aside I’m A Huge Fan of Maggie Smith With Her Acerbic Wit/ President Trump Gets A Cameo Cartoon

I rarely miss anything where Maggie Smith has a part.

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From ‘Downton Abbey’ (Source: Mashable)

The Dowager Countess is the original Queen of the clapback.

On being bored

“You are a woman with a brain and reasonable ability. Stop whining and find something to do.”

On being an introvert

“There’s nothing simpler than avoiding people you don’t like. Avoiding one’s friends, that’s the real test.”

Principles are like prayers: Noble of course, but awkward at a party.

As per 12/17/15 New York Post report by Michael Riedel, “She relented (for an interview for Michael Coveney’s book, “Maggie Smith”), in the end, because she trusted Coveney, one of London’s most prominent theater critics.

“She’s an old-fashioned star,” Coveney says. “Her contract is with the audience, and that’s the end of it. She doesn’t do meet-and-greets. She doesn’t bother with the red carpet. And she cannot cope with this new celebrity she has from ‘Downton Abbey.’ Somebody told her that her last birthday was tweeted 7 million times. She literally fell over.”

Image result for photo of maggie smith as Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall“Coveney had a hard time pinning her down. He met her during the Broadway run of “Lettice and Lovage” to broach the topic. Her response? “Ooh, how absolutely ghastly. How absolutely awful. I can’t think of anything worse!”

“I suppose she thought if it must be done, it might as well be done by someone who admires her work,” he says.

“She refused to be interviewed, of course, but let her friends know they could talk to him. His book was published in England a few years ago, and he’s updated it for the American edition. When he told her St. Martin’s was publishing it she responded: “You’re digging me up — again?”

“She views me as her in-house necrophiliac,” Coveney says.

“Her quips are all over the book. While appearing in a mediocre play called “Interpreters,” its author, Ronald Harwood, popped into her dressing room one day.”

“Hello, Ronnie,” she said, “and what are you up to now?”

“Struggling with a new play, darling,” he replied.

“Examining her nails, she said, “So are we, dear.”

Image result for photo of maggie smith as Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall

“The brittle exterior, Coveney believes, masks a shy — and sometimes depressive — woman.”

“It’s not that she’s standoffish,” he says. “I really believe she finds it difficult to deal with the world. She’s got psychological shingles, and as a result she puts all her energy into the one thing she can do — act.”

“Smith came from modest circumstances — her father was a public-health official, her mother a secretary — and she’s never forgotten her roots.”

“She believes in the value of hard work,” Coveney says. “She’s quite puritanical and is not at all affected by her success. She drives herself, she does her own shopping at the local market, and she doesn’t have live-in help.”

Image result for photo of maggie smith as Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall
Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall in “Harry Potter

“Of course, she’s recognized everywhere, especially by children who know her as Minerva McGonagall from the “Harry Potter” movies.”

“At the supermarket recently, a little boy asked her, “Were you really a cat?” She looked down at him and said: “Just pull yourself together, will you?”

“Here’s one more story, courtesy of Edward Hibbert, one of Smith’s closest friends.”

“After a grueling day of filming a movie in New York, Smith invited the actor to dinner at Orso. As soon as she sat down she told the waitress, “I need wine immediately.”

“The waitress was star-struck. She gawked and stammered, “What kind of wine would you like, ma’am?”

“Smith fixed her with a cold stare and said, “The type you pour down your throat.”



    • Dear Hugh,

      She has been one of my favorites for years. Frankly,I just need a bit of a break from Trump news. I came across the religion quip and decided to do a post.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  1. You will probably not believe this, but until this I had never heard of Maggie Smith!!! But I love the cartoons at the beginning of this post, and especially love the quote you commented on one of my posts earlier, about religion being “like a penis”! I am now a fan! Thanks for this post, Gronda … you brightened my day! 🌞

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  2. Maggie has been in the forefront of British acting since a teenager. Her first really big role as a 1930’s school mistress in the ‘Prime of Miss Jean Brody,’ won her an academy award in 1969.
    She is a British Icon! 😉👏

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    • Dear Colettebytes,

      She deserves her accolades. She is so good, many who say they’ve never seen her, have. Remember, “Sister Act II” with Whoopi Goldberg. I first saw her in “Room With A View.” Tea with Mussolini was shot with her in Italy, as well.

      She and Judi Dench are the same age, born in 1934. They were in acting school together. I loved them in “Ladies in Lavender.”

      I enjoyed watching them both in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and the sequel.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Gronda, she is truly her own person. I have heard her say more than once, she does not watch her own movies. She noted she would find something to critique. I think she may leave the President whimpering – I could hear her being caustic with his inability to make coherent, unrambling sentences. “Oh for god sakes man, what are you trying to say?” Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      There are some actresses who are always a pleasure to watch. She and Judi Dench are both icons. I believe that Maggie Smith could cut President Trump down to size with a smile and without one vulgar word.

      I’ve been thinking about what she would say. Your script sounds about right, ““Oh for god sakes man, what are you trying to say?”

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Another favorite is Glenda Jackson who won two Oscars. She actually became a member of Parliament. Like Smith, she is no nonsense, often being critical of poorly asked questions. She would also leave Trump whimpering.

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