All That’s Needed For Evil To Flourish, Is For Good Peoples Like House Democrats To Do Nothing

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It’s been frustrating to observe an admittedly formidable and competent US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doing her level best to avoid directing the House Democrats from initiating an impeachment inquiry against the republican President Donald  J. Trump for his numerous felonious acts as enumerated by the FBI’s 3/22/2019 final report based on its 22 months long Trump-Russia probe, led by the Special Counsel and former FBI Director for 12 years, Robert Mueller III.

Based on the FBI’s Mueller report, over 1000 federal prosecutors on a bi-partisan basis, have signed a public declaration during June 2019, explaining to the public, that if Donald Trump weren’t president, he would’ve been criminally indicted. There’s s Department of Justice rule which blocks a US sitting president from being criminally indicted and that’s the only reason, he hasn’t been arrested.  As of 2019-2020, there’s only one government entity which has the power granted it by the US Constitution to hold President Trump accountable for his crimes, and it’s the US House of Representatives.

See: Full Text of the Mueller Report’s Executive Summaries…


Personally, I’ve tried to give Speaker Pelosi the benefit of the doubt to help make sense of why she would be slow walking the commencement of an impeachment inquiry, like perhaps she didn’t have the 218 votes that’s required to pass anything; maybe she was worried about maintaining the Democratic Party majority in the US House of Representatives in 2020, as it would take only 18 seats to flip the control of the House to the republicans, and there are about 26 House Democrats from Trump leaning districts who’re vulnerable, or maybe she has reasons that she can’t share. Her ally who’s been supportive of Speaker Pelosi’s anti-impeachment stand is non other than the House Intel Committee Chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff who would be privy to counter-intelligence information regarding President Trump.

But I can’t explain away her excuses, anymore. Speaker Pelosi and the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff are the 2 Democrats in key House leadership positions who’re staunchly anti-impeachment but who’re trying to appease their pro-impeachment base of voters with a myriad of nonsensical excuses. They’re walking a familiar tightrope, but this time, voters are paying attention. Speaker Pelosi’s Democratic Party activist members raised millions of dollars and they worked hard by volunteering, registering new voters, knocking on doors, getting folks out to the voting booths, in order to restore a Democratic House majority last fall for the first time in 8 years, based on their visceral opposition to the lawless President Trump.

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Our founders wrote the US Constitution with the core purpose to prevent tyranny. They didn’t want this country to be under the thumb of another king. That’s why the US Constitutional framers came up with the idea of distributing power among the president, the legislative body (the US Congress), and the judiciary branch. These 3 branches were designed to prevent the chances of our US democracy from being ruled by an authoritarian type leader, like President Trump.

These framers also put in a tool within the US Constitution to be a check against a president who would attempt to usurp the powers of the other branches of government. Article I, Section 2 gives the House of Representatives the “sole power over the impeachment” process. Article I, Section 3 gives the Senate the “sole power to conduct a trial regarding all impeachments.” These are separate functions. In fact of the 3 past impeached presidents, 2 were not convicted by the US Senate and the republican President Richard Nixon chose to resign rather than undergo a trial in the US Senate.

These House Democratic leaders are advancing a flawed interpretation of honoring their oaths of office, to avoid their responsibilities under Article I of the Constitution. They all have admitted that President Trump has committed impeachable offenses, which means they are fully aware of their constitutionally mandated obligation to impeach him, regardless of whether their counterparts in the Senate will fulfill their own sworn (separate) duties in a trial, end of story. To not act, establishes an untenable precedent where in the future, it would be virtually impossible to use the tool of impeachment as a check on a lawless president.

Speaker Pelosi is so focused on the political downside/ risk of the House conducting an impeachment inquiry, that she’s not considered  “the political costs of not impeaching President Trump

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I’m so worried that even our House Democratic leaders have become so desensitized to the chaotic, incompetent, impulsive, authoritarian management style which is often cruel and inhumane, bordering on the beginning stages of fascism or a dictatorship, by President Trump who has a 11/2 years left in his first term, that they’ve lost their own humanity, moral compass and sound judgement.

