Gronda Morin Will Be MIA For A Few Days Starting 11/15/18

Image result for PHOTO OF SICK maxineThis is a notice to all my readers, followers and blogging family, I’ve been incapacitated for a few days. Around the end of October 2018, I woke up with sore upper left arm and shoulder.

When the pain first started, I paid no attention thinking that I had simply slept the wrong way to where I just took a couple of over the counter pain pills. By that same evening, I was in excruciating pain to where I went to the emergency room. Even with the medication I was given, I’m still in pain. This makes it more difficult to concentrate to do any work.

So far, the diagnosis is scapula bursitis but the pain is worse to where I can’t see straight.

I’m still in the process of getting all this worked out. This is a great time to say thank-you to all my readers, followers and my blogging family


  1. Gronda, you will be missed, but you must take care of you. Hope that the physicians get it all worked out very soon — like yesterday. Being in pain is no fun. (((((Hugs)))))

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