aside Dear GOP US Senators: This Is The Party You’re Becoming A Party To Which Is Beyond Ugly

Dear Republican US senators, you are party to a once venerable Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln which is now showing itself to being a very ugly institution. Just know that your confirmation of the US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh is just a symptom of this degradation of our US government institutions.

Look no further than your own leader, the republican President Donald Trump past poor treatment of women who didn’t hesitate for a second to mock a decent sexual assault survivor, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a recent campaign rally, where the crowd responded with jeering and laughter. That’s what you’re a part of which is nothing to brag about to your children.

See those protesters at your door. They reflect what most of us are feeling.

Image result for photos of protests against kavanaugh 10/4/18

See how another GOP leader is treating women. When you lose bigly in November 2018, please remember that you were warned. Decent folks are aghast by what we’ve been witnessing.

As per a 10/4/18 Newsweek report by Benjamin Fearnow, “North Carolina Republican leader attempted to ridicule an alleged 1982 photo of Christine Blasey Ford on Facebook, but the picture is actually just a random internet meme. His post also implied Ford was too ugly to sexually assault.”

Cabarrus County Republican Chairman Lanny Lancaster defended his decision to share a mocking post of a random 1980s yearbook picture with the caption, “This is the alleged sexual assault victim. Wow.” Even when confronted by The News & Observer with the fact it is not a photo of Ford, Lancaster blasted the “media” for wanting Americans “to think she was a beautiful young lady.”

“A North Carolina Republican leader attempted to ridicule an alleged 1982 photo of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.”

fake dr christine blasey ford picture
This picture is actually just a random internet meme.SCREENSHOT: FRANK MCNEILL TWITTER

“Why would a potential congressman be concerned with what a Republican chairman thinks?” Lancaster told the paper. “He appears to be the type of person that will be a troublemaker. To me, him looking at my Facebook page is childish on his behalf. Is he going to be a childish congressman?”

“I didn’t say anything. I just said this is her picture. Basically, the media is distorting the facts on this lady. Everything she’s said is made up. She has no evidence whatsoever, Lancaster told the newspaper.”

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“The media wants you to think she was a beautiful young lady who was on her way home from the tennis courts.…” Lancaster said. “I just wanted you to see the real person. I wanted people to see that this is really her.”

“Lancaster’s sharing of the fake Blasey Ford photo comes after President Donald Trump openly mocked her at a Mississippi rally.”


  1. Gronda, I have grown weary of the great rationalization that sands over all of the President’s boorish behaviors. What do his sycophants tell their kids – it is OK to lie, it is OK to bully, it is OK to demean others who disagree, it is OK to treat your friends poorly and it is OK to grab a women by their private parts or walk in on unclothed teen girls without their permission.

    All of this is OK as he will pick a Supreme Court judge who will deny a woman’s rights. It is fitting one alleged sexual assaulter has picked another to accomplish this task.


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    • Dear Keith,

      I just returned from MN. as I spent time with my 16 yr. old grandson and my 4 yr. old granddaughter. As I spent time with them, I had been thinking similar thoughts as you.

      It’s up to to us as parents/ grandparents to teach young peoples that there’s a better way to live their lives. These young people are great and they get it.

      It’s these GOP Grumpy Old Perverts like President Trump and his cronies who don’t get it. They’ve passed their prime and they are going to go the way of the dinosaur.

      Sen. Grassley made the unfortunate comment that there are no GOP female senators on the Judiciary Committee because the work is too hard. He needs to be put out to pasture.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Gronda, what bothers me as well is the patronizing pat on the head of Dr. Ford. The rationalization is something like she is believable and went through something, but she is mistakened. She passed a lie detector test and mentioned Kavanaugh six years ago. And, what about the other two accusers? Of course, Kavanaugh got advice from another accused sexual harasser on how to aggressively defend yourself. Here is the deal – just because 51 people believe Kavanaugh does not mean he did not do it. It just means the FBI was hamstrung on their investigation. Keith

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        • Dear Keith,

          As I’ve mentioned, many of the GOP senators personally know and like Judge Kavanaugh to where they are willing to discount Dr. Ford’s allegations. But I believe her. If they knew her better, they would be looking at her differently. They just can’t accept that the guy they admire did in fact sexually assault a young lady.

          What’s sick is that if any man of color who had been accused of similar actions, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t be given the benefit of Senator Collin’s standard, which is the ‘presumption of innocence.’

          This is just one of many reasons that these GOP members will come to regret their decision to confirm the SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

          Hugs, Gronda


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