aside US Turns Its Back On Human Rights By Pulling Out Of The UN Human Rights Council

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What more could the republican President Donald Trump do to please Russia’s President Vladimir Putin than by taking multiple steps to separate the US from our neighbors and allies. The president’s administration has personally dished the leaders of our neighboring and formerly friendly countries, imposed tariffs on them based on the trumped up excuse of US national security reasons;  has ordered the withdrawal from deals made with our friends like the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord, the 2015 Iran Nuclear agreement,  TPP and then he recently refused to sign off on a G7 summit consensus agreement.

Even at the June 12th meeting between President Trump and the N Korean Leader Jim Jong-un, he surprised his advisers and allies like South Korea by announcing the end to scheduled joint military exercises. This is something that Russia’s President Putin had asked for about a year ago.

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As of this evening, the 19th of June 2018, the president is insisting that the USA withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council. The president has been acting like the abusive husband who keeps isolating his victims from the support of family and friends. Only “we the people” who are not part of the president’s base are the victims. The bully caters to his favorites in the base but he treats the rest of us like dirt as we refuse to kow-tow to him as he represents the face of evil, especially with his latest cruel and abusive edict of separating children from parents who are seeking asylum at the US south western border.

It seems the president’s administration which includes the US Ambassador Nikki Haley to the United Nations are not happy about Israel being called to task over the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza, ever since President Trump made the decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with nothing in return from Israel.


When do the republicans in the US Congress finally face up to the fact that President Trump looks, acts, talks and walks like a Russian asset living in the White House and who doesn’t hesitate to order the abuse of children.

Here is the rest of the story…

On June 19, 2018, Gardiner Harris of the New York Times penned the following report,  “Trump Administration Withdraws U.S. From U.N. Human Rights Council”


“The United States withdrew on Tuesday from the world’s most important human rights body in protest of its frequent criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. It was the latest effort by the Trump administration to pull away from international organizations and agreements that it finds objectionable.”

“It was the first time a member has voluntarily left the United Nations Human Rights Council. The United States now joins Iran, North Korea and Eritrea as the only countries that refuse to participate in the council’s meetings and deliberations.”

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“Earlier this year, as it has in previous years, the Human Rights Council passed five resolutions against Israel — more than the number passed against North Korea, Iran and Syria combined,” Nikki R. Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations, said in a speech on Tuesday. “This disproportionate focus and unending hostility toward Israel is clear proof that the council is motivated by political bias, not by human rights.”

“If the Human Rights Council is going to attack countries that uphold human rights and shield countries that abuse human rights, then America should not provide it with any credibility,” Ms. Haley said.

“Human rights advocates denounced the decision.”

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“All this administration seems to care about when it comes to the council is defending Israel,” said John Sifton, an advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, a nonprofit organization. “If the Trump administration’s complaint is that the council is biased and flawed, they’ve just made it more so.”

“In a series of posts on Twitter, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel welcomed the decision. “The U.S. decision to leave this prejudiced body is an unequivocal statement that enough is enough,” he wrote on Tuesday.”

“But Antonio Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, said through a spokeswoman that he would have preferred that the United States remained in the council. He noted that the United Nations’ human rights “architecture” plays an important role in the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide.”

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“Conservatives have been complaining about the council since its inception in 2006, and the administration of President George W. Bush refused to join the body, citing concerns of bias. Ms. Haley has been a fierce critic of the council since joining the Trump administration and is known to have pushed for a withdrawal.

“Elliott Abrams, a former Republican diplomat and now a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, said that the Human Rights Council’s bias against Israel was too much to ignore.”

“There is always an argument for staying, which is that the United States will be in a better position to help defend Israel,” Mr. Abrams said. “But this council is hopelessly compromised, so leaving is the right choice.”

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“The withdrawal comes as the Trump administration faces condemnation by rights groups and governments worldwide for its decision to separate children from their families at the border. On Monday, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, called for an immediate end to the practice, describing such a tactic as inflicting “abuse on children” and “unconscionable.”

“Mr. Trump has turned decades of American foreign policy on its head by attacking or undermining much of the rules-based order that the United States established after World War II. Previous administrations viewed the interlocking network of alliances, trade rules and international organizations as beneficial to the United States.”

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“But Mr. Trump has ripped up the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal — both of which were negotiated under the strong influence of world powers. He has also imposed tariffs on the United States’ closest allies and left the Group of 7 summit meeting this month in chaos and recriminations after he denounced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada as “very dishonest & weak.”

“The Trump administration has made clear that it will not countenance the level of criticism and what it describes as slanted resolutions by the Human Rights Council that have historically been directed at the United States and Israel. On her first day as ambassador, Ms. Haley warned that “for those who don’t have our back, we’re taking names.”

Rob Berschinski

“Rob Berschinski, a senior vice president at Human Rights First, another nonprofit organization, conceded that no one believed the human rights council was perfect. But, he said, leaving it is a mistake.”

“Countries like China, Russia and Venezuela will applaud this decision because we are freely giving up leverage over them that we previously had,” Mr. Berschinski said.”

Link to report: Trump Administration Withdraws US From UN Human Rights Council    


  1. Gronda, this move is in keeping with the modus operandi of the spoiled brat in the White House. Rather than stay in and work to fix a perceived broken relationship, he gathers up his sand toys abd leaves the sand box. If he is so concerned about Israel, he is doing them more harm by taking our voice away.

