It’s The Day After When Reality Bites. What Are GOP In US Congress To Do With President’s Mishaps”

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The 21st day of August 2018 is that moment in US history that will be recalled, as the day when the republican President Donald J. Trump finally came face to face, with what reality, truth and the “rule of law” looks like. This was the day that the president’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort for 5 months at a crucial time period in the president’s campaign, was convicted of 8 felonies by jurists and a presiding judge who were as favorable towards Mr. Manafort, as it is possible to be.

Then on this very same day, the president’s personal long-term lawyer/ fixer/ consigliere, Michael Cohen was convicted of eight felonies where he proceeded to implicate the president in the commission of campaign finance violations, pertaining to the hush monies paid out to President’s Trump’s former paramours in 2016. These affairs occurred  around the time when his wife was expecting to deliver their son, in 2006. Not only did President Trump order Mr. Cohen to make these payments, he reimbursed him for these expenses with the intent to keep these stories from harming his election chances

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No sooner did these headline, blockbusting news hit the airwaves, when the GOP members in the US Congress stepped up to the plate to attempt to spin the news of the day, away. At some point these lawmakers will have to face their own reality. No one beyond the president’s base of voters will be buying this hogwash.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post kindly penned a letter to these lawmakers, explaining their options.

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Here is the rest of the story…

On August 22, 2018, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post penned the following op-ed piece,  “A open letter to House and Senate Republicans”


“Tuesday (the 21st of August 2018) was an historic day for the American presidency. The president’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted of eight felonies. The president’s personal lawyer implicated the president in the commission of campaign finance violations, which if found to be intentional, can be charged as criminal offenses.”

“Not since Watergate have so many senior White House and campaign advisers been implicated in criminal wrongdoing. It certainly is possible that Manafort or Trump confidante Roger Stone will “flip” and begin cooperating. Other pleas and indictments may follow. With all that in mind let me take the opportunity to suggest to Republican House and Senate members that they have a short window to save themselves and their party, and to do the country some good.”

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Dear Republicans:

“For the past eighteen months, many of you have chosen to ignore the president’s attacks on the courts, on the FBI, on the Justice Department, on the First Amendment and on standards of decorum observed by every other president. You have ignored his alleged receipt of foreign emoluments in violation of the Constitution. By and large, most of you have refused to confront his racist outbursts and his serial lies. Some have even joined in attempts to smear the FBI and DOJ. Your leadership has refused to take action to protect special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein despite the real risk the president intends to fire them or, perhaps in the case of Mueller, impair his work by revoking his security clearance. “

“Now the president’s lawyer Michael Cohen has implicated him in the commission of a crime as part of a plea deal. With that development and the conviction or pleas of other top associates the president can no longer claim the investigation is a “witch hunt” or does not concern him.” 

“The first option is to do nothing, to continue excusing and rationalizing the president’s behavior. After Cohen’s plea and Manafort’s conviction, not to mention the indictment of two of Trump’s earliest House Republican supporters (Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter) the voters may come to view the GOP as a hotbed of corruption. Voters have good reason to conclude you will never hold the president accountable for any of his actions, and that therefore, to preserve our constitutional system, Republicans up and down the ballot must lose in convincing fashion. History will regard those who were inert during this time as political cowards and fools.” 

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“The second option is to prevent the runaway train. Protections for both Mueller and Rosenstein can be concretized in law. A select, bipartisan committee can be formed to review actions to date and determine the scope of possible illegality in the administration. It could also make recommendations, which may include statutory anti-corruption measures and initiation of impeachment proceedings. The Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh must be held in abeyance. Should the president be found to have committed crimes in pursuit of the presidency, Kavanaugh’s position on the high court would be tainted. (Even if Trump leaves the presidency, Vice President Pence would ascend to the presidency and could at that point renominate Kavanaugh.) If the special counsel exonerates the presidency, Kavanaugh’s confirmation could proceed forthwith. These actions would demonstrate to voters that you have some appreciation for your oaths of office and constitutional duties.” 

“The last option is to tear the bandage off now. Trump is a menace to the country and threatens to destroy the GOP as currently constituted. Disown Trump and repudiate his actions. Call for his resignation and embrace Pence as the leader of your party. Reject Trump’s receipt of emoluments and demand he sever ownership of his many business enterprises which pose an ongoing conflict of interest. Subpoena his tax returns and/or pass legislation requiring they be disclosed. In taking these moves you would disable Democrats’ campaign built around the need for a check on the presidency; you might even hold the House. In any event, your conscience would be clear and the party would have the opportunity to pick a new nominee for 2020. 

I am under no illusion as to your preferred route. You then should be under no illusions as to the electoral fate that awaits you and the legacy you will leave. Choose wisely.

