aside Why President’s Attorney Ty Cobb Is Hitting The Road And All About Giuliani’s Blooper On FOX TV

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This has been a crazy evening of breaking news on the 2nd of May 2018 which started with a FOX TV interview between the republican President Donald J. Trump’s newly hired attorney/ friend Rudy Giuliani and the show’s host Sean Hannity.

During the first few minutes Mr. Giuliani presented himself in a professional manner. Then it went downhill from there. Every conspiracy theory that has been developed by the far right ended up being in full display. They commiserated about how the FBI Trump-Russia probe headed up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has developed into a witch hunt, where the FBI has set up a perjury trap with the list of questions which were leaked to the press.


It is important to note that it was the president’s attorney Jay Sekulow who created the list of questions based on what was shared during a meeting between the FBI’s Special Counsel Mueller and the president’s legal team.

In a podcast interview on 5/2/18, another legal team member Ty Cobb stated for the record that it was definitely not the FBI which leaked the list of questions. He stated that it was probably shared by any number of folks who have been vocally opposed to the president participating in any future interviews with the FBI. This tidbit is important because at no time during this lengthy podcast discussion did Mr. Cobb mention that today, the 2nd of May would be his last day playing a major role in the president’s legal team. After he returned to the White House, he took time to call the podcast executives to advise them that he had inadvertently failed to let them know that he was being rolled out of his current position as of today. He is being replaced by a well known Washington DC player and attorney, Emmet Flood. The plan is to have Mr. Flood eventually replace a key person on the president’s legal team, Don McGahn.

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Now lets get back to the May 2nd Rudy Giuliani interview with the FOX TV Show host Sean Hannity.

Within a short time into the interview, Mr. Giuliani proceeded to attack the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions for having recused himself from his oversight role of the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe and for the appointment of the US Department of Justice’s Deputy Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He called the former FBI Director James Comey a pathological liar and a perverted man. He misspoke about what the president admitted to in an interview with NBC TV host Lester Holt. This is where the president explained his reasoning over the firing of the FBI Director James Comey having to do with his wish to end the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe. Instead Mr. Giuliani told how the president wanted to tell the American peoples that he was not the target of the FBI’s inquiry.

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But here’s  the jaw dropper. In response to a question by Mr. Hannity about the Stormy Daniel’s case where she was paid hush monies to be discreet about her dalliance with the president in 2006, Rudy Giuliani blurted out that the president did know about the general arrangement of how his former personal attorney Michael Cohen handled cases like that of Stormy Daniels. He volunteered that there was absolutely no campaign finance violation committed because the president paid back Mr. Cohen the $130,000 in hush monies delivered to Ms. Daniels over a period of months by funneling monies through a law firm. It seems that the president was not bound by campaign finance laws as to how much monies he could donate to his own campaign. As to the legality surrounding this situation, I am leaving that to the legal pundits to  opine on for the next few days.

Later, Rudy Giuliani walked back his comments with a Wall Street Journal reporter by saying that the president was not aware of the original payment of hush monies paid to Stormy Daniels but that he did pay back the monies to his personal attorney Michael Cohen.

“Giuliani also told the (Washington) Post that Trump, if he does consent to an interview with Mueller, would not do one that lasted for up to 12 hours, as some people have suggested.”

“It’d be, max, two to three hours around a narrow set of questions,” Giuliani said.”

Robert Costa


NEWS-Giuliani, mins after Cobb exit, goes on-rec w/ @WashingtonPost re: Mueller intvw. “Some people have talked about a possible 12-hour interview. If it happens, that’s not going to happen, I’ll tell you that. It’d be, max, two to three hours around a narrow set of questions.”

Robert Costa


NEWS – Giuliani just now: “We’ve been talking about this. We are going to ask for a narrowing of the questions… we’d like to know more about what they have, if anything… They are going to need to narrow, to a great extent, the questions.”

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While all of the above was going on, the New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt was busy working on a story about how the president’s legal team had concerns regarding the president’s lack of candor over what could be in the FBI’s possession that its agents collected during an unannounced April 2018 FBI raid on the president’s former attorney Michael Cohen’s places of work.

So now, the question is, how much of the above shenanigans was part of an orchestrated reality show performance, or not?

