aside Ideas To End President’s 2019 Gov Shutdown In Insane Circumstances Based On A Bed Of Lies


Here’s the reality for those who say, just make a deal! That thinking only works if all parties are seriously seeking to cut a deal. But if one of the major players wants to curtail the possibility of arriving at a consensus for other motivations, this makes deal making unrealistic.

This is the situation that the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finds herself facing. She has  ascertained not only that President Donald Trump never had any intention of cutting a deal with Democrats that was a true negotiation beyond succumbing to his hard-line stance, “It’s my way or the highway,” but that US senators are being blocked from voting on any legislation designed to end the government shutdown without the president’s prior approval by their leader, Senator Mitch McConnell.

To make matters worse, the tenuousness of this shutdown is exacerbated as President Trump with his GOP staffers, White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director Russell T. Voughtalong with US House GOP  “Freedom Caucus” leaders Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, who are all small government zealots and who’re convinced that the government shutdown’s continuation, is a plus towards reaching their objective of a smaller government. To add salt to injury, these small government advocates are most likely being amply rewarded by like-minded corporate donors as this government shutdown continues.



Realistically, how does Speaker Pelosi deal under this set of circumstances. Why do you think that the then US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi cut short the 3 day government shutdown in January 2018 over the president reneging on a deal to protect DACA dreamers (young peoples who came to US with undocumented parents but who had known no other country) from possible deportation.  What she figured out, was that the president wanted this shutdown. She had to make a tough call, but she did.

“We the People” are well aware that going back to the years of 2017 and 2018, that most of the GOP members (3 out of 4) in the US congress were singing a different sour tune about the efficacy of the presidents US SW border wall than from the tune they’re singing today in January 2019. As the GOP lawmakers continue to support the president’s government shutdown, harming hard working public servants who were forced to forego their paychecks or have them delayed, remember that those past 2017-2018 GOP lawmakers’ comments regarding the wall will become fodder for future campaign Ads.




Back to 2017

In a September 2017 USA Today Network survey,  “three Republicans — Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Reps. Steve Pearce of New Mexico and Will Hurd of Texas — said they oppose the $1.6 billion expenditure to begin building the wall.”

“I voted against including border wall funding into the recent appropriations package because I favor a border security solution based on improved technology and manpower,” Hurd told USA TODAY. “I’ve made it clear time and time again that building a physical wall from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to secure the border.”

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Back to the future 2019

President Trump had calculated, that after most republicans while in majority control of both houses in the US Congress in 2017 and 2018, had resisted budgeting for more than $1.6 billion dollars for his wall, that he could now force the new Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives, to give into his demands  for $5.7 billion dollars for 200 miles of a wall if he subjected the country to a partial government shutdown, despite the pain that would be inflicted on 800,000 public servants who would have to forgo their paychecks or have them delayed.

In addition, he was convinced that this tactic would benefit him by consolidating the anti-immigration hardliners of his base, plus he was counting on  a repeat scenario of the January 2018/ 3 day weekend government shutdown, were he had more success in shifting the blame for the shutdown onto the democrats.

I like most Americans have been losing sleep worrying over this 2019 government shutdown lasting too long, as millions of Americans suffer irreparable harm, not just to themselves, their families, business owners who cater to federal government employees but to the US economy. This is so wrong on so many levels.

Is there any way out of this that allows Speaker Pelosi to be a US heroine while giving President Trump what he wants? If she gives into the president’s current demands, the American peoples would be at risk/ subject to more shutdowns whenever there was a GOP budget or some other crisis.

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There’s one one idea that I heard about on “Morning Joe.” What if Speaker Pelosi just gave the president his 5 billion dollars but only after legislation has been passed that bars future government shutdowns as per the current US Senate drafted law by 9 senators?

Speaker Pelosi could also fight for funds to compensate government contractors which wouldn’t be compensated, otherwise, without assistance plus she could push for a bonus for those Americans who had their pay, delayed.


  1. Gronda, the crisis at the border has been manufactured at a cost to the taxpayers. Sending our military down there to guard the border and keeping some still there is costly. Chris Wallace, a conservative reporter, has real time told Sarah Sanders (and the President) she was lying about the nature, the number and the subterfuge of the people captures at the border that were alleged terrorists. It is not 4,000, as that is how many people were detained at airports. The number is 0. Plus, these apprehensions are people flying from countries on the President’s travel ban list and not mecessarily terrorists.

    Why must they lie? Why must they give the illusion of a bigger problem? Yes, we need to fix immigration concerns and improve border security, but it should be fact-based and what the Peesident is sharing are now facts. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I have never been in a negotiation where all sides don’t want to reach an agreement. And I’ve never been party to a negotiation where one side keeps doubling down on lies that are easily proven false and where facts don’t matter.If I had been in this kind of situation, I would have walked away because making a deal with someone who is dysfunctional, unreliable and chaotic would be a fool’s mission.

      This is what Speaker Pelosi is facing. Yet, she is the adult who does care about those gov workers who are suffering because the president needs his ego stoked over a made-up crisis at the US SW border to where he has to build his wall to fix his made up crisis.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Trump claims the democrats are not willing to make a deal, yet it is he and he alone who has made it clear there will be no compromise from his side. Has he said, “Okay, how about half the $5.7 billion?” No, he has not. With him, it’s all or nothing at all. I will be terribly disappointed if the democrats give him $5.7 billion of OUR money to build a damn useless ego-wall when we are letting down people who are homeless, people who cannot feed their children, people who are dying for lack of health care. There are more important things in life than Donald Trump’s ego.

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    • Dear Jill,

      I look at this differently. I’d give him the 5 plus billion dollars to stop the bleeding by so many innocents in a mega second but only after he signed a law barring any future gov shutdowns.

      Speaker Pelosi can’t give him a penny now because he has not been dealing in good faith. If she gives an inch, she will be subjecting these same federal workers to future shutdowns over and over again every time this president has a bad hair day.. She has to hold tight just like law enforcement would do under a hostage crisis.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I wonder if he would ever sign a bill barring future government shutdowns? I rather doubt it, for then what leverage would he have when he wanted to throw a temper tantrum to get his way? Sigh. This truly is a hostage crisis … he is holding this entire nation hostage in order to get HIS way. What he wants has nothing whatsoever to do with the good of the nation, but only feeds his ego.


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    • Dear Sotomayor111,

      You are so right. We have a president who doesn’t get that he’s a public servant. It’s not okay to use peoples as pawns so he can make a deal that’s favorable to him, for any reason.

      Hugs, Gronda

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