Kind regards,



    • Dear Rugby 843,

      If President Trump could be restrained from his worst impulses, then I would agree with you. But I’m worried about his acting out as Mr. Mueller starts closing in even more, like starting a war.

      If President Trump can’t be restrained, then even I would prefer VP Pence who is at least sane.

      Hugs, Gronda


  1. The though of Pence is repulsive, I think Trump knew that and that is why he chose him as a running mate, the dog. He is already setting up the scene for a pardon for Manafort. We have to save this great country now.

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    • Dear Holly,

      This is the choice between the monster (Trump) and the creepy guy (Pence). It is a tough choice. As I told Rugby 843, if President Trump’s worst impulses could be restrained, then I’d say, let him stay until he’s impeached or equal but otherwise, sanity would win.

      As we all know by now, the US democracy is under attack, both from within and without.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall, listening to some of the conversations going on behind closed doors in the Capitol today? And the White House? This is the beginning of the culmination we all knew had to come sooner or later. Sadly, while I don’t care for Pence either, I think he would be less destructive than Trump, and I don’t think Congress would play softball with him as they do with Trump, so yes, I would like to see Trump leave office. That said, however, I am not convinced of the likelihood that will happen, and if it does, whether he resigns or is forced out, there will be chaos in this nation for a time, with his supporters continuing to claim he was evicted via a “witch hunt”. Unlike Nixon, he will not go quietly, and he will rile the masses. We are in for some difficult times, I fear, whichever way this goes.

    Good post, my friend … and good letter from J. Rubin!

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    • Dear Jill,

      Like I’ve been saying, for me the choice between President Trump and VP Pence is the choice between insanity vs, sanity. or between the monster and the creep.

      In any event, to my way of thinking, President Trump has to be either neutered (rendered harmless) or he has to go.

      The witch hunt description pertaining to the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe is no longer viable.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Dear Roger,

    The current level of corruption within President Trump’s administration and his sycophants in the US Congress makes the corruption under the Tammany Hall era, look like amateur hour.

    At least the corrupt officials during the Tammany Hall era, catered to the little guy. For example, hundreds of average working/ poor folks would receive Tammany Hall assistance with problems or baskets of food on holidays. The recipients/ voters would show their gratitude at the polls.

    Hugs, Gronda


  4. I would not go so far as to consider “the creepy guy” Pence sane. He is functional enough to know when to keep his mouth shut, but he is religious hate-mongering zealot and a serious threat to human and civil rights in general; LGBTQ and women’s rights in particular.

    And it is undetermined as to whether or not Pence could be contained.

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    • Dear Cherilyn,

      You have a point.

      I would never vote for President Trump or VP Mike Pence in a million years. Both these gentlemen are anti-immigration, anti-LGBTQ, etc. but President Trump is less of an ideologue and rigid than VP Pence. President Trump’s actions are more of a transactional nature.

      The problem is that there may not be a choice if President Trump should end up being impeached.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • On that I agree. And much as I hate to admit it, Pence may be insane too, but he also seems a bit more cautious. Trump’s recklessness is fine when it just involves him, but as President, it involves the entire country making his recklessness a national security threat.

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  5. Gronda, the GOP party leaders are well past midnight curfew on addressing their corrupt leader. I truly do not know what it will take for them to find their conscience and backbone. This letter is a good one. But, by failing to act, they are acquiescing to criminal behavior now and should reap what they sow. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      They are at a crossroads. They have to make that decision whether to continue to be derelict in their oversight duties and in honoring their oaths of office or to step up to the plate to do their jobs.

      There is that point of no return. I can’t stand to watch some of these lawmakers anymore, like Senator Lindsey Graham. His friend Senator McCain would be acting very differently.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  6. For trump supporters any negative “reporting or opinion” is proof they are righteous and just builds strength in that conviction. For christian evangelicals and fundamentalists, trump is sent by God and these are just trials and for most Congressional Republicans this is their chance for power, but very interesting is the NRA which for decades has been proclaiming their defense of personal gun ownership and the 2nd amendment is to keep dictators from taking over the government and here they are falling over their feet in enthusiasm to support trump.
    If trump is removed from office, pence will probably go too as it is very likely that pence would also know of any acts of trump which would be removable offenses.

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  7. Dear Steve Naegele,

    I only wish there was a guarantee that VP Pence would be pushed out of office along with President Trump, but I’m not convinced that this would be the case.

    You make a lot of sense when you say that most of the President’s base of voters like the Evangelicals are not going anywhere. But that there are die-hard supporters was even true in President Nixon’s day.

    It is ironic that President Trump’s die-hard followers are backing a would be dictator when they claim to want to protect themselves from this form of government.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • I do not think there is any guarantee, but if trump committed offenses for which he is impeached, then I believe it is very likely pence knew of those offenses but if pence would be impeached or not is another issue.

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