How Does Judge Kavanaugh Have The Chutzpah To Question The Political Motives Of Democrats?

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Once upon a time, around 1998 there was a Democratic Party President Bill Clinton who was involved in an adulterous consensual affair with a 23 year old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. A Special Prosecutor Kenneth Star who had been after President Clinton for years for other alleged misdeeds, discovered information about this dalliance, and he then pursued this story to where President Clinton lied about his indiscretion under oath. Because of this lie, the republican majority in the House filed for impeachment against President Clinton.

In December 1998, President Clinton was successfully impeached in the House on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, beginning a trial in the Senate. Within weeks, the US Senate rejected the charges against President Clinton and voted against removing him from office.

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Guess who assisted Kenneth Star in this endeavor. It was none other than the same Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh who became so righteously indignant over being questioned by US senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee on the 27th of September 2018, about the sexual assault allegations during high school that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had lodged against him and his friend Mark Judge.

Remember that GOP Senator Lindsey Graham who during the 9/27/18 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing became so righteously indignant as he shouted at his democratic colleagues for having unnecessarily ruined a man’s life by bringing these scurrilous accusations against Judge Kavanaugh. He accused them of playing crass politics.

He was one of the House prosecutors during the Clinton impeachment proceedings when he issued these words, “You couldn’t live with yourself knowing that you were going to leave a perjuring judge on the bench,” he said in 1999. “Ladies and gentlemen, as hard as it may be for the same reasons, cleanse this office.”

In archival video shared one recent evening by MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, Senator Graham, then a House of Representatives member, argued that a president can be removed “if this US Congress determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role . . . because impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

Karma has a way of coming back to haunt those who find it so easy to pass judgement on others while demonstrating little mercy.

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Here is the rest of the story…

On September 27, 2018, Ephrat Livni of Quartz penned the following report, “How to handle sexual misconduct hearings, in Kavanaugh’s own words”


“If Kavanaugh is held to the standard he articulated for President Bill Clinton when working for the Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in 1998, during an investigation into the president’s relationship with the intern Monica Lewinsky, the hearings will not be easy. At the time, Kavanaugh authored a memo, entitled “Slack for the President?” The answer to the memo’s titular question was, basically, “No.” Kavanaugh wrote then:”

“After reflecting this evening, I’m strongly opposed to giving the President any “break” in the questioning regarding details of the Lewinsky relationship…I have tried hard to bend over backwards and to be fair to him and to think of all reasonable defenses to his pattern of behavior. In the end, I am convinced that there really are none. The idea of going easy on him at the questioning is thus abhorrent to me.”

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“Twenty years ago, when Kavanaugh was contemplating Clinton’s affairs, he expressed a desire to get to the bottom of the misconduct and showed little mercy for the president. But he did show remarkable compassion for the young woman involved.”

“What has especially convinced me of the appropriateness of obtaining his ‘full and complete’ testimony regarding the details of his relationship are the sheer number of his wrongful acts,” Kavanaugh wrote of Clinton. “The President has disgraced his Office, the legal system, and the American people by having sex with a 23-year-old intern and turning her life into a shambles—callous and disgusting behavior that has somehow gotten lost in the shuffle.”

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“Kavanaugh’s insistence in the memo that Clinton speak for his transgressions helped lead (paywall) to Clinton’s impeachment, ultimately. Now Kavanaugh himself is facing serious allegations of nonconsensual sexual misconduct by Christine Blasey FordDeborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick, and a fourth anonymous complaint arising from an alleged incident in 1998. These make his previous assessment of the president’s behavior all the more poignant. In 1998 Kavanaugh stated:”

“He should be made to account for all of that and to defend his actions. It may not be our job to impose sanctions —but it is our job to make his pattern of revolting behavior clear—piece by painful piece…I am mindful of the need for respect…But in my view, given what we know, the Office of the President will best be served by our gathering the full facts regarding the actions of this President so that Congress can decide whether the interests of the Presidency would best be served by having a new President.”

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“In other words, Kavanaugh understands as well as anybody why people might be unhappy to see a man retain or attain power without the proper character for a lofty position. As the nominee himself noted two decades ago, “More to the point. Aren’t we failing to fulfill our duty to the American people if we willingly conspire with the President in an effort to conceal the true nature of his acts?”

“Perhaps then, he can sympathize with the many Americans who are demanding that Kavanaugh be able to live up to the standard he eloquently expressed himself 20 years ago, if he is to become a Supreme Court justice.”

See: Read the memo from Brett Kavanaugh to Judge Starr – Washington Post


  1. He does this because he clearly understands that he has not been appointed based on his achievements but because he is a political appointment with a political agenda. Never before has there been a Supreme Court appointee who made a political campaign appearance to show his commitment to a political constituency like Kavanaugh, dragging his family on with him, did on fox tv.