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Now let’s circle back to the surprise departure of the president’s attorney Ty Cobb…

On May 2, 2018, Robert Costa, Carol D. Leonnig and Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post penned the following report,  ‘The gloves may be coming off’: Shake-up of Trump legal team signals combative posture toward special counsel’


“President Trump’s growing desire for his lawyers to more forcefully counter the ongoing special counsel investigation drove yet another shake-up of his legal team on Wednesday, putting the White House on war footing with federal prosecutors examining Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.”


“White House lawyer Ty Cobb, who repeatedly urged cooperation with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and assured the president such a strategy could shorten the investigation, announced he would leave his post at the end of the month.”

“In his place, Trump tapped Republican defense attorney Emmet Flood, who brings experience wrangling with investigators when he represented President Bill Clinton during House proceedings to impeach him.”

“Flood will soon work alongside a remade group of personal lawyers — including another hire expected in the coming weeks — as they devise a new strategy to deal with Mueller’s team, according to White House advisers.”

“The latest upheaval of the president’s legal team comes as Trump has adopted an increasingly hostile posture toward the special counsel, whose investigation has expanded into an examination of whether Trump obstructed justice by seeking to shut down the probe.”

Link to entire report: The gloves may be coming off’: Shake-up of Trump legal team signals


  1. Gronda, I do not see Guiliani working for this man very long. Two men who cannot be quiet and cannot remember what lies have been told will not partner well. An old friend once said, “always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember as much.” Neither man would understand this comment.

    As for Cobb, it gets back to what Thomas Wells (an attorney who worked with Trump) said, if you are on Trump’s good side, you won’t be there for long. The Queen of Hearts comes to mind with the building boil of “off with his head.” Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      This has been a fiasco. Clearly Mr. Giuliani is trying to frame the Stormy Daniels story to be more consistent to what the President and he think is going to be uncovered within the cache of goodies that the FBI collected from the FBI raid on the president’s personal attorney Michael Cohen’s work places this past April.

      They both flubbed it bigly. No, I don’t think that Mr. Emmet Flood who is a competent attorney will allow for Mr. Giuliani to stay on the team.

      People forget that Mr. Giuliani used to head that SDNY Southern District US judicial offices of New York out of Manhattan in the 1980s. He became famous as a tough prosecutor who took on who’s who in organized crime.. As a matter of fact, he was the one who had first hired James Comey as a US prosecutor. He does have connections to the office to where he could have been useful.

      Mr. Flood’s job will be to delay, delay and delay the possibility of President Trump having to testify.

      The last attorney Ty Cobb had been acting under the assumption that the president was telling the truth about his involvement with anything Russia. This was a BIG MISTAKE. We both have figured out based on his own actions towards Russia that the president is guilty as sin.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Giuliani said ‘The best president in his memory’…. the last time I heard remarks of this nature would have been back in the 1960s have an excess of experimenting with ‘substances’. At least they had an excuse.


    • Dear Roger,

      Mr. Giuliani may be taking Alzheimer medication because he has lost it. At one time he was a true power house with a lot of clout in NYC. But last night he showed no real understanding of what he was saying or its consequences. The president’s new attorney who has a solid reputation that he would like to maintain, will not tolerate these shenanigans. Mr. Giuliani will be long gone or Mr. Flood will quit.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • It is a shame, once he was a figure of some renown. I had to check I was reading about the same ‘Giuliani’

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  3. I read something above from Giuliani about “the president did know… how… Cohen handled other cases like that of Stormy Daniels.” Why is no one talking about the word “cases”? Giuliani almost states outright that there are other cases like the Daniels case, and while we know about the McDougal case, that is only “one” other case. Who are the other cases about, and when did they happen?
    And, on a point of procedure, is there still client-lawyer privilege if more than one lawyer iis present? I could be wrong, but the way I understand privilege is that there is no privilege if confidences are shared in the presence of a third party.

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    • Dear RawGod,

      I’m definitely on the same page as you are. There have to be other such cases along the lines of Stormy Daniels and Ms. McDougal which will be eventually disclosed.

      This is all coming out because of the FBI raid on Michael Cohen places of work. They know that the FBI has the goods.

      The attorney client privilege in this case has been muddied with so many conflicting stories. I’m leaving this for the courts to figure out.

      Hugs, Gronda


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