aside For The President, Moron-gate Has Him Looking For Sec. Tillerson’s Replacement

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We all know that when the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the republican President Donald Trump, a moron and then did not make a denial,  that Mr. Tillerson’s days in office are numbered. The question remains as to how many days?

Because the president is still publicly indicating that he has confidence in Mr. Tillerson, the below report is pure conjecture.

On October 6, 2017, Mike Allen and Jonathan Swift of AXIOS penned the following report, “Scoop: CIA director Pompeo considered to replace Tillerson.”

“Trump advisors and allies are floating the idea of replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA director age 53 — someone who’s already around the table in the Situation Room, and could make the switch without chaos.”

Image result for photos of cia pompeo and rex tillerson

” We’re told that President Trump is quite comfortable with Pompeo, asking his advice on topics from immigration to the inner workings of Congress.”
  • “Pompeo personally delivers the President’s Daily Brief, making him one of the few people Trump spends a great deal of time with on a daily basis.”
  • “Pompeo is one of the few in the administration who knows how to convey tough news to the president, and how to push back without turning DJT off. (SecDef Jim Mattis is good at that, too.)”
  • “Trump doesn’t see Pompeo as a showboat.”
  • “Pompeo would take the job, as the cap to a career that included being a U.S. House member from Kansas.”
  • “Pompeo would have credibility with world leaders, who’d know he was a legit part of the president’s inner circle — something no one thinks about Tillerson.”

    Image result for photos of cia pompeo and rex tillerson

“Sources tell us Trump recognizes that a Cabinet shuffle would bring bad press. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wants stability, and so is discouraging high-level departures before next year.”

“And yet, insiders say Trump’s relationship with Tillerson is broken beyond repair. We’re told Trump was furious that Tillerson didn’t try to blunt the story about him calling the president a “moron,” by just going out and denying it (whether or not it actually occurred).”

  • “After what Trump considered a strong trip to Vegas, he seethed when he got back and saw Tillerson’s gaffe dominating cable-news coverage. Everywhere he flipped, there was Tillerson’s face instead of his.”
  • “The relationship is so toxic, sources tell Jonathan Swan and me, that few in the White House think it can be rebuilt. There’s zero trust between the West Wing and the State Department.”
  • “NBC, which broke the “moron” story, said the chief of staff “abruptly scrapped plans to travel with … Trump on Wednesday so he could try to contain his boss’s fury.”Image result for photos of cia pompeo and rex tillerson

“Be smart: The breakdown in the relationship between a president and the Secretary of State has profound effects on American statecraft and the way foreign countries view this administration.”


  1. Dear Suzanne,

    House of Cards show which I have never watched, hits too close to home. The show we are living through would make for a great screen play, unfortunately, it is all too real.

    Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, now he has picked a fight with Senator Bob Corker. As Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with Trump for years, said “if you are in his good side, it won’t last long.” Why people support this man-child is beyond me. Keith

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  3. Dear Keith,

    Frankly, I am surprised Mr. Tillerson has lasted this long as secretary of state. I have wondered if Mr. Tillerson, having been the only witness to what President Trump said to President Putin at the G7 summit in Germany, this past summer, isn’t something that bothers the president.

    This is similar to that controversial Christopher Steele dossier contents that Mr. Comey shared with the president. The president didn’t like this and I have been suspicious, that this was the real reason he wanted to fire Mr. Comey and it explains why he delayed taking this step.

    Hugs, Gronda


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