Still Trying To Make Sense Of Why Speaker Pelosi Shuns I-Word Against President Trump


The US House Democrats at the behest of their leadership have been failing their base of voters by refusing to date, to commence an “impeachment investigation,” its one non-legislative duty granted it by the US Constitution with its Article I, Section 2 which gives the House of Representatives the “sole power over the impeachment” process; and Article I, Section 3 which grants the Senate the “sole power to conduct a trial regarding all impeachments.

In short, the House Democrats are refusing to use its most effective constitutionally mandated tool of the “impeachment inquiry/ investigation,” to hold the current wanna be authoritarian republican President Donald Trump accountable for all his criminal activities as detailed by the FBI’s 3/22/2019 final report regarding its 22 months long Trump-Russia probe, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller III.


Remember that our fore-fathers wrote the US Constitution with the core purpose to prevent  tyranny. They had anticipated the future possibility of a would-be authoritarian type leader like President Trump, and so they bestowed to this country, the tool of impeachment to bolster our ability to save this great experiment in democracy and to stand up for the “rule of law.”


History is watching.  This is the time/ the moment that defines for all time, the action or inaction where the House Democrats, either take the courageous, moral stand or they cower in fear, in standing up to a tyrannical head of state, because of political expediency. The House Speaker Pelosi who’s right in most things regarding political strategy is wrong on this one, but this time the destructive consequences to the Democratic Party are for real.


Speaker Pelosi is convinced that the key to her majority in the House is not liberal members from safe districts which will always be represented by a Democrat lawmaker but members from Trump/swing districts, who must take more care to communicate moderation and reasonableness. In short, she doesn’t want to risk her majority position. but in taking this avoidance of political risk stance, there’s a strong possibility that she’ll lose her current Democratic Party majority position in the US House if the republican President Donald Trump wins his 2020 bid for reelection which is a very real possibility.


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Here is the rest of the story by an author who reflects my thinking…

On June 13, 2019, Todd Stern for the Washington Post penned the following report, “The real reason Nancy Pelosi is ducking impeachment”


“The pillars of that democracy are a strong Congress, a vibrantly free press, an independent judiciary, law enforcement without political manipulation and a foundational commitment to the truth. President Trump is attacking every one of these pillars repeatedly, forcefully and with malice aforethought.”

“Yet Democrats stand divided and unsure on the impeachment question, unwilling to act while faced with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s opposition. The speaker is enormously able, a hero in our party. But she is not infallible. And, in my view, she’s wrong now. Democrats ought to open an impeachment inquiry without delay.”


“As a threshold matter, it appears that Trump has committed a variety of impeachable offenses. Obstruction of justice is the most obvious, because the Mueller report lays out a withering case of criminal obstruction, and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III himself made clear he didn’t consider such a case only because of Justice Department guidance against indicting a sitting president. More than 1,000 former prosecutors, Democrats and Republicans, have declared in a petition that Trump would have been indicted on multiple obstruction counts if he were not not president. A partial list of other grounds for impeachment would include Trump’s failure to protect the United States against foreign attacks on our electoral system, his blanket refusal to comply with lawful congressional subpoenas, his attempt to prosecute political enemies, and his welcoming, benefiting from and rewarding of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.”

“The speaker and her leadership team have sought to defend their refusal to open an impeachment inquiry on several grounds, but none of them adds up. They have said we need to hold investigative hearings first to gather more information, but the truth is that we know more than enough already from the Mueller report and Trump’s public conduct to begin an impeachment inquiry now. Such a formal inquiry would put the House in the best possible position to defeat Trump’s effort to block access to documents and witnesses, because Congress’s constitutional impeachment power is undisputed. Suggesting we don’t know enough yet only sends a misleading message to the public.”

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“The speaker has also said impeachment would be divisive, so we shouldn’t move forward unless there’re enough Senate Republicans to convict. But if divisiveness were a ground for taking a pass on impeachment, this essential safeguard would wither on the vine. And since when do strong, proud, able Democrats seek approval from the other side before acting on a matter of crucial constitutional, moral and political consequence?”

“The House leadership team has also said Trump is goading us into impeachment because it’s just what he wants politically. But his own words belie this theory; They are a tell. Speaking to reporters outside the White House on May 30, he described impeachment as “dirty, filthy, disgusting.” Those words occupy the last rung of Trump’s phobic hell.”