    And Kavanaugh has no concern for serving the American people, he like trump is solely concerned with what is owed him and what is his rights. Any one, especially at this level with professional integrity would have shown serious concern for what is happening in this appointment process but for Kavanaugh its simply about himself and what he wants and to hell with the people of the United States.

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    • Dear Steve Naegele,

      We all know by now that President Trump has the worst/ best nose for picking the worst candidate for any given position with very rare exceptions, which is almost always someone who can benefit him the most.

      He works to keep his base happy, the rest of us are roadkill.

      Judge Kavanaugh is not fit to be a Supreme Court justice for multiple reasons. His rant about political conspiracy concepts on 9/27/18 against Democrats who are out to get him, was beyond the pale.

      While it is true that democrats would do just about anything to delay/ impede/ end his bid to become a supreme court justice, they are not coming up with women to falsely accuse him. The women coming forward with accusations need to be heard and believed until proven, otherwise.

      They are NOT to be treated as potted plants like Dr. Ford was treated at the 9/27/18 senate judiciary hearing.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, I found this type of attack ad offputting. To me, this makes him an unworthy candidate, by itself. As an Independent voter, I do not want my judges to be partisan. I recognize that is a pipe dream, but it is a hope. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. This has been my contention from the start. Judge Kavanaugh has been too much of a political animal to be fit to serve on the US Supreme Court. This fact does not bother the GOP but it does set up alarms for most of us who would prefer the US Supreme Court to check its political impulses when making decisions.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Lavenderandlevity,

      You have the unfortunate position of probably being right on this one. But, the FBI has to be motivated to do a good job on this background check despite the president’s attempts to hamper them.

      Meanwhile, let’s keep calling US senators to let them know, this matters.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. I am so disgusted by all this, I really can’t imagine any ‘judge’ anywhere behaving like he did in public, on tv, when,the whole world was watching. Where was his decorum, his self-control? Shameful. By the way, that picture with his children – surely that’s not at the hearing? I really can’t understand him using his children as a shield like that, wherever it is, that in itself shows his ruthlessness and lack of empathy .

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      • Dear The Warner,

        Judge Brett Kavanaugh definitely has an ugly side that was on full display for the world to see. We saw a man who is being forced to face his past sins which isn’t easy to do in private, but it is mission impossible to do this well while on public display.

        He put President Bill Clinton through hell in 1998-1999 for his affair which was between 2 consenting adults, but he is above being questioned about his own possible sexual criminal behaviors.

        He is very partisan and that alone should bar him from becoming the next US Supreme Court justice.

        Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Memoirsofahusk,

      I couldn’t agree more. Here is a man who had a prestigious job as a judge on the Federal Court level, was enjoying teaching law classes and other activities, has a beautiful family, and had the luck and good fortune to have cleared past FBI (law enforcement) background checks) when he has to be aware of his past sins.

      But his hubris, ambition got in the way of his good sense. He doesn’t deserve/ he is not entitled to become a Supreme Court justice. Why would any half decent man put his family through this?

      He’s done himself in by his own actions. Let’s just pray that those GOP Grumpy Old Perverts in the US Senate don’t manage to ensconce him to a seat on the US Supreme Court bench.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  4. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    For those of you who actually thought there would be a real investigation of this man and the claims against him, you need to read this link. It is exactly what I anticipated would take place! This will not be an investigation… Please take your blood pressure med’s prior to reading it!

    “”Instead of investigating Swetnick’s claims, the White House counsel’s office has given the FBI a list of witnesses they are permitted to interview, according to several people who discussed the parameters on the condition of anonymity. They characterized the White House instructions as a significant constraint on the FBI investigation and caution that such a limited scope, while not unusual in normal circumstances, may make it difficult to pursue additional leads in a case in which a Supreme Court nominee has been accused of sexual assault.””

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      This somehow got leaked by the FBI early, which was no less than we’ve come to expect from this president.

      The backlash regarding his attempts to put what amounts to a straight jacket on FBI agents to hamper them from doing a serious probe will backfire, bigly. What he’s doing is illegal. Again, he’s attempting to obstruct justice.

      I’m giving more thought to that case you mentioned a couple days ago, ” Gamble vs US. No 17-646.″ I’ll be doing some research on it as you suggested. There has to be a reason the GOP old geezers are rushing this process beyond reason, other than what we know so far.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  5. Dear Mary Plumbago,

    I’ve not yet given up hope that the FBI will step up to the plate to do a proper background check on Judge Kavanaugh based on the allegations of sexual assaults against him filed by at least 3 women including Dr. Ford.

    Hugs, Gronda


  6. Kavanaugh obviously subscribes to the ‘I normally hate hypocrisy, but in my own case circumstances dictate I must make an exception’ school of moral judgement.

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