aside Deputy AG Rosenstein Finally Stood Up To The Likes Of Rep. Devin Nunes

The Californian republican chair for the US House Intelligence Committee, Representative Devin Nunes has earned a well deserved reputation for being the President Donald Trump’s lap dog. His antics designed to provide cover for the president have become infamous. The last one was the spygate fable where the president with help from others like Rep. Nunes were spreading the idea that a FBI spy had been implanted in his campaign team. Fortunately, that lie has been debunked.

Then Rep. Nunes created another media circus when he with his staff were demanding access to sensitive data pertaining to the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe being led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, which they were granted.

Finally, there was their latest stunt where they were threatening that the US Department of Justice’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who has oversight of the FBI’S Trump-Russia inquiry with contempt charges at one of their meetings. Rep Nunes staffers were claiming that they felt personally attacked by Mr. Rosenstein at a January 2018 meeting. Of course, this is not true. This time Mr. Rosenstein has announced his plans to order an investigation into the staffers’ actions as he is countering that he is asserting his right to protect his reputation.


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On June 12, 2018, Caroline Orr of Shareblue Media penned the following report, “Deputy AG plans to call for investigation of Devin Nunes’ staffers” (“Devin Nunes is about to find out the hard way that his calls to investigate the investigators are not a one-way street.”)

“Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein plans to call on the House general counsel to investigate the conduct of Rep. Devin Nunes’ staffers on the House Intelligence Committee, CNN reported Tuesday evening (6/12/18).”


“The move comes after months of escalating tensions sparked by Nunes’ repeated attempts to gain access to classified intelligence related to the Russia investigation.”

“On Tuesday, those tensions boiled over after a Fox News report claimed that Nunes’ staffers felt “personally attacked” at a meeting with Rosenstein in January (2018).”

“The staffers reportedly claimed that Rosenstein threatened them with a criminal investigation — an account that the DOJ flatly rejected Tuesday.”

“In response to the staffers’ apparently misleading claims, Rosenstein will “request that the House general counsel conduct an internal investigation of these Congressional staffers’ conduct,” CNN reported, citing an unnamed DOJ official.”

“The Deputy Attorney General never threatened anyone in the room with a criminal investigation,” the official added, according to CNN. “The FBI Director, the senior career ethics adviser for the Department, and the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs who were all present at this meeting are all quite clear that the characterization of events laid out here is false.”

“The DOJ official, who gave identical statements Tuesday afternoon to CNN and Fox News, said Rosenstein “was making the point — after being threatened with contempt — that as an American citizen charged with the offense of contempt of Congress, he would have the right to defend himself, including requesting production of relevant emails and text messages and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that their allegations are false.”

“That is why he put them on notice to retain relevant emails and text messages, and he hopes they did so,” the official said.”

“In other words, the deputy attorney general responded to an apparent threat by Nunes’  staffers to hold him in contempt by telling them that if they chose to go forward with the threat, he would not surrender his due process rights — including the right to issue subpoenas for evidence to defend himself.”

“As former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti put it, “Staffers for Devin Nunes apparently threatened to hold Rod Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress in a recent meeting. He told them if they did, he would have the right to subpoena their communications and put them on the witness stand to prove them wrong. He’s 100% right about that.”

ROSENSTEIN“Rosenstein was just telling them the consequences of taking a very foolish action against him,” Mariotti added. “He has a right to due process, and during that process, the facts matter.”

“As the DOJ’s top official overseeing the Russia probe, Rosenstein has become the focus of intense criticism and attacks lobbed by congressional Republicans seeking to shield Trump from scrutiny in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

“In April, CNN reported that the White House was preparing a smear campaign aimed at undermining Rosenstein’s credibility. As part of that effort, Trump reportedly planned to use his allies in Congress and right-wing media as attack dogs to go after Rosenstein, hoping to build a case for firing him without it looking like he’s interfering in the Russia probe.”

“As Trump’s chief enabler and lapdog, Nunes has led the charge against Rosenstein and the DOJ, calling for the DOJ to be investigated for not blindly opening its evidence locker every time Nunes wants to peak inside of it so he can run back to Trump and tell him what he found.”


  1. Gronda, this is good to see. Nunes should have been asked to resign a long time ago. He has been unethical and criminal in my view. These legislators will come to regret being sycophants for a dishonorable man in the White House. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I hope that Rep Devin Nunes’ staffers pay a price for helping their boss with their shenanigans by the US judicial system. They have to know that there are limits.

      The US House Speaker Paul Ryan who could have been a check on Rep Nunes need to both be gone. In my mind they have betrayed their country.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. My first thought is why is Nunes himself not being investigated, why just his staffers, but the first comment I am going to make is, who the he’ll spelled “peek” as “peak”? The English language is taking a beating these days, and no one is showing any respect for it. This may seem a stupid question on an iotic and idiotic point, but it is another sign that our society and culture is on its way out. (With “iotic” being redefined by me as an adjective for the word iota, which is defined as “an extremely small amount, as a speck.”)
    Meanwhile, I have to wonder about Trump’s psychophants and trump-pets. How long before they are forced to see through all these smokescreens to realize that Trump and all his henchmen are hiding the fact they are guilty as sin?

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  3. Dear Rawgod,

    Unfortunately, it was just the staffers complaining and who threatening the DOJ’s Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with contempt charges. Mr. Rosenstein became tired being their pinata, and so he is advised them that he is making a referral for an investigation.

    Rep. Devin Nunes’ staffers went too far. This may make trouble for Rep. Devin Nunes.

    You are right that the editor missed this error. The word should be peek vs. peak.

    As for the GOP in the US Congress, I’m not holding my breath waiting for them to garner some courage.

    Hugs, Gronda


  4. It is good to see Rosenstein standing up to the bullies! I am so ready for Nunes to go crawl back under his rock … he seems to forget what his purpose in Congress is, and rather thinks he is there for no other reason than to protect Trump and stir up even more sh** than is already in Washington! Thanks for giving me something to grin about today! Hugs!!!

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    • Dear Jill,

      After that IG report, the Deputy AG Rosenstein is going to have to hold on tight as there will be an avalanche of attacks against his department and the FBI by the White House and the GOP in the US Congress.

      Rep Devin Nunes has gone way too far in being a partisan for President Trump with the help and support of the US House Speaker Paul Ryan.

      I am thrilled to see Mr. Rosenstein push back on Rep. Nunes’ abuse of power.

      Hugs, Gronda

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