President And Others In White House Ordered Overturn Of 25 Employees’ FBI Security Check Denials

If one wonders why the stench of self serving survival tactics and the dissemination of lies; corruption and examples of greed gone amok; discord and chaos are so rampantly on display in the White House, one has to look no further than the 25 employees having their FBI security background check denials, overturned by White House officials including by the republican US President Donald Trump.

As I’ve previously asserted in previous blogs, If Donald Trump were not the US president, he could not pass the most basic FBI security background check because of his significant financial ties with foreign entities, considered to be adversarial to US interests; and because of his habitual lying.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On April 1, 2019 Rachel Bade of the Washington Post penned following report, White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were reversed during Trump administration


“A White House whistleblower told lawmakers that more than two dozen denials for security clearances have been overturned during the Trump administration, calling Congress her “last hope” for addressing what she considers improper conduct that has left the nation’s secrets exposed.”

Image result for IMAGES OF Tricia Newbold,“Tricia Newbold, a longtime White House security adviser, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee that she and her colleagues issued “dozens” of denials for security clearance applications that were later approved despite their concerns about blackmail, foreign influence or other red flags, according to panel documents released Monday (4/1/2019).”

“Newbold, an 18-year veteran of the security clearance process who has served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, said she warned her superiors that clearances “were not always adjudicated in the best interest of national security” — and was retaliated against for doing so.”

“I would not be doing a service to myself, my country, or my children if I sat back knowing that the issues that we have could impact national security,” Newbold told the committee, according to a panel document summarizing her allegations.”

Newbold added: “I feel that right now this is my last hope to really bring the integrity back into our office.”

The allegation comes during an escalating fight over the issue between House Democrats and the White House. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), the committee chairman, said in a letter to the White House Counsel’s Office that his panel would vote on Tuesday to subpoena at least one individual who overruled Newbold — the committee’s first compulsory move aimed at the White House.”

“Cummings vowed more subpoenas would follow if the White House didn’t cooperate with his panel’s investigation.”

“White House officials whose security clearances are being scrutinized by the House Oversight Committee include the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and national security adviser John Bolton, according to the panel’s letter.”

Image result for images of trump with white house staff

Image result for images of trump with white house staff

“In a statement, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, accused Cummings of politicizing an issue that should be bipartisan.”

“Chairman Cummings’ investigation is not about restoring integrity to the security clearance process, it is an excuse to go fishing through the personal files of dedicated public servants,” Jordan said. “The process by which this matter has so far progressed has been anything but fair.”

“The Trump administration has refused to comply with numerous document requests and inquiries Cummings has made on the topic over the past two years. Cummings identified the security clearance process as one of his top priorities after Democrats took the majority in the House in the fall, but his panel has not received a single document from the White House on the issue.”

Infographic: How Does Trump's Turnover Compare to Other Presidents? | Statista

“The Committee has given the White House every possible opportunity to cooperate with this investigation, but you have declined,” Cummings wrote in the Monday letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone. “Your actions are now preventing the committee from obtaining the information it needs to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.”

“Cummings later argued: “In light of the grave reports from this whistleblower — and the ongoing refusal of the White House to provide the information we need to conduct our investigation — the committee now plans to proceed with compulsory process and begin authorizing subpoenas, starting at tomorrow’s business meeting.”

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“The controversy, Democrats argue, strikes at the heart of their investigations into President Trump. They believe Trump has abused his power and bent the rules to accommodate himself, his children and his allies. And the security clearance issue, they argue, is an example of how he has put his own desires before the interests of the nation.”

“Multiple newspapers, including The Washington Post, reported that Trump early last year directed his then-chief of staff, John F. Kelly, to give Kushner a top-secret security clearance — a move that made Kelly so uncomfortable that he documented the request in writing, according to current and former administration officials.”


“Newbold expressed fear in coming forward, telling the panel, “I’m terrified of going back. I know that this will not be perceived in favor of my intentions, which is to bring back the integrity of the office.”

“She said she has already faced retaliation for declining to issue security clearances and challenging her superiors as they sought to implement clearance-process changes she disagreed with during the Trump administration.”

Link to article: White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were overturned …

[rump demanded top-secret security clearance for Jared Kushner last year despite concerns of John Kelly and intelligence officials ]


  1. Gronda, this story should not be brushed aside as just another Trump acting poorly story. This overturn of security denials puts our country at risk. Two names in particular give pause and they are married. Neither Ivanka or Jared were ever vetted by the Senate as they do not have an official job. Ivanka was called on the carpet for marketing her products. The CIA notes other countries talk openly about using Jared with his financial woes. As we have discussed his indictment in New York will not be a surprise.

    Jim Jordan needs to remember his own oath is to the constitution. His sycophancy to Trump is nauseating. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      You are so right. The White House cannot sweep this security breech under the rug. Our US national security is at risk. The Russia story may be a bit nuanced and complicated but overturning 25 staffers’ FBI security clearance denials is something everybody gets.

      As I was mentioning to Jill, this is the perfect example of the president not acting in a way that’s illegal or criminal but WHERE HIS ACTIONS ARE NOT OKAY.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. For the Trump administration to simply ignore requests by Congress for documents is unconscionable and defies the checks and balances called for by the Constitution. Trump apparently already sees himself as a supreme ruler who can do precisely as he chooses, and it’s time for either the courts or Congress to show him differently.

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    • Dear Jill,

      This shouldn’t be a left or right issue. This is a national security issue. The GOP hypocrisy is off the charts on this issue. They still want to lock up HRC for her possibly having compromised national security by her usage of a private server while she was Secretary Of State.

      But President Trump has used unsecured cell phone where China or Russia could easily be plugged in; he has shared classified data directly with Russians; his daughter has used unsecured server and her husband has used WhatsApp for official work, including with some foreign officials. Now we find out that a record setting 25 White House staffers did not pass FBI background security checks but President Trump didn’t deem the process as one of importance, and so he orders all these security clearance denials, overturned.

      The White House had better cooperate. But this is the perfect example of the president not acting in a way that’s illegal or criminal but WHERE HIS ACTIONS ARE NOT OKAY.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Your examples point to the fact there is, in this administration, a double standard. And his blaming of Hillary is only to deflect attention from his own crimes. You are right … it is not a partisan issue, but rather an issue of every law on the books being broken, national security being compromised, and our lives endangered, by a bunch of incompetent, greedy buffoons! I am so angry over all of this that I considered trying to get a job as a White House chef so I could slip some arsenic into his food! Sigh. No, nothing he has done in over two years is okay. He’s stripping this nation of its dignity, its ethics, and what angers me most is his ignorant base still applauds him. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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