aside Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto Tells The US President To Stop Lying

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The republican President Donald Trump has been warned by influential right wing pundits like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity of FOX TV, that he needs to get tough on anti-immigration issues. Building that southern US border wall is not optional.

As per a 4/3/18 Real Clear Politics report, “Ann Coulter talked to radio host Howie Carr on Monday (4/2/18) about President Trump’s “total betrayal” on the wall and an “obscenity-laced” screaming match she had with the president in the Oval Office. For the record, Coulter said Trump “swore first.”

“He’s failing right now,” Coulter said. “The presidency isn’t over yet, he can still come back and do it. But people who voted for him shouldn’t be cheering for him everytime he betrays them and this is a total betrayal for him to sign that (Omnibus) bill. It’s a total betrayal for him not to build the wall.”

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The president needs to look like a real hardliner with regards to the southern US border. After all he is the one telling his base that immigrants are coming to the US in droves and that many of them are criminals, rapists, drug pushers, etc. So, the president with the assistance of the right wing media folks sell this security risk to his base and he gets to look like he is taking action by ordering the US national guard to help secure the border area.

The problem is that the president is directing this reality TV show which has no factual basis, if one reviews credible studies, analysis, evidence, facts which do exist but will never be found anywhere near the White House.

See: US-Mexico illegal border crossings fall to 17-year low – BBC News/ 2017

See: Number of immigrants caught at Mexican border plunges 40% LA Times/2017


As per the 5/2/17 Forbes report, the problem with immigration is not because of Mexico but Central America:

“As it stands, illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States has been on the decline for nearly 15 years, thanks in large part to Mexico’s improving economy and slowing population growth. Simply put, the country is far richer than it has been at any point in its history, and its population is no longer expanding so rapidly that its youths feel compelled to leave in droves to seek better opportunity in the United States.”

“Instead, Central America is now responsible for most of the fluctuation in illegal migrant flows northward. Three countries in particular — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — account for the bulk of non-Mexican migrants arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border. Because these countries are much smaller than Mexico, they will never come close to supplying a migration surge on the scale of that seen from Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s. Unlike Mexico, however, their economies aren’t getting any better. Each of the three countries suffers from rampant violent crime, due to cocaine trafficking from South America and to street gangs that prey on locals through extortion and frequent killings. For instance, El Salvador’s annual murder rate is 80 per 100,000 inhabitants, while Honduras’ is 59 per 100,000 — both more than 10 times the United States’.

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In short, while the US president is addressing a hyped-up problem of Mexicans coming to the USA by crossing over the US southern border, he not working on the problem that does exist.

Here is the rest of the story…

On April 5, 2018, Joshua Partlow of the Washington Post penned the following report, Mexican president rebukes Trump over border threats


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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered his most direct public rebuke of President Trump on Thursday (4/5/18) afternoon, in a national address that characterized Mexico as willing to cooperate with the United States but not at the expense of its sovereignty or dignity.

“Peña Nieto spoke after Trump signed an order to deploy National Guard troops to halt “a drastic surge of illegal activity on the southern border.” In the past week, Trump has accused Mexico of doing little to stop illegal migration and expressed alarm about a caravan of hundreds of Central Americans who were crossing this country to highlight the plight of migrants — threatening to retaliate against Mexico if it didn’t stop the march.”

“Peña Nieto, speaking Thursday from the presidential palace in Mexico City, noted that the Mexican Senate and all four leading candidates in the July 1 presidential race had condemned Trump’s comments, adding: “As president of Mexico, I agree with those remarks.”

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“President Trump: If you wish to reach agreements with Mexico, we stand ready, as we have proved until now, always willing to engage in a dialogue, acting in earnestness, in good faith and in a constructive spirit,” Peña Nieto said. “If your recent statements are the result of frustration due to domestic policy issues, [due] to your laws or to your Congress, it is to them that you should turn to, not to Mexicans.”

“We will not allow negative rhetoric to define our actions. We will act only in the best interest of Mexicans,” he said.”

“The address to the nation was remarkable because Peña Nieto has endured, with diplomatic courtesy and sometimes stony silence, about two years of insults and threats from Trump over Mexican immigrants, the trade relationship, border security and the fight against drug traffickers.”

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“The two countries and Canada are locked in tense negotiations over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, which Trump has threatened to rip up if the U.S. government can’t win more favorable terms. Trump has also frequently called for construction of a massive wall on the border.”

“In the past few decades, Mexico has become a far more cooperative partner of Washington in fighting drug-trafficking, terror threats and illegal migration. But Mexican politicians have called for reducing bilateral cooperation if Trump militarizes the border.”

