aside Republicans’ Attacks Against FBI Special Counsel Mueller Indicates Guilt

See :It’s About Time! FBI Special Counsel Mueller Has Taken Steps To Subpoena Deutsche Bank.

This post details why it is crucial for the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to pursue collecting financial records from Deutsche Bank for any dealings pertaining to President Donald  Trump. This research could very well prove that President Donald Trump has been a Russian asset and that the republican sycophants in the White House and the US Congress have been enabling and colluding with a Russian asset.

They can all see the writing on the wall as they are all politically vulnerable if this fact were to be widely and publicly disclosed. This means that they are very motivated to attack Mr. Mueller en masse to discredit him and the FBI, so that their base of hard core supporters will believe this “fake news” campaign when the inevitable disclosures are forthcoming.

“We the people” are being subjected of an attempted robbery by partisan republicans of our being able to have any trust in any US governmental institution like the FBI. But most of us would take the word of FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller who has earned a reputation for exemplifying the values of integrity, decency, competence, professionalism and truthfulness over anyone attempting to muddy the reputation of Mr. Mueller and the FBI.

Editorial cartoon on President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans

Around December 5, 2017 Reuters quoted a U.S. official describing what Mueller’s team is looking for from Deutsche Bank:

“A U.S. official with knowledge of Mueller’s probe said one reason for the subpoenas was to find out whether Deutsche Bank may have sold some of Trump’s mortgage or other loans to Russian state development bank VEB or other Russian banks that now are under U.S. and European Union sanctions.

“Holding such debt, particularly if some of it was or is coming due, could potentially give Russian banks some leverage over Trump, especially if they are state-owned, said a second U.S. official familiar with Russian intelligence methods.

” ‘One obvious question is why Trump and those around him expressed interest in improving relations with Russia as a top foreign policy priority, and whether or not any personal considerations played any part in that,’ the second official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.”

Here is the rest of the story…

December 10, 2017, Randall Eliason  of the Washington Post penned the following report, “The mounting attacks on Mueller are misguided and dangerous.”


“The current attacks on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team of prosecutors and FBI agents. Critics on the right charge that Mueller’s investigation is politically biased or worse….are particularly vitriolic. Sean Hannity has called Mueller a “disgrace to the American justice system” and said his investigation is “corrupt” and abusive. Newt Gingrich, who effusively praised Mueller when he was appointed, now says Mueller’s probe is corrupt, dishonest and a “partisan hit.”

Editorial cartoon on Republicans and Trump White House

(The unwarranted, unfair political attacks against a Special Prosecutors are not new.) “Every public-corruption investigation has some political overtones, and the targets often accuse prosecutors of being engaged in a partisan “witch hunt.”

“Democrats were critical of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr during the Whitewater investigation. But the intensity of the growing attacks on Mueller — last known to be a registered Republican — seems unprecedented.”

“One way they are unprecedented — for the most part, the attacks are not based on anything Mueller has actually done. His investigation and the criminal charges he has brought so far appear solid and do not suggest any partisan bias. Rather, critics have seized on issues such as an FBI official who sent anti-Trump text messages, even though the official was booted off the Mueller team this past summer once the texts were revealed. These critics also point to prosecutors who have donated to Democrats in the past or who praised former acting attorney general Sally Q. Yates when she refused to enforce Trump’s first travel ban because she believed it was unconstitutional — a view later shared by federal courts.”

Editorial cartoon on President Donald Trump and Republicans

“Such criticisms betray a profound misunderstanding of the way professional prosecutors and FBI agents do their jobs. Prosecutors and agents are human. They are allowed to have political views, belong to political parties and support political candidates. It is not a conflict of interest if a prosecutor who belongs to one political party is involved in an investigation of a politician from another party. We’ve never had a system where Republicans could be investigated only by partisan Republicans or vice versa.”