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“Most recently, the speaker has said she wants to see Trump in prison, not impeached — meaning beat him next year and then indict. But this is a silly attempt to show toughness. Whether Trump ever goes to prison is beside the constitutional and political point. He is unfit for office. He has abused his power. He has violated his oath. The Constitution affords the remedy. Talk about prison is a distraction.”

“The real reason the House leadership is ducking impeachment is almost surely politics. Some say polls argue against impeachment, but polls mean little when the vast majority of people have neither read the Mueller report nor absorbed what it says from in-depth reporting. What the public has heard is the Trump team celebrating exoneration while the Democrats seem uncertain and conflicted. Polls will change if we move forward with an impeachment inquiry, just as they did during Watergate, when support for impeachment rose from 19 percent to 57 percent, per Gallup, within 14 months of the time impeachment hearings began.”

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“In short, the time of reckoning is upon us. Of course, there are risks in moving forward, but the risks of not doing so are greater. Taking into account principle, precedent and politics, the House should open an impeachment inquiry/ investigation, upholding its separate but equal power to do its sworn duty. Now’s a moment for clarity, toughness and spine. History is watching.”


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  1. I am convinced impeachment is the only way to go. It’s quite likely that unless the GOP senators develop a backbone that the impeachment fails at that point, But by then the public including Trumps own base will have heard the things of which Trump is not only accused, but of which he’s been found guilty by Mueller who is one of their own, and brings no personal bias to the report. I accept that Trumps base would readily accept an invasion by Russia to a Democratic Government but there’s a strong possibility that Trump already put America into hock with the Russians.

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    • Dear David,

      I’m with you on the issue of impeachment.

      I was around for the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon and President Bill Clinton. What happened is that the implementation of impeachment garnered wall to wall media coverage which if this media frenzy is repeated in 2019-2020, that would be like the Dems getting free Ads of opposition research being shared with the public on a daily basis before the 2020 elections.

      The crimes that President Trump committed as per the Mueller report and from other services deserve to see the light of day.

      But Speaker Pelosi is playing a defensive strategy to protect the centrist Democrats who won by narrow margins in districts that had voted for President Trump and who are up for reelection in 2020.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. As you know, I thought that slow and cautious was the way to go, as Pelosi was urging. But, after the last 4 fiascos by Trump, I think it needs to be “man the torpedoes and full speed ahead!” We all know that McConnell & Co. will not allow the Senate to try him and find him guilty, thereby removing him from office, but … BUT … given his overgrown juvenile reaction to a number of recent events, it may be enough to cause him to completely melt down and hopefully have a heart attack and die! Sigh. I have become cruel in my dotage, but this “man” is the biggest threat to the planet we have ever seen and he must be stopped, one way or another. But seriously, like you, I don’t know what Nancy Pelosi is waiting for. I have tremendous respect for her, but … with every passing day, Trump is becoming more emboldened, believing that in truth he CAN get by with murder … and he has already, at least six times. He has to be stopped, and the people of this nation, particularly those who still support him, must see what a jackass he really is. Pelosi holds the key … she must use it.

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    • Dear Jill,

      I do get Speaker Pelosi’s point of view. She’s worried sick about losing her majority position in 2020 because there are several Democrats who are up for reelection who won by narrow margins in Trump districts.

      There’s a solution but she has yet to ask the question, how do I protect my majority position while commencing the impeachment investigation/ inquiry? She needs 218 votes out of 235 House Dems. She can pick out 17 of the most vulnerable House Dems to give them a pass. She can then offer assist of other Dems who won in Trump country like Rep. Katie Porter who has publicly declared that she favors impeachment. She can warn them to start explaining to their constituents, why they may be forced to vote for the start of an impeachment investigation/ inquiry while the US Congress is in recess.

      If she doesn’t figure this out, by her not taking President Trump to task, you have to know that he’ll eventually be claiming vindication.

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear MJ Hoop,

      That’s part of the problem. If the House Judiciary Committee were to commence an Impeachment inquiry/ investigation in September 2019, there’s so much evidence to collect and numerous witnesses to question, that the odds are that they’ll be still hard at work up to November 2020. There’s a very real likelihood that the SCOTUS Chief Justice will never get the opportunity to preside over a Senate trial.

      Hugs, Gronda


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