“Trump’s move comes as Mexico is in the midst of a hotly contested campaign for president. The leading candidate is Andrés Manuel López Obrador , a center-left populist. On Wednesday, he responded to Trump’s latest moves by declaring that “we will not accept the use of force, the militarization of the border.”

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“Mexico’s Senate on Wednesday unanimously approved a nonbinding resolution that urged the government to end cooperation with the United States on illegal immigration and drug trafficking because of Trump’s plans to deploy National Guard troops.”

“Ricardo Anaya, the presidential candidate for a left-right coalition, went further, calling on Mexico to curb its anti-terrorism cooperation until the Guard members are withdrawn.”

“Despite the outcry, some Mexican analysts and border residents said they expected little practical effect. David Cuauhtémoc Galindo, mayor of the border city of Nogales, said Trump’s comments “generate a certain amount of scandal but no fear” in his city.”


    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      They are losing patience with the president to where they are ready to push back as they should.

      I get so upset with the stupidity of the president and his republican cronies. The art of the deal should not include winning by using bullying tactics, especially with one’s friends.

      I hope somebody has the guts to give the bully, a bloody nose.

      Hugs, Gronda


  1. Gronda, we have recognized for some time that too many decisions have been made to appease his base. We should not govern this country based on the desires of Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon, etc. We are a long way from fact-based decision-making. I agree with John that Mexican leadership has showed as much restraint. They don’t realize it is all about looking good not accomplishing anything to the US President. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      You, I, Jill and other have been bemoaning how often the president lies but what is worse, he develops policies based on these lies. Then he listens to FOX TV hosts who also spread fake news which he acts on, but then there is his base which he has to appease or else. This is the key to the president maintaining his power.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • As several retired military and intelligence people have said the President is a threat to national security, with Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters calling Fox on the carpet as he resigned for their threat to our constitution and support of an unethical man. I guess standing for the national anthem is more important than listening to the retired military leaders.

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  2. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    What a great campaign slogan King Donnie is providing to the Democrats! “Bring our troops home”, much like we heard in past wars! It will not take long for most of America to sour on having our troops illegally stationed on the border with Mexico in a non existing war zone created by a foolish man!

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      This is so surreal. This is a reality show production so that the president can appear to be taking action against Mexican immigrants, just to appease his base.

      These are our tax dollars being foolishly wasted.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. my closest friend lives in El Paso, where part of a “wall” stands keeping the teeming hoards at bay…Trump’s goons are quite busily tearing down one small portion of it and have all the materials to “rebuild” it once the section is down. She said “there’s Trump’s wall. He’s going to finish this 5 foot section then tell everyone he BUILT the biggest baddest wall of them all”.

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  4. Dear Suze,

    Your friend is right on the money. President Trump will soon be declaring that the building of his wall has already started.

    He’ll even show us a picture.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  5. Immigrants usually FLY across the border on a travel visa… then stay indefinitely until caught. Oh well, so much for building a big bad wall… welcome to the 21st century Mr. President.


  6. I find that I have much more respect and admiration for Mexican President Peña Nieto than I do for our own sorry excuse for a president. Reality and facts are buried and invisible to Trump, and it seems he is determined to ruin every positive relationship the U.S. has or ever had with other nations. Soon, we will truly be isolated and when the day comes that we need help, there will be none willing to give it.

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    • Dear Jill,

      John Fioravanti is right on this one. Mexican officials have been very patient with this president but enough is enough. Our friends to the North and the South are going to have to stand up to this guy and fight back if necessary.

      Frankly, “we the people” are sick of our president making up a catastrophe that doesn’t exist and then acting to fix a problem that doesn’t exist, on the taxpayers’ dime.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Yes, he knows how to play to his own audience, and the rest of us be damned. I would love to see Canada and Mexico stand firm and hold his feet to the fire. He manufactures his own “reality” and convinces his followers that the rest of us are clueless and that his version is the only true one, and then he wastes our valuable resources to fix that which was never broken to start with. Why? I suppose he thinks it makes him look like a hero. To me, it makes him look like an ugly toad. Hugs!!!


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    The narcissist in the Oval Office is once again working hard toward destroying our relationships with our closest allies. Our friend Gronda says it best in her latest post, so please take a few minutes to read her excellent work. Thank you, Gronda!

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Mexicans are a proud people!!
    ‘Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered his most direct public rebuke of Drumpf on Thursday (4/5/18) afternoon, in a national address that characterized Mexico as willing to cooperate with the United States but not at the expense of its sovereignty or dignity.’

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    • Dear Horty,

      I loved it that President Nieto stood up to President Trump who is acting like a bully towards his friends to the South and to the North.

      The president cannot negotiate like this. I still like VP Biden’s instincts.The president deserves a bloody nose.

      Thanks a million times again for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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