aside Rep Nunes Is Blaming Boogeyman Radical Leftists And Mainstream Media For His Reelection Woes

Every now and then, there is a ray of some good news that gives me hope. It seems that the House Intelligence Committee republican chairman Rep. Devin Nunes of California has been coming to terms with the reality that his chances for reelection in November 2018 have been placed in serious jeopardy. He has been bemoaning about how he has been under attack by the republicans favorite boogeyman, those radical leftists.

‘He can’t believe that his turning the Intelligence Committee that he served into a partisan political arm of the president and his cronies could be contributing to his reelection woes. This intelligence committee had a long history of non-partisanship because of its oversight duties requiring the review of sensitive classified intelligence data.

Somewhere along the way, he failed to reconnect on any real basis with his constituents back home. He gave his priority in service to his ideology, party loyalty, covering for the president to where he has abused his power to attack many of the pillars of our US democracy, “rule of law,” the FBI, the US Department of Justice. He forgot about of honoring his oath of office, protecting the US national security interests, as well as serving his constituents. I’ve had to question if his loyalty lay, with Russia, Israel, the republican party or the best interests of his own country, the USA.

“Here is the rest of the story…

On April 28, 2018, Caroline Orr of Shareblue Media penned the following report, “Nunes blames ‘radical leftists’ for his failing re-election campaign” (“With his congressional seat in danger, Devin Nunes is desperately blaming his own failures on imaginary boogeymen.”)


“With his House seat no longer considered ‘safe’ by election forecasters, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is looking for someone to blame for his failing re-election campaign.”

Instead of considering that his own failures may explain his sinking campaign, Nunes is pointing the finger at the right-wing’s go-to boogeyman: “radical leftists.”

“In a fundraising email sent on Saturday, Nunes whined that “radical leftists” and the mainstream media are saying “nasty things” about him, though he failed to provide examples of these “nasty things” — likely because most of them are true statements about his own actions.

“A day after his intelligence released a shoddy report on the Trump-Russia scandal, Devin Nunes sends out a fundraising email that doesn’t even mention Putin’s attack on the US. The real threat: leftist radicals.”

“The email comes just a day after the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee, which is led by Nunes, released the findings from its sham investigation into Russian interference. Even Nunes’ fellow Republicans admitted that the investigation was so inadequate and partisan that it undermined the credibility of the committee.”

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“As the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes was tasked with investigating Russia’s attacks on the 2016 election, as well as any potential coordination with the Trump campaign. But rather than providing oversight, he decided to run interference instead.”

“Nunes has spent the past year putting on an elaborate show on behalf of Trump. He became so notorious for doing the dirty work of the White House that his name even became synonymous with an embarrassing attempt by Republicans to discredit the FBI in an effort to shield Trump from scrutiny.”

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“None of that has gone unnoticed by his constituents back in Fresno, CA. In a blistering editorial, Nunes’ hometown newspaper slammed his performance as a congressman, calling it “nothing short of embarrassing.”

“He certainly isn’t representing his Central Valley constituents or Californians, who care much more about health care, jobs and, yes, protecting Dreamers than about the latest conspiracy theory,” the editorial stated. “Instead, he’s doing dirty work for House Republican leaders trying to protect President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation.”

“In 2016, Trump won the district by a 10-point margin.”

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“But thanks in large part to his disgraceful performance over the past year, Nunes’ district is no longer considered a “safe Republican” seat, according to top election forecaster Larry Sabato.”

“As Nunes struggles to keep his campaign afloat, his Democratic challenger — Fresno County Deputy District Attorney Andrew Janz — continues to have fundraising success, taking in more than $1 million in the first quarter of 2018.”

“(Rep.) Nunes can whine about “radical leftists” and the “nasty” mainstream media all he wants, but blaming his problems on imaginary boogeymen isn’t going to help him. His re-election campaign is failing because he is failing at his job.”

See: Russia investigation becomes big issue in Devin Nunes’ re-election bid/ USA Today/ April 2018


  1. Gronda, no other member of Congress deserves to be not reelected than Devin Nunes. He has done at least three unethical things, slandered a Democrat Senator, highly politucized the House Intelligence Committee and was caused a meeting between the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committee chair and Speaker Paul Ryan saying his memo should not be released as the Senate committee does not support its conclusion. Nunes dishonored his role for a dishonorable man and he deserves not to be reelected. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Rep. Nunes is at the top of my list too for US representatives who I want gone in November 2018. It is my belief that he was protecting President Trump at a high cost to our democratic institutions like the FBI, DOJ, etc.

      He is clueless about the harm he has done. It is a good thing that Speaker Ryan is voluntarily resigning because he was second on the list.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, comparing lists, I had Ryan third, following Ted Cruz. Cruz represents everything we should avoid in a politician – hyperpartisan, uncollaboritive and disliked by most in the Senate.

        I was reminded of his and Texas Governor Abbot’s roles in fanning the flames on the false story about Obama trying to take over Texas with a military operation. I think you reported it turned about to be a Russian bot fueled story, but neither man put a lid on an obvious BS story. They should have been harshly condemned for scaring people and not throwing water on a stupid fire. Keith

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