whining” speech, Obama mocked Donald Trump for suggesting that the election was being rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. In response, Obama told Trump that rigging the presidential election in America was impossible and that Trump should “stop whining” and “go try to make his case to get votes.” (Source: Reuters)


  3. Dear 1EarthUnited,

    So far, there is nothing to suggest that the vote tallys themselves were manipulated. In my opinion, he was overly cautious in not wanting to appear to be unfairly tipping the elections in a particular way. He was choosing to act like a president for all the peoples which included those voting for President Trump.

    He wanted peoples to have faith in the voting system. He did have a direct conversation with President Putin around this.

    But do I wish he had shared more about Russia’s interference in our elections at an earlier day? Yes! And if he did, there is the reality that we would be now talking about President Clinton.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • You’ve made an excellent point Gronda, Obama tried not to make “vote rigging” an election issue so as not to discourage ppls’ faith in the system. However, he was not exactly neutral as he was actively campaigning for Hillary.

      Perhaps he should’ve mentioned Russian interference earlier, but as you recall, the early polls all had Hillary way ahead and he didn’t want to jeopardize that advantage. If Hillary had won, Putin and Russian tampering would have been a non-issue, so hindsight is 20/20.

      No, what really did Hillary in was WikiLeaks and that unprincipled idiot Comey who brought up the email investigation again 8 days prior to election so he can protect his hiney from Republican scorn.
      Oh well, life is often ironic that way… now Trump is our Commander in Chief Idiot!

      Let’s pray he won’t cause an international incident at the upcoming G20, at least he gets to see his BFF! 😉


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