“We live in a hyper-charged environment, where almost every move is seen through a partisan political lens. Many people don’t believe that a prosecutor such as Mueller could simply follow the facts and the law. But that’s exactly what happens. Prosecutors and agents set aside their personal politics when they work on investigations, and it’s essential that they do so. In this country, we don’t use criminal prosecutions to attack political enemies. That’s the stuff of despots and dictators, not the American justice system. For good prosecutors and agents, this principle is part of their DNA.”

Editorial cartoon on partisanship

“No human system is without bad actors, and law enforcement is no exception. But it’s ridiculous to suggest that an FBI agent who holds strong political views or a prosecutor who has supported Democrats in the past somehow taint Mueller’s entire investigation. Prosecutors deserve to have their actions scrutinized, but they should be judged on what they do as prosecutors, not on wild speculations based on their personal beliefs.”

“The mounting attacks on Mueller are misguided and dangerous. Those who would seek to undermine this cornerstone of our justice system based on such flimsy evidence should think twice about what they are doing. Norms and institutions are fragile things not easily restored once the public loses confidence in them. Destroying the fundamental norm under which we have operated for more than two centuries — that criminal law is not used for political purposes — will send this country to a dark place where we don’t want to be.”

Editorial cartoon on President Donald Trump and the Republican Party

 “If attacks like those being levied at Mueller’s team become routine, we are effectively saying we are no better than a third-world dictatorship where people are jailed over political differences. (Of course, it doesn’t help when President Trump, who is ultimately responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws, routinely labels Mueller’s inquiry a “witch hunt” while encouraging criminal investigations of his own political foes.) Politics may infect more and more of our daily lives, but it absolutely cannot be allowed to infect the criminal-justice system. Absent actual proof, we should not assume that it has.”

“It’s easy to predict the responses this column will receive. Many will accuse me of being hopelessly naive to believe that criminal investigators can act without political motives. I can only respond that I’ve done it, I’ve seen many others do it, and it has always been the expected standard within the Justice Department. There is absolutely no sound reason to believe that Mueller and his team are doing anything less.”


  1. Attacking an official solely on the grounds of their political beliefs is disingenuous. Taking this to its logical conclusion all public officials should be devoid of any political beliefs and thus dedicated solely to the running of the administration. This in turn suggest the said administrators would embrace a type of antiseptic socialism in which the State is valued far above the individual.
    Leaving aside this conjecture we are left with the tawdry spectacle of people squawking childishly because the game is not being played the way they want it to be.

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    • Dear Roger,

      The republicans sitting on oversight investigations in the US Congress have been disingenuous about seriously investigating the Trump/ Russian shenanigans. Mr. Mueller’s office does not leak. If republicans were relying on stoolies inside Deutsche Bank, they have been misled.

      Finding out that Deutsche Bank officials have been subpoenaed by Mr. Mueller’s office has been a shocker to the republicans’ penchant for denial. This is where the bodies are buried.

      Hence the republicans are beating up on the FBI and Mr. Mueller.

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  2. Gronda, the more Mueller links Russia to Trump, the more the attacking will occur. The question to all of the Hannity and Limbaugh followers is why does he and others act so guilty and change so many stories, sometimes more than once? It is apparent he is guilty of something which he does not want us to find. The question is how bad is it. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      The more the president’s republican sycophants attack someone like Mr. Mueller who out shines them bigly on the integrity attribute, the more they are signaling their belief that the president is indeed guilty of an unhealthy relationship with Russia to where he can be defined as a Russian asset. But they also are well aware that they will be grievously tarnished with the taint of having enabled and abetted a Russian asset.

      The time of reckoning is coming. They are real losers by their own hands.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, the question the wives of these men should be asking is do you really want to risk your name with this man’s reputation? So many wives counseled their husbands not to work for him to begin with. I would wager very few of them regret that loving coercion or the decision to decline his offer. This will only get worse and uglier, but the most unnerving thing to Trump is Mueller’s quiet efficiency. Beware of the quiet ones. Keith

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