US GOP Rep. William Hurd, Former CIA Officer Describes President Trump As A Russian Asset


There is one republican US Congressional representative from the State of Texas who has come forward as a “Profile in Courage” to call out the republican President Donald Trump’s troublesome behaviors he exhibited at the 7/16/18 Trump-Putin Helsinki summit. This is when the world watched President Trump throwing the US Intelligence agencies, all of his foreign policy experts and the American peoples under the bus as he equivocated on the question of whether the USA was attacked by Russia as it interfered with the 2016 US elections infrastructure.

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On July 19, 2018, William Hurd, a former C.I.A. officer, and a GOP congressman from the 23rd District of Texas penned an op-ed piece for the New York Times, “Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do?”


“Lawmakers must keep the American people informed of the current danger, writes a Republican congressman from Texas.”


“Over the course of my career as an undercover officer in the C.I.A., I saw Russian intelligence manipulate many people. I never thought I would see the day when an American president would be one of them.”

“The president’s failure to defend the United States intelligence community’s unanimous conclusions of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and condemn Russian covert counter-influence campaigns and his standing idle on the world stage while a Russian dictator spouted lies confused many but should concern all Americans. By playing into Vladimir Putin’s hands, the leader of the free world actively participated in a Russian disinformation campaign that legitimized Russian denial and weakened the credibility of the US to both our friends and foes abroad.”

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“As a member of Congress, a coequal branch of government designed by our founders to provide checks and balances on the executive branch, I believe that lawmakers must fulfill our oversight duty as well as keep the American people informed of the current danger.”

“Somehow many Americans have forgotten that Russia is our adversary, not our ally, and the reasons for today’s tensions go back much farther than the 2016 election. For more than a decade, Russia has meddled in elections around the world, supported brutal dictators and invaded sovereign nations — all to the detriment of United States interests. Mitt Romney had it right in 2012 when he told President Barack Obama that Russia was “without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe.”

“Our intelligence community has concluded with high confidence that President Putin personally ordered his security services to undertake an influence campaign aimed at undermining confidence in American democracy to sow chaos in our electoral system. Russia’s efforts to hack political organizations and state election boards are well documented, as are the Russian disinformation campaigns on social media platforms.”

“Russia is an adversary not just of the United States but of freedom-loving people everywhere. Disinformation and chaos is a Russian art form developed during the Soviet era that Russia has now updated using modern tools. The result has been Russian disinformation spreading like a virus throughout the Western world. From elections in Britain, France and Montenegro to invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, Moscow has pursued an aggressive foreign policy aimed at spreading disorder and expanding Russian influence in states formerly under the heel of Soviet Communism. These efforts weaken our allies and strengthen those who seek to undermine the democratic order that has helped prevent another world war in Europe since 1945.”

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“Moreover, the threat of Russian meddling in United States elections is not behind us. Just last week, Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, cautioned that “the warning lights are blinking red” that Russia and other adversaries will undertake further cyberattacks on our digital infrastructure. This includes many of the energy companies in my home district in South and West Texas.”

“Make no mistake, Russian disinformation campaigns are working.”

“Many of my constituents have asked what Congress can do to protect the American people from Russian threats and provide a check on the executive branch’s demonstration in Helsinki. If necessary, Congress should take the lead on European security issues as it has in recent years. For example, during the Obama administration, Congress repeatedly pressed the president — using the power of the purse through appropriations bills — to send lethal weaponry to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russian-backed separatists.”

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“Last year, Congress passed the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act to impose severe sanctions on Russia as retaliation for its meddling in our presidential election. And this year, the House passed the Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act to improve Ukraine’s ability to respond to Russian-supported disinformation and propaganda efforts. I am also encouraged that the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to testify on the president’s recent meetings with both Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin.”

“Additionally, Congress must act to give the men and women of our intelligence agencies the tools they need to confront Moscow and prevent this from happening in the future. We can start by sending the Intelligence Authorization Act to the president’s desk, which authorizes funding to support critical national security programs across the intelligence community. It also requires regular public reports on foreign threats to federal election campaigns before those elections take place, mandatory notification to Congress within 14 days after a determination has been made with moderate or high confidence that a foreign cyber-intrusion or active measures campaign to influence a federal election has taken place, and reports to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on past and continuing Russian influence campaigns.”


“As a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I strongly believe in the importance of Congress’s oversight responsibilities and will work with my colleagues to ensure that the administration is taking the Russian threat seriously.”

“In this dangerous geopolitical environment, we must be both vigilant and strong in responding to foreign threats. The challenges posed by Russia are no different, and I hope the president shares my conviction that American strength, not weakness, is the best way to preserve a secure world in the face of adversaries like Russia.”


  1. Vladimir Putin stated long ago that he regretted the break up of the Soviet Union and that he hoped to someday restore a Soviet-style empire. That has, I believe, been his goal since day #1, and he will use whatever assets he can to achieve his goal. Vladimir Putin is far more intelligent than Donald Trump, and it is my opinion that he is playing Trump like a fiddle. And Trump? Promise him power, promise him wealth, and he will follow you to the ends of the earth, for he is far too ignorant to see that he is being used … and along with him, we, the people of the United States, are the pawns, handed over unwittingly by the person sitting in the Oval Office.

    The word ‘Patriot’ is bandied about much these days. In my opinion, a ‘patriot’ is one who stands up for what is right, even if it means calling the so-called president a moron. Even if it means taking a knee during the anthem before a football game. Even if it means reminding Donald Trump that Russia is our adversary, not our friend. And even if it means calling for the ouster of the madman sitting in the Oval Office, by whatever means necessary.


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    • Dear Jill,

      You have the president’s number.

      He is the guy who acted like a moron when on TV, he asked Russia to help him get access to Hillary Clinton’s emails. And Russia listened to him. How can he point fingers in the direction of President Putin to accuse him of having attacked the US elections infrastructure in 2016, when he was the one who invited his cooperation?

      President Trump has a lot of nerve to question the patriotism of anyone after his Helsinki debacle. I pray that the NFL players kneel en masse as a way to say FU.

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      The Texas republican Rep. Hurd is the first profile on courage to step forward to speak truth to power (President Trump) who is not retiring, resigning, dying.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, I have seen Hurd interviewed several times this week and his has been a voice of reason and concern. He, of course, will be branded as a traitor to Trump and the GOP, but he is neither. This is what a patriot looks like. It is standing up to say something is wrong. His criticism and concern must be heard, but again he will be vilified by our fact-deprived President.

    There was so much to criticize in the President’s weak behavior with Putin. Not defending one’s country is a major one, but I think throwing his people under the bus may rival it. Nothing will galvanize dispirited staff like see their boss not defend.

    I saw where 70% of Republicans don’t care about the Russia thing, but the frank answer is they should. Keith

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    • Dear Keith.

      The US Congress representative Hurd is a rare profile in courage. If I could vote for him, I would. This is the kind of person that I want to see in the US Congress, whether he/she is a republican, democrat or whatever.

      If I were Rep Hurd, I wouldn’t even mention President Trump but I would talk about what’s important to his constituents.

      I hope his constituents appreciate him. They might. San Antonio is a military town.

      President Trump is not in position now to criticize our military heroes.

      Hugs, Gronda


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