Russia Media Is Crowing Over President Putin’s Command Of The Stage In Helsinki

It should be no surprise that the Russian media is crowing over how its President Vladimir Putin appeared to be in command of the stage with the US President Donald Trump being very accommodating at their 7/16/18 Helsinki joint press conference.

It is well known that President Trump enjoys watching TV. He needs to see the Russian TV tapes where he isn’t being presented in a flattering light. It would be beneficial for the president to face what his intelligence experts had been trying to prevent.

As per a 7/18/18 ThinkProgress report by Frank Dale, “According to reporter and Russian media analyst Julia Davis, Russia’s state television accused the President of the United States of “licking Putin’s boots” during Monday’s press conference:”

Julia Davis@JuliaDavisNews

‘s state TV:
The host: “Let’s analyze Trump’s performance at the presser. At which point in time could you say he was licking Putin’s boots? Why did @Schwarzenegger describe him as a wet noodle?… He said nothing about the annexation, [Russian] aggression or .”©️

Then Russian state TV suggested that Trump “really smells like an agent of the Kremlin”:

Julia Davis@JuliaDavisNews

‘s state TV host:
“It is very bizarre, you can’t bash your own country like that – especially when you’re the President.”
Female host: “When Trump says our relations are bad because of American foolishness and stupidity, he really smells like an agent of the Kremlin.” ©️

“Following Trump’s attempted clean-up on Tuesday, Russian media speculated that Trump only tried to reverse course due to the intense criticism of his remarks:”

Julia Davis@JuliaDavisNews

‘s state TV:
The Russians scoff at Trump’s attempt to “correct” what he said @ the .
Sergey Fedorov: “It’s very simple. First time, he said what he thought. Then he got back to the Oval Office, discovered a hysterical reaction & realized he overdid it.”©️

Here is the rest of the story…

On July 20, 2018, Stephen Collinson of Cnn Politics penned the following report, “Putin invite sends Washington into Russian twilight zone”

 “Steve Hall, a former CIA station chief in Moscow, issued a chilling warning on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360″ on Thursday — which if it is borne out would have unfathomable political consequences.”
Image result for photos of steve hall cia cnn
“Before the Helsinki summit, I was not prepared to go to the darkest corner in the room and say there is kompromat — there is compromising information — on Donald Trump,” Hall said.”
“After … I saw Donald Trump treat (Putin) in a fashion that is just inexplicable, the only conclusion that I can come to is … I think there is information and data out there that implies there is indeed compromising information that Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump. Why else would he treat him that way?”
“In Aspen, Coats’ good humor masked the troubling implications of the fact that the nation’s top intelligence chief found out from a reporter, on live television, that the Russian President had been invited to visit Washington, amid the uproar over what happened in Helsinki.”
Image result for PHOTOS DAN COATS
“First of all, it was humiliating for Coats, just days after Trump preferred Putin’s “very strong and powerful” denials of election interference over the assessment of Russia’s culpability that had been delivered to him by the DNI before he went to Finland.”
“At best, it was an example of rank incompetence by the White House — since the failure to give Coats prior notice of the announcement was deeply embarrassing to a senior intelligence official ostensibly speaking on behalf of the government.”
“But such is Trump’s contempt for US intelligence agencies and their conclusions on Russian election interference that it could not be ruled out Coats was deliberately hung out to dry, after he reiterated warnings that Russia is still interfering in US democracy.”
Image result for PHOTOS DAN COATS

Trump doubles down with Putin invitation

“Coats’ humiliation, however, was not the most troubling development on another stunning day of reverberations from the Helsinki summit, on which Trump moved on from haphazard cleanup efforts to a defiant counterattack that was embodied by the Putin invitation.”

“Coats also revealed that he still did not know what had gone on in the nearly two-hour-long meeting in Finland, when the two Presidents met alone with only interpreters present. The disclosure indicates that the contents of Trump’s meeting are still a mystery at top levels of his own government — which in turn suggests a lack of a normal policy process and sheds new suspicion on the mysterious hold the Russian leader exerts over the US President.”
Image result for PHOTOS DAN COATS
“In effect, the appearance by Coats was a direct challenge to Trump — the kind of show of independence and defiance that typically does not sit well with the President.”
“At the end of Coats’ appearance in Aspen there were new questions about how long he could survive in his job — or even if he was actively daring the President to fire him.”
“The prospect that Putin could visit Washington is staggering in itself — but it is consistent with Trump’s practice of doubling down in a fight and refusing to cede ground to his critics, in this case those who believe that Helsinki was a debacle.”
“A Putin visit will be controversial because it will bring a US adversary accused of master-minding a scheme to help put Trump into power to the United States at about the same time as midterm elections that US spy agencies say are already falling victim to “Moscow’s meddling.”
“US national security analyst and military historian Max Boot agreed with the premise that the failure to notify Coats of the invitation smacked of White House incompetence but also suggested that “something more sinister and nefarious” was going on.”
“Donald Trump is now being investigated by the FBI for colluding with Vladimir Putin to affect the 2016 US election, and now, he is effectively colluding with Putin right now, meeting privately with Putin,” Boot said on CNN’s “Erin Burnett Out Front.”
“Boot bemoaned the probability that senior officials don’t know what Trump agreed to in the private head-to-head in Helsinki — even as Russia begins to dribble out details.”
U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin /Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
“The top people in the US government who ought to know, including Director Coats, they don’t know.” he said. “Putin knows but Director Coats doesn’t know — that is wrong, especially given the highly suspect relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”
“The Coats drama overshadowed another head-spinning development following Helsinki, as the White House backtracked on its previous statement that it was considering an offer by Putin that Trump called “incredible” — to send US officials to Moscow for questioning.”
“Putin suggested at the summit that in return for FBI agents traveling to Moscow to interview suspects accused of election interference, Washington should make the Obama-era ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, who Putin regards as an enemy, available to Russian investigators.”
Image result for photos of trump-putin helsinki
Trump/ Putin
The White House reversed course only hours before the Senate, in a rare bipartisan show of resistance, voted 98-0 to pass a resolution condemning the idea.”
“Even when announcing the climbdown, the White House showed unusual deference to Putin.”“Trump’s spokes-woman Sarah Sanders said the proposal was made “in sincerity by President Putin, but President Trump disagrees with it.”


