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Right now, it is the evening of January 29, 2018 and TV News reports are announcing that the republicans in the House Intelligence Committee have voted on a partisan basis to make the controversial Nunes memo, public. The republican majority voted down the opportunity to have officials by the FBI and the Department of Justice talk to all the members of the committee in order to offer explanations regarding assertions contained within the anti- FBI memo. Finally,  the majority voted down a plan to publicly release the democratic minority counter memo which belies the republicans’ claim that they have acted in the spirit of full transparency.

The republican members in the House Intelligence Committee have instigated a formal investigation of the FBI and the DOJ without following the norm of first consulting with the members of the minority democratic party.

In short, the republicans have short circuited the “rule of law” and have launched a full throttle attack on two of our governmental institutions, the FBI and the DOJ.

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All I can say is that if the Rep. Devin Nunes memo moves forward without being reviewed by the Department of Justice, or the Inspector General or an independent panel of experts with the clearance to review intelligence material, before its release to the public, there will be major blow-back.

The process by which a FISA warrant is issued is very secretive. The memo is based on highly classified intelligence that only a select group of House and Senate lawmakers can access. This means that there could very well be sources and methods of data collection which could be compromised. The Department of Justice has formally requested to review this memo to insure that intelligence data is not compromised, but the house committee republicans have refused to comply.  Remember when these same players for over a year crucified Mrs. Clinton over her email handling which could have possibly compromised classified data while she was secretary of state.

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But the republicans do not feel bound by the same constraints they placed on Mrs. Clinton. So far, the House Intelligence Committee republican members had planned to vote today (1/29/18) to make the Nunes memo public without review by the Justice Department or its Inspector General. Now that the voting process was successful, the memo will be handed over to the White House. The president has 5 days to object before it can be declassified to be made public.

There is a reason that the Intelligence Committees in both the US Senate and the House have been the last bastions of bipartisanship until President Donald Trump’s administration. As in this case, there is the very real probability that the intelligence community officers, in order to prove a falsehood, they would have to reveal classified intelligence which could be harmful to the best interests of our country.

They are now using the tactics of Russian bots, propaganda and disinformation on the American peoples, and all of these activities by the House republicans have the tacit approval of the republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan of Wisconsin has turned into a Joe McCarthy.


The reason why I do not give any credence to this memo compiled under the auspices of the republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, who had supposedly recused himself due to a prior overly partisan maneuver to protect the president around March 2017, is that he has refused to honor the request to share it with the US Senate Intelligence Committee Republican Chair Richard Burr.  This tells me that the memo could not pass the scrutiny of Senator Burr who is also very knowledgeable about how these investigations are conducted and who has access to all the intelligence reports.

According to a 1/24/18 CNN report, “Sen. James Lankford, an Oklahoma Republican who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirmed to CNN that the panel had not been given access to the Nunes memo.”

“None of the senators have access to it,” Lankford added, saying “right” when asked if the committee had been denied access to the memo after making its request.”
Another point that bothers me is that the Republican House intelligence committee Chair Devin Nunes refused to answer his Democratic colleague Rep. Mike Quigley, when questioned if he had coordinated his 4 page anti-FBI memo with the White House.
Here’s the rest of the story…
On January 29, 2018, Jacqueline Thomsen of the The Hill penned the following report, “Trump furious over DOJ guidance against releasing Nunes memo: report”
 “President Trump blew up in anger after learning that a top Department of Justice (DOJ) official had warned against releasing a classified memo by Republican staffers that allegedly proves an anti-Trump bias in the DOJ and FBI, Bloomberg reported Monday.”

“Trump was furious when he learned that Associate Attorney General Stephen Boyd had said it would be “extraordinarily reckless” to release the classified memo.”

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“The incident reportedly took place as Trump was traveling to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week.”

“Sources told Bloomberg that Trump viewed Boyd’s letter warning against the release of the memo as another attempt by the DOJ and FBI to undercut him.”

“He also saw it as a way to block the GOP push to reveal what Trump thinks is a politically motivated attack against him in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, according to the report.”

“Trump reportedly went against the guidance and called for the memo to be released, thinking that it would shed light on Mueller’s investigation.”
“Apparently all the rumors are that it will shed light, it will help the investigators come to a conclusion,” one senior Trump administration official told The Washington Post.”
“Other sources told Bloomberg that Trump had also personally reprimanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other DOJ officials earlier in the week, telling them they needed to improve in their jobs or be remembered as the worst in history.”
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  1. Whatever is in this memo. we know it is all lies anyway. I, for one, want to know what the lies are. And why the T-administration feels it is so necessary to release these lies. They should point directly to all the reasons Dead(-Eye) Trumpetmaster feels he needs to be unimpeachable…

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    • Dear Rawgood,

      I want to see the memo as well. I’m one for making all of this public as well as the counter memo by the democrats.

      I do feel uncomfortable with this memo not being vetted first by the DOJ or the Inspector General to make sure sources and the methods of gathering data is not revealed. This is not a partisan concern. The memo was developed from highly classified material that could only be reviewed in a secure area.

      I know that all is not kosher when the House Committee members would not share the memo with the republican chair of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr. They are both on the same side. The difference is that Mr. Burr would not sign off on a memo that was inaccurate, misleading, etc. and he is in a position to make a competent assessment.

      But if possible, I am now at the point where I am for getting it all out there.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • My reasons for wanting it out there come from a different direction, but it does need to be exposed to the American public. Right now, everything is in Trump-think, meaning all innuendo and nothing factual. If they have facts, show them. If all they have is lies, expose them.
        The time has come to come clean…


  2. At last Trump has something right, that Jeff Sessions will be remembered as the worst in history, Now, if only he’s apply that to all his appointees like Betsy DeVos he’d score a full house.
    xxx Huge Hugs Gronda xxx

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    • Dear David Prosser,

      As long as Betsy DeVos continues to kiss his pinkie ring,she’ll do just fine. But, yes, Jeff Sessions will go down as one of the worst US Attorney Generals. Almost all of his appointees are the worst choices ever.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Kim,

      But that’s what tells all those in the know in the news business that the Nunes memo is a lot of baloney designed for political purposes only to dress down the reputations of the FBI and the DOJ.

      This is nuts and this is so hypocritical These are the very same republicans who went after Hillary Clinton for her email handling and they are doing worse.

      How irresponsible? Our democratic institutions are literally under attack from within.

      Hugs, Gronda

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