aside N Korea Has Launched Another Missile On August 28, 2017

Image result for photos of kim jong unOn August 28, 2017, Washington Post Staff posted the following report, “North Korean missile flies over Japan, sharply escalating tensions and eliciting an angry response response from Tokyo.”

“North Korea launched a ballistic missile Tuesday morning that flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, public broadcaster NHK reported. The government issued an alert for residents in some prefectures to take cover.”

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“Although North Korea has sent a missile over Japan once before – in 1998 – this launch comes at a time of heightened tensions. Pyongyang has been threatening to fire a missile over Japan and into the waters around the American territory of Guam.”

“The missile appears to have landed in the sea, but it was not immediately clear where.”




  1. If Trump reacts you could be at war. If Trump doesn’t act America will be considered weak by North Korea. For once I hope Trump can find a diplomatic solution where his own mouth isn’t involved.
    Hugs Galore Gronda.

    • Dear David Prosser,

      The good news is that DDT and Kim Jong Un with all their saber rattling have forced the Chinese to act in a serious way to curd on Kim Jong Un’s bellicose nature.

      It is obvious that good common sense diplomacy is wasted on the N Korea leader.

      Hugs, Gronda

  2. Trump is out of his depth, his ‘State’ under pressure from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and his military are likely to stifle him, no matter how much he huffs, puffs and talks locker-room.
    North Korea would do well to look over their shoulders northwards. China does not have infinite patience and this is threatening her economic well-being.

    • Dear Roger,

      China needs to sit on DDT, bigly. Leaders like Kim Jong Un and DDT do not get diplomacy and subtlety but they do get fear. N Korea’s leader needs a major dose of this.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • Kim l will get a major dose of something, because I can’t see him dying of old age.
        As for you incumbent, I suspect the rings are already being run around him, not that he would notice; not having played before in the Big Boys and Girls’ yard.
        Best wishes


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