See report: The Last Prosecutor From the Nuremberg Trials Says We’re Committing Crimes Against Humanity

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For the past few days, I’ve been tweeting a shortened version of the following:

For evil, like the brutal treatment of Central American refugee children and families at US SW border who are legally seeking asylum in the USA; the planned mass deportation by ICE of 1000s of immigrants which would result in the painful break-up of numerous families; to allow a “wag the dog” lying president who has a penchant for threatening regimes instead of relying on diplomatic measures, to continue to flourish and to increase in depravity, is for good peoples to do nothing. In this case, I’m defining the ‘good peoples’ as the US Congress, including the House Democrats. Evil cannot go unchecked and that’s why I’ve become a pro-impeachment advocate.

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Here’s the rest of the story…Do any of the below details sound familiar?…

As per an April 24, 2018 New Yorker report, “Madeleine Albright Warns of a New Fascism—and Trump” by Robin Wright, ” There are other worrying signs. The Economist’s index—which factors in due process, individual freedoms, and space for civil society—reduced the United States’ ranking from a full democracy to a “flawed democracy.” In the early nineteen-sixties, more than 70% of Americans told Pew researchers that they had faith in government “most of the time” or “just about always.” In 2016, faith had sunk below 20%. American politics is increasingly defined by contempt rather than a sense of common good.”

“Adolf Hitler catapulted to power in Germany using similar tactics in a similar environment—a craving by the people for direction that conventional politicians weren’t providing. He “lied incessantly about himself and about his enemies,” Albright writes. He convinced millions that he “cared for them deeply when, in fact, he would’ve willingly sacrificed them all.”


“The US was not immune to the temptation of Fascism. In 1939, Fritz Kuhn, who led the Nazi-affiliated German American Bund, famously attracted twenty thousand followers to an event at Madison Square Garden, which echoed with shouts of “Seig Heil.” (He ended up serving a four-year prison stint for tax evasion.) Senator Joe McCarthy, a Wisconsin Republican, was a showman who had “the mentality of a Fascist bully” and “the instincts of a Mussolini,” but lacked the intellect, Albright writes. McCarthy fooled many by using the demagogue’s trick: “repeat a lie often enough and it begins to sound like it must—or at least might—be so.”

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Read Spiegel’s Report On How Appeasement Failed to Stop Hitler

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  1. I have to admit that I did not read all of your posting because my vision is low. but let me say this, Nancy Pelosi has a plan (I think). It is to not proceed down the road of impeachment where a GOP senate will not convict. Instead, regardless of the outcome of the 2020 elections, the statute of limitations will not have expired and Donald Trump could be convicted of various crimes, misdemeanors and felonies for which he could go to jail regardless which party controls the senate.
    I believe it is legally correct to impeach however rather than scoring points on correctness I believe he deserves time in jail for the greedy profiteering asshole that he seems to be.

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    • Dear Cethru Cellophane,

      You could very well be right that the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a plan. I can only hope that this is the case.

      Here’s why I worry about not holding President Trump accountable now via impeachment. He has 1 1/2 years left in his term to do a lot of damage.

      Because the president’s buddy is the Attorney General William Barr who heads the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the DOJ will not lift a finger to hold the president accountable. This leaves only one government entity left that can hold him accountable for his crimes between now and January 2021. That’s the power to impeach by the US House of Representatives because this is the one non legislative tool granted it by the US Constitution.

      If President Trump is impeached (this is not a criminal court) by the House, he can still be held criminally liable once he leaves in 2021. Not being convicted by the US Senate is nothing new. The past 3 presidents who were impeached were never convicted in the US Senate but they were marked forever in the history books as having been impeached by the US House.

      Now what happens if by some fluke, President Trump wins reelection. While he is serving his second term, the 5 yr. “Statute of Limitation” kicks in for the crimes he’s alleged to have committed. There are some who suggest that the “Statute of Limitations” can be tolled/ stopped while he’s in the White House. That’s not true in criminal law. So, it’s possible that the president could walk away from any of the federal crimes that he’s executed.

      That’s why, I believe it’s important for the House to use its power of impeachment now. It’s a duty, obligation that it cannot morally avoid.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Thank you for your explanation. Not having grown up or having been educated here in the US I am painfully ignorant of US constitutional law. Now I understand the importance of impeachment. Thank you again. P.S. Looking forward to more of your postings.

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