aside What’s The Best Way To Insure Integrity Of The Vote In 2018?/ Florida Is Vulnerable

The only person who is denying that US state voting computer data bases were attacked with several being penetrated in 2016 by Russian government operatives is the US republican President Donald Trump because he feels to admit this reality challenges his legitimacy.

Meanwhile, “we the people” are left with doing our part to light a fire under our US legislators to take action to protect our voting systems from being vulnerable to a repeat performance by Russia in the 2018 November mid-term elections.

There should be a push at a minimum  to have no electronic machines (DRE) without a corresponding paper trail for auditing purposes. Right now there are 15 states with this status.

My State of Florida is one of them where there are DRE electronic voting machines in various counties which are not equipped with a corresponding paper trail.

Watch the full interview with former CIA Chief John Brennan (Committee To Investigate Russia blog (2/8/18))

We the People” need to act by having our US lawmakers create legislation to protect the integrity the vote. There is a bipartisan bill that would allow for states to assess their voting machines’ vulnerability and to take steps to prevent being hacked, S.2261.”

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Action: Advocate for hack-proofing voting protections before November.

Call: Your two Senators (look up).

Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP], calling about protecting the vote. Our democracy is vulnerable if we don’t learn a lesson from 2016 and protect ourselves. Russia-linked groups are actively hackingthe Senate and seeking to control our midterm elections. I would like [name] to make election security a priority, especially by co-sponsoring the bipartisan Secure Elections Act [S.2261] that allows states to both assess their risks and enact proven measures that protect the integrity of our vote. Thank you.

TO FAX:  Resistbot will do it all for you. Text “RESIST” to 50409 or message Resistbot on Facebook and it will walk you through the steps to fax your Senator and will tell you when your fax has been delivered.

The main Senate phone line 202-225-3121 (202-224-3121) or  YOU CAN FIND PHONE NUMBERS FOR EVERY SENATOR HERE. or U.S. Senate: Senators of the 115th Congress.

Here’s the rest of the story….

On February 9, 2018, Brian Klaus of the Washington Post penned the following report, “The best safeguard against election hacking”


“This week, the U.S. government confirmed that Russian hackers infiltrated voting systems in several states, having targeted 21 of them. While there is currently no evidence suggesting any votes were changed, a hostile foreign power did gain access to voter registration databases — the vital foundation of election integrity. If you control who can and cannot vote, you control a democracy.”

“America’s foolish experiment with digital voting processes must end. The Kremlin — or other hostile foreign actors — will certainly strike again. It’s time for good old-fashioned paper to make a comeback.”

“Researchers at Princeton University have shown that they can pick the lock on voting machines in 7 seconds. In minutes, they could have replaced the machine’s chip with a malicious one, ensuring that voters who voted for candidate A were recorded as having voted for candidate B. Thankfully, their demonstrations were just for research.”

“All Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines are vulnerable to local (in-person) hacking. Some can also be hacked remotely, over the Internet. These vulnerabilities are particularly glaring for machines without a voter-verified paper audit trail, which enables voters to see their vote choice on a piece of paper and verify that their vote was recorded correctly.”

“DRE voting machines without any paper trail whatsoever are in use in 15 different states. About 1 in 5 voters cast a ballot without any sort of verified paper trail. Even if foul play were suspected, it would be virtually impossible to audit the tally, because the only recorded votes would be on the compromised machine itself.”

“The least secure models, such as WinVote, can be hacked remotely over WiFi. In recent investigations, researchers found that some administrator accounts had a password that was “admin.” Many machines were found to be running outdated Windows XP software. In some cases, software hadn’t been updated since 2004.”

“Recent illustrations of these vulnerabilities have been darkly comic. One research team hacked into a voting machine to have it play the Pac-Man game. Another  programmed the system to play the University of Michigan fight song every time a vote was cast. Last summer, a group of hackers “Rick-rolled” a voting machine, programming it to play Rick Astley’s iconic 1980s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” These tweaks were simple. They took minutes. And they were virtually undetectable, despite manufacturers’ claims that the machines are secure and feature “tamper-evident” seals.”

“If a few amateur hackers could turn a voting machine into a game, think of how Russia, Iran or a nonstate group of hackers could play with our democracy.”

“In U.S. elections, there are 3 main areas of digital vulnerability: the voter registration database (who can vote); the voting machines themselves (who people vote for); and the tabulation (the government’s count). Malicious hackers or agents could delete groups of voters from registration databases. They could program DRE machines to switch votes. It is  possible to tamper with optical scan machines, which scan paper ballots and record tallies, so they miscount. Malicious agents could change election outcomes by manipulating official result tallies on government websites.”

“Donald Trump is president because a small number of voters — so few that they could fit in a single football stadium — were the deciding factor in just 3 states. It’s not hard to imagine how easy it would be to change a small number of votes in several strategically located precincts and steal an election.”

“Worse, a hostile foreign actor wouldn’t even have to change the result to severely damage U.S. democracy. Imagine if evidence emerged that even a handful of voting machines had been hacked in Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin in 2016. If that happened, it wouldn’t be necessary to show that the result changed; it would destroy Americans’ confidence in the electoral process regardless. A cloud of illegitimacy would hang over the U.S. government for years. And all it would take is a single cunning Kremlin agent visiting a few unguarded precincts in a swing state and installing new chips or a bit of malware.”