  1. I swear I feel as if I’ve been dropped into the middle of a John le Carré novel! He is digging his own grave, if you ask me, but still his followers think he’s wonderful. Where, i wonder, does this end? Or does it? What do you think the republicans would have said if Obama insulted all our allies and then said what a great guy Putin is and invited him to the White House? Double Standard? Oh yeah … for sure. Thanks for this post … enlightening!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Jill,

      You have been dropped into the reality world production delivered to you by President Trump. In his reality he truly believed he had a constructive meet with President Putin. He exited from the 7/13/18 Helsinki summit in cloud nine. He was ebullient. But then reality/ facts/ truth busted his reality show bubble. He was busted. The world saw that Emperor President Donald Trump was naked as a jay bird.

      If this had been a democratic president, the republicans would all be yelling treason. I do believe that the concept of the president being guilty of treason needs to be openly discussed, sooner than later.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • It is hard to believe he thought he would be praised for his performance in Helsinki. But oh … wait … some 75% or republicans are praising him for it, or at least don’t care, according to a poll I saw earlier.

        I agree with you … the concept of treason needs to be seriously discussed, based on facts rather than partisanship and emotion. But … don’t hold your breath.


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  2. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    As I am often prone to do, I’m going to climb out on a small limb and hand you the saw! IMO the reason that tRump is still in office is the same reason so many people on the Right voted for him! The prize that he has offered is too lucrative for them to allow him to be run out of office yet. Please note he has appointed one person to the SCOTUS that is anti-abortion and has nominated yet another that has stated he would like Roe vs. Wade be overturned and give the states the right to decide on the issue. Once Roe vs. Wade is more or less rendered history and removed from the books (or should I say once it is apparent that it will be) my bet is that the Republican party will suddenly have a change of heart and allow him to either resign or be impeached. This will put Pence in office and that will suit the religious right perfectly. Sound crazy? Think about it for a little bit, can you give me a more realistic reason for the evangelicals to support a man who violates every tenant of their stated faith? The really sickening part is that they are willing to sacrifice the nation to win a battle. I wonder how many of them have actually considered that when they lose the war they will also lose their 1st and 2nd amendment rights as well… Right now it will be a race to confirm the nominee or allow tRump to sell the nation, which will happen first?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      My old age is showing. Please forgive me. I had inadvertently addressed this comment to 1EarthUnited instead of to you.

      Your theory has possibilities. There is some truth here. The evangelical right sold their souls to have this man Donald Trump placed into the White House. It is not only for the placement of ant-abortion justices on the supreme court that they wanted. They were the driving force for having the US embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. They are also in line with the president pulling away from international agreements as they have this thing about the US not being a part of the “World Order.”

      But they also had an insurance policy in the form of the VP Mike Pence.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • We are so screwed as a nation. Now I would predict that trump doesn’t resign nor will he be impeached and he will win a second term, due in part to continued Russian meddling and the cult fanaticism of his base.

      Then either he’ll illegally maneuver a third or more term until he is simply too old and then the real threat to all of it, Pence, will run. Or Pence will run in 2024. Either way our democracy is lost and Christian Sharia law will rule and a mixing of allies will change and war will even be more likely in the future. This will not end well.

      What amazes me is how truly ignorant and apathetic most people are to all the things going on and much of it open to see and people just won’t look or care. Apathy will lead us down a perilous road. I’m glad I’m old.

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      • Dear Mary Plumbago,

        Keep the faith. I’ve been so down because of all of this. I felt helpless to prevent what I thought would be President Trump getting away with destroying the USA with the assist by Russia.

        But now I see a light at the end of this tunnel. The Helsinki summit was a blessing in disguise as it took off the blinders from many Americans as to what is truly going on. He overplayed his hand.

        President Trump will not last. VP Pence will be history.

        The coalition of the decent which includes conservative “Never Trumpers,” ex-republicans, recalcitrant republicans, Independents, Democrats, and others like “the Resistance,” the “Women’s March,” “Indivisible,” simply have to stick together and vote for the democratic ticket in the Nov. 2018 elections.

        Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Dan Coats seems like a nice upstanding person. He doesn’t seem to take it personally when Trump threw him along with the entire IC under the bus.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  4. Gronda, what you and others have pointed out, it is not just the weak and fawning performance in Helsinki that is shameful. It is the wushu washy flip flopping and reverse flip flopping that discredit the President.

    In my view, other than to repay Putin for his help on several fronts over the years, he has no strategy. What amazes me time and again is a man who does not care to know details, has the arrogance to think he can wing it with people who studied the problems.

    To me, the only logical explanation is the President is compromised. If it turns out he is not, then he is merely incompetent and weak, like most bullies. Keith

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  5. Dear Keith.

    You are right on the money. President Trump is more than compromised. The DOJ and the FBI have their hands full as the treachery that has been visited upon the USA is even bigger in scope than you think.

    The Helsinki debacle has been a blessing in disguise. The GOP in Congress are not in a position to be firing anyone in the FBI and the DOJ. Even DNI Coats is safe for awhile.

    Hugs, Gronda



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