aside How Two Men Have Helped UAE And Saudi Arabia Curry Favor With US President To Effect Policy

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“There is a developing story about how two men have helped Saudi Arabia and UAE curry favor with the republican President Donald Trump with flattery and monies with the goal to have the US implement policy against Qatar where we have a military base and against Iran and the 2015 US-Iran Nuclear Deal. Because the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had been attempting to repair US relations with Qatar which hosts US military bases and personnel, and he was in favor of continuing to honor the Iran Nuclear deal as long as Iran was found to be in compliance with its terms, he had to go. This could very well explain in part, the recent abrupt firing of Rex Tillerson.”

“Qatar hasn’t taken a hard line against Iran. UAE and Israel have been working together to counter Iran.  To date, it looks like the interests of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel which are anti-Iran and then Russia may have taken precedent over what is in the best interests of the USA.”

The lead player is the same George Nader who is now a co-operating witness for the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III who is heading the Trump-Russia probe. He will be a witness regarding the January 2017 Seychelles secret meeting and whether it was an attempt to set up secret communications between the Trump administration and Russia. This was the meeting where a Putin-aligned Russian investor Kirill Dmitriev, and Erik Prince, founder of the private security firm Blackwater and informal Trump adviser, were present.

He has now been granted immunity.

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Arab leaders from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Jordan plotted to counter Turkey and Iran/ Last year in Riyadh, US President Donald Trump with many of the same Arab leaders who were on the yacht (AFP)

Here is the rest of the story…

On March 21, 2018, David D. Kirkpatrick and Mark Mazzetti of the New York Times penned the following report, How a Witness for Mueller and a Republican Donor Influenced the White House for Gulf Rulers


“A cooperating witness in the special counsel investigation worked for more than a year to turn a top Trump fund-raiser into an instrument of influence at the White House for the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to interviews and previously undisclosed documents.”

“Hundreds of pages of correspondence between the two men reveal an active effort to cultivate President Trump on behalf of the two oil-rich Arab monarchies, both close American allies.”

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“High on the agenda of the two men — George Nader, a political adviser to the de facto ruler of the U.A.E., and Elliott Broidy, the deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee — was pushing the White House to remove Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, backing confrontational approaches to Iran and Qatar and repeatedly pressing the president to meet privately outside the White House with the leader of U.A.E.”

Mr. Tillerson was fired last week, and the president has adopted tough approaches toward both Iran and Qatar.”

Elliott Broidy, center, at a dinner days before Mr. Trump’s inauguration with Larry Mizel, left, a Trump donor, and Jeff Sessions, now the attorney general. CreditClint Spaulding/WWD, via Rex, via Shutterstock

  “Mr. Nader tempted the fund-raiser, Mr. Broidy, with the prospect of more than $1 billion in contracts for his private security company, Circinus, and he helped deliver deals worth more than $200 million with the United Arab Emirates. He also flattered Mr. Broidy about “how well you handle Chairman,” a reference to Mr. Trump, and repeated to his well-connected friend that he told the effective rulers of both Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. about “the Pivotal Indispensable Magical Role you are playing to help them.”

“Mr. Nader’s cultivation of Mr. Broidy, laid out in documents provided to The New York Times, provides a case study in the way two Persian Gulf monarchies have sought to gain influence inside the Trump White House. Mr. Nader has been granted immunity in a deal for his cooperation with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to people familiar with the matter, and his relationship with Mr. Broidy may also offer clues to the direction of that inquiry.”

Mr. Trump hosted Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia at the White House on Tuesday.CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

“Mr. Nader has now been called back from abroad to provide additional testimony, one person familiar with the matter said this week. Mr. Mueller’s investigators have already asked witnesses about Mr. Nader’s contacts with top Trump administration officials and about his possible role in funneling Emirati money to Mr. Trump’s political efforts, a sign that the investigation has broadened to examine the role of foreign money in the Trump administration.”

“The documents contain evidence not previously reported that Mr. Nader also held himself out as intermediary for Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who met with Mr. Trump on Tuesday in the Oval Office at the beginning of a tour of the United States to meet with political and business leaders.”

“A lawyer for Mr. Nader declined to comment. Two people close to Mr. Broidy said he has not been contacted by the special counsel’s investigators. In a statement, Mr. Broidy said that his efforts “aimed to strengthen the national security of the United States, in full coordination with the U.S. government.” He added, “I have always believed strongly in countering both Iran and Islamic extremism, and in working closely with our friends in the Arab world in order to do so.”

A portion of a memo that Elliott Broidy sent to George Nader, recounting his meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office.

“The documents, which included emails, business proposals and contracts, were provided by an anonymous group critical of Mr. Broidy’s advocacy of American foreign policies in the Middle East. The Times showed Mr. Broidy’s representatives copies of all of the emails it intended to cite in an article. In his statement, Mr. Broidy said he could not confirm the authenticity of all of them, noting that The Times was able to show him only printouts, not the original emails.”

“A spokesman for Mr. Broidy has said he believes the documents were stolen by hackers working for Qatar in retaliation for his work critical of the country — a regional nemesis of the Saudis and Emiratis.”

“We now possess irrefutable evidence tying Qatar to this unlawful attack on, and espionage directed against, a prominent US citizen within the territory of the United States,” Lee S. Wolosky, a lawyer for Mr. Broidy, wrote this week in a letter to the Qatari ambassador in Washington. If Qatar was not responsible, “we expect your government to hold accountable the rogue actors in Qatar who have caused Mr. Broidy substantial damages.”

Link to NYT report: How a Witness for Mueller and a Republican Donor Influenced the White House


  1. Gronda, someone in a sister company once asked me how he could get along better with a narcissistic colleague of mine. I simply said “market to him. Treat him like a third party influence rather than a colleague. He responds better that way.”

    This is what people do with the Chief Narcissist in the US. Yet, we citizens need to be wary of this, especially when he treats buttering up adversaries better than allies who tell him the truth.


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    • Dear Keith,

      You are right to describe President Trump as the Chief Narcissist. This makes him vulnerable for players to use this vulnerability to act in some instances, against the US national security interests. This is what makes him the number #1 clear and present danger to the well being of the USA.

      Hugs, Gronda


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