“Virginia rightly took 2016 as a wake-up call and retired its vulnerable DRE machines. But that’s not good enough. The federal government should mandate that all elections must, at a minimum, be able to produce an independently verified paper trail for every election held at the state and local level.”

“Moreover, only 32 states mandate post-election audits (of varying quality and rigor). It must be 50.”

“Thankfully, a bipartisan group of 6 senators is championing legislation to secure our elections. There’s no time to waste. The politicians that Americans choose in elections make decisions that affect the lives of billions of people. Do we really want to cede that choice to the Kremlin or Iran or even a cyber-terrorist group?”

“President Trump’s response to Russian attacks on American democracy has been to praise Russian President Vladimir Putin, thank him for purging U.S. diplomats from Moscow and float the idea of forming a joint cybersecurity venture between Moscow and Washington. ”

“State legislatures must not make the same mistake. Twenty-first-century elections require a return to a 1st century technology: paper.”

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      Thanks for sharing this via your reblog and for all your support. I am praying that there will some resolution regarding our states’ voting systems before November 2018.

      Hugs, Gronda


        • Dear Usfman,

          Wouldn’t that be great! I don’t think there is enough time to alter the electoral college process before 2020 but why not try?

          For right now, Florida is one of the states with counties that have these DRE electronic voting machines with NO paper trail. This needs to get fixed now before the upcoming 2018 November elections.

          Hugs, Gronda


  1. Gronda, so a quick timeline helps. A developer who declared six corporate bankruptcies is cut off by US banks, so he goes overseas to Deutsche Bank who it turns out launders money for Russian oligarchs, who also like to launder money by purchasing US real estate.

    Scroll forward, a candidate reads daily from leaked emails from his opponent which our intelligence community says came from Russian hacks, with a high degree of certainty. With or without machine hacking, the above couple with Russian social media trolls abets the candidate. He wins in a shocking result.

    He denies Russian involvement. But his National Security director nominee and son-in-law negotiate a back door channel to Putin. He denies any Russisn involvement and declares he has no financial ties to Russia.

    He fires the FBI director and often changes his stories about Russia. And, just last week, he decides not to sanction Russia after an overwhelming vote in Congress to do so.

    I am hard pressed to understand how he is innocent of some level of Russian involvement. At a minimum, he is an unwitting agent to Russian influence (as he pays attention to poor sources of information) and he is guilty of obstruction of justice. I believe it is worse, though. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      The president’s republican sycophants in the US Congress are killing themselves to find a way to salvage the president from the inevitable negative findings by the FBI’s Trump-Russian probe led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. They know he is guilty as sin. He looks, acts, talks and thinks like a Russian asset. Why do you think they enacted legislation to bar the president from removing US sanctions against Russia?

      Remember that the president won his election by 37% which is his base which has held firm with 73-90% solidly backing the president. They are in a position of choosing to remain in office versus honoring their oath of office. They are a bunch of weenies.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, with the man’s horrible reaction to a domestic violence perpetrator on top of all of his other sexual misdeeds and support for other evildoers, the GOP is reaping all that Trump entails. To be frank, they should be worried.The GOP has had too many chances to exhibit a conscious, but has chosen to support a man who has little character and large ego. Keith

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  2. The American Intelligence Community must be knee deep in torn out hair, and brought in an onsite hospital unit to deal with injuries caused by hammering of foreheads to walls.

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  3. Some states should consider getting new updated voting machines. I hear some are 20 years old and run on Windows DOS system! They are certainly not secure, any child can tamper with the vote count quite easily.
    I’m not counting on Trump’s administration to do the right thing, re-enforce the integrity of our voting system, monitor all external forms of interference and stop them in real time! Replace all outdated voting machines, and lastly educate the public about taking steps to ensure their vote is counted!
    I actually like the idea of returning to a paper ballot, with receipt! There’s too much manipulation these days.


  4. Thank you, Gronda, for this excellent and informative post! I shall be re-blogging this tomorrow afternoon! And thanks for the links to help simplify the process of contacting our senators. We must take action NOW, as November is not that far away! Hugs!!!

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    • Dear Jill,

      If we do this one thing of making sure that every US voting machine leaves a paper trail, then we have taken a major step to mitigate against outside manipulations. My wish list would include a way to do automatic random audits for quality control measures,

      I have been contacting Florida legislators and media outlets because according to the above resource, Florida does have some DRE voting machines without a paper trail.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Take care and Hugs, Gronda

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      • Y’know, when I talk to some of my UK friends, where paper ballots are still used, I am almost inclined to say we ought to return to a paper ballot system until we can guarantee the integrity of the electronic voting machines. I know it will never happen,, but it’s a thought. Hugs!!!

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  5. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    There is no longer a question of whether the Russians interfered with our 2016 election. They did. There is hard evidence to that effect. The remaining questions pertain to who was involved in helping the Russian government ensure that Donald Trump would be elected. The bigger question is how are we going to stop the Russians from interfering in our mid-term elections this November? Friend Gronda has written an excellent post on what we, as citizens and voters, can do … must do … to ensure election integrity, and we cannot afford to waste time, for the election is in a short nine months! Please read this post and use the helpful links she has provided to do your part to help make sure our votes count as we intend them to. Thank you, Gronda, for such great information!

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