    On a related note, the famous G7 picture which captures the beginning of the end of the US global leadership role, Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said he spoke with all parties and the relationship with the US is about as dysfunctional as it gets. That scene was trying to get Trump to sign a watered down cooperation document that staff worked on until 3 am. As he reluctantly agreed (before he later did not), he threw a couple of Starburst candies from his pocket on the table and said “Angela, don’t say o never gave you anything.” I will let your readers react to that comment. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      President Trump is doing Russia’s bidding. If I were in the US Congress I would not allow for the president to have his summit with Russia’s president without 100% surveillance.

      How he treated the G7 leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel is unconscionable. He is both a bully and a coward.

      I am convinced that his inhumane treatment of children at the sw US border is because, he thinks he is winning with this policy.

      This man is a perfect example of what I would never want any son to emulate. No republican should win this coming November in any region where the president won by less than 10 points.

      All the values that make this country are being turned on its head.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Gronda, if people cannot see this man for what he is, they are wearing blinders. Rudy said he could not remember a Trump lie. Well, he is not paying attention, as two out of three things he says or tweets are untruthful. German crime going up due to immigrants – that is a Trump lie.

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  2. I almost despair. Here in Britain I only wish we could turn back the clock and those wretched people who voted to take us out of the only club in which it seems we now belong could see the error of their ways and vote otherwise. Now we are torn as a nation between turning a blind eye (well, our government is, wait for the reactions to his visit) and reacting – if we react against that man, where do we go with negotiating trade tariffs when we leave the EU? I can only hope the age of miracles is not yet past.


    • Dear Memoirs of a Husk,

      I wish there could be another vote. It’s my personal opinion that Russia was more of an influence in the original BREXIT vote than many would like to admit.

      But I doubt that this is a realistic possibility. But miracles do happen.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I had no idea that something as lame and insignificant as social media can have such an all encompassing influence over the general voting population. Blaming Russia for all the world’s ills seem so bizarre to me, like a having a convenient scapegoat when the afflicted nation does not take responsibility for it’s own affairs.


        • Dear 1EarthUnited,

          Russia is NOT 100% responsible for USA or any other countries problems.

          But Russia did attack the us voting infrastructure in the USA in 2016 in multiple ways. That’s a fact and it is only reasonable that majority of US peoples are not feeling kind thoughts regarding Russia.

          Most of us have figured out that President Trump keeps acting like a Russian asset whenever possible.

          Russia played their role in all of this to where once President Trump is gone, President Putin will get how short sighted his backing of President Trump was.

          Hugs, Gronda

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        • Yes there are some extenuating and circumstantial evidence of Russian tampering with our democracy, there is no doubt. However definitive proof still has not been forthcoming from our IC, so I’ll withhold final judgment until then. President Putin is technically correct when he states that social media bots can be launched anywhere in the world and seemingly traced to Russia via proxy servers and phony hacker tricks. Thus he can keep denying and we can’t counter his argument with ironclad proof.

          Trump’s bizarro behavior seemingly aligns his agenda with Putin, but I highly doubt he’s a full fledge Manchurian Candidate Russian puppet. Yes he may be an asset to Russian interests, due to his financial wheeling and dealings, but again I could be wrong, so I’ll reserve judgment until Mueller’s investigation.



        • Dear 1EarthUnited,

          The IC community is not about to provide proof that you are looking for as this would involve the sharing of how the data was collected. No one besides the president has claimed anything other than Russia attacked our US infrastructure in 2016 at an unprecedented level.

          Hugs, Gronda

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        • I guess we all have to be patient and wait for the Mueller investigation to conclude, hopefully it won’t be a 9-11 commission “investigation” where we have more questions than answers and real issues are swept under the rug. 😦


  3. Whereas I agree there is a bucket load of hypocrisy in choosing only Israel’s violations while ignoring another one-quarter of the world (who cares about South Sudan?), going off in a huff and a puff is only ensuring the current corrupt and narrow-based regime in Israel can keep its people enslaved in fear.
    It also send out the signal…’Hey no more USA…What the hell! Who is going care what we do now?’

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  4. Dear Roger,

    It would have been better if we remained. The USA had been protecting Israel. Now Israel is more exposed to criticism that it deserves. So what was gained? Of course there was hypocrisy. Who now calls the fouls?

    This action was short-sighted.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  5. ISRAEL IS JUST A SMOKESCREEN! (Yes. it has its own reality with the Human Rights Commission) but, I reiterate, ISRAEL IS JUST A SMOKESCREEN!
    The Demonic Terrifier has left the Human Rights Commission to prevent them from “legally charging” the US with Human Rights violations with its unconscionable mishandling not only of the children of refugees, but of the refugees themselves.

    RELIGIOUS FOLK BEWARE, THE ANTI-CHRIST WALKS AMONG YOU! Some thought it was Hitler, others Josef Stalin, and a whole host of others since the day christ died on the cross.

    I sit outside the community of monotheism. I sit outside all religious isms. But my eyes are open.

    I do not believe in Evil, it is just a word developed to describe people who do not live by the same rules of society as most people do. But I can feel the fear.

    I have no need to look, but I see Donald Trump. I have no reason to fret, but I fear Donald Trump.

    I have no reason to believe, but I sure as hell hope you do!

    DONALD TRUMP IS THE TRUE ANTI-CHRIST! And he is only inches away from destroying the world, and every living being on it!

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    • Dear Rawgod,

      You have a point. It was only a matter of time before President Trump would have suffered some censure by other democratic countries for this recent US practice of the wholesale separation of families seeking asylum at the southwest US border.

      Israel provided the US with an excuse to walk away.



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