United We Stand, Divided We Fall/ Goal Is To Save US Democracy By Ousting Trump In 2020


I’ve been reading a lot of commentary from the ex-GOP and GOP “Never Trumpers” who are having a meltdown over who the Democrats select to be their next presidential candidate for the November 2020 elections to compete against the republican President Donald J. Trump. They’ve been hard at work to steer the Democrats towards choosing a more moderate candidate.

Then there are the progressives in the Democratic Party who tend to be mostly from the the younger members who are insisting on an agent for change as they’re frustrated with the snail pace and gridlock of Congress where little gets done to help average Americans, like with reasonable gun control measures, developing a serious plan to combat the negative consequences of climate change which includes revamping US infrastructure, having everyone who resides in the USA have access to affordable high quality healthcare, making college and post high school training affordable, and assisting young people’s with the expense of quality, affordable day care for children, for starters. They want more accomplishments instead of a lot of talk.Image result for IMAGES OF THE SQUAD CONGRESS

The third wing of the Democratic Party are the more moderate/ establishment wing of the who have learned to become more pragmatic in developing legislation.

Finally, there are peoples like me who are solely focused on the defeat of President Trump in 2020, end of story. This is going to require unity among the coalitions of the decent to accomplish this goal.


I’m pledging to support whoever the Democrats select to be their 2020 presidential candidate. My only goal is to save our US democracy with the values of encouraging diversity which is our strength: restoring people’s faith in the “rule of law,” maintaining the right of people’s to criticize/ to protest peacefully against the policies of government; to protect a free press, and establishing election integrity, for starters.

The reality is, that there’s a possibility President Trump could win reelection in 2020 via the electoral college map with help from GOP led states with partisan gerrymandered maps approved by the US Supreme Court; the GOP state rules regarding voter ID laws and other tactics like purging voter rolls designed to depress Democratic likely voters from exercising their rights; assistance with love from Russia, and a war chest worth well over $100 million dollars.

This is a thought that gives me nightmares and terrifies me.

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Read NYT/ Trump’s Electoral College Edge Could Grow in 2020, Rewarding Polarizing Campaign 

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This possibility of a Trump victory in 2020 is one major reason that I’ve become pro-impeachment inquiry/ investigation. Because an impeachment investigation would garner world-wide daily media attention, the president’s misdeeds would be frequently shared with the public, drip, drip, drip. The Democratic Party presidential candidates could never afford to pay for this high level of media coverage exposing President Trump’s felonious activities as per the 3/22/2019 FBI’s final report regarding its 22 months long Trump-Russia probe, led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III and other evidence. In addition, this is one sure way to signal to the world that these US valued principles aren’t just empty words.

See: washingtonpost.com/ An impeachment inquiry is risky. Not opening one is riskier. 

President Trump isn’t acting alone. He has been acting with the backing of certain interests who are intent on maintaining power. These mostly dark monies donors behind the scenes have long been aware of the changing demographics which favor the Democratic Party. Thus, they are not opposed to an authoritarian governing body where they can continue to exert power over the direction of the USA.

President Trump is simply the front office’s super salesman who can sell anything to the republican party base coalition, comprised of the anti-immigration hardliners; the 2nd amendment gun rights’ zealots; the White Evangelical contingency; the White Supremacists and those who are like minded; the wealthy whose only interests are the tax cuts and the roll back of government regulations; corporate executives who favor fossil fuel industry and those who still buy that President Trump is going to bring back to the USA, coal industry and manufacturing jobs.

As per the October 2016 New York Magazine report,  “The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just Begun” by Jonathan Chait: (These folks are not above Trump winning via the use of a racist megaphone.)


“The Republican Party is instead more unified than one might imagine, as well as more dangerous. The accommodations its leaders have made to their erratic and delirious nominee underscore a capacity to go further and lower to maintain their grip on power than anybody understood. More consequentially, the horrors Trump has unleashed are the product of tectonic forces in American politics. Trump has revealed the convergence of two movements more extreme than anything in the free world that may yet threaten the democratic character most Americans take as their birthright.”

“From the beginning, however, the conservatives faced a predicament: Their belief that government is evil irrespective of whether its programs function as intended only had traction with a minority of voters. Americans may have opposed big government as an abstract notion, but they did not want to do away with their Social Security, Medicare, farm subsidies, ­minimum-wage laws, and progressive taxation. This misalignment between the conservative movement and the American people has, in fact, bred among conservatives a fundamental distrust of the American people. The welfare state, in the eyes of conservatives, was merely a government-sponsored mechanism by which the masses of voters could steal from the minority. (Russell Kirk, the influential mid-20th-century conservative, lamented that “taxation of the prosperous for the benefit of the less wealthy, through the votes of the benefiting crowd,” was “first cousin to theft.”) Since conservatives define liberty as the preservation of property rights, democracy — and its potential for legalizing theft via redistribution — poses a constant threat.”

Image result for cartoons how gop see the poor

“And yet American democracy was where the conservatives lived, and so a movement built on distrust of the majority set out to find a constituency. It found one in the segment of the country where conservative anti-government theory had deep resonance: the white South.”

“That congressional Republicans would submit to Trump even at the risk of compromising the basic security of the American government is not merely a hypothesis. It already happened. U.S. intelligence agencies have reportedly grown concerned about links between the Trump campaign and the Russian campaign strategy of using cyberattacks to help elect him. Republicans in Congress conceded to Daily Beast reporter Shane Harris that they shared these concerns but nonetheless refused requests by their Democratic colleagues to launch an investigation, which would have had subpoena power to force witnesses to testify.”

Image result for cartoons how gop see the poor

“The episode is telling because Republicans have no ideological motive to oppose an investigation — indeed, as the generally hawkish party on Russia, they might have been especially concerned by the prospect of Putin’s subverting the American political process. As Harris reported, they simply “have no appetite to launch inquiries into their party’s presidential nominee.” Their willingness to turn a blind eye to what even Republicans acknowledge as a security threat is a display of the absolute logic of party unity that would prevail under a Trump presidency.”

See: nymag.com/  The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just Begun, And it will not end with a Clinton presidency…



  1. Defeating Trump in 2020 is crucial. I’m already worried about how we’ll be able to recover from the damage he’s caused. I, too, will support the eventual nominee as everyone of our candidates is superior to Trump. The key, as you point out, to beating Trump is winning the Electoral College. That’s it. I’d prefer a popular vote win but that won’t be in place by next year, so winning the EC must be the focus. (I’m going to write a post on that next week.)

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    • Dear TokyoSand,

      That’s why I became so upset of the infighting that spilled over into the public sphere between the House Democratic leadership and the progressive young House freshmen. We can’t afford the Dems participating in a circular firing squad.

      We really do need to be unified with the focus on ousting President Trump in 2020 or sooner. The April 2019 Cook Political report shared a scenario where President Trump could lose the popular vote by 5 million while he wins via the electoral college map.

      I’m mostly supporting Dem candidates who can go toe to toe with President Trump.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • One thing I like to keep in mind is that there are many media outlets that gravitate towards the “Dems in disarray” narrative. Our party is not made up of sheep who blindly follow their leader like the Republicans clearly do. The fact that we do have disagreements isn’t abnormal, in fact I’d argue that it is healthy. However those disagreements seem to fuel the disarray narrative, which is deeply unfortunate.

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        • Good comments. A retired editor once said the media is biased toward conflict. That is why a doctor doing the right thing 19 times out of 20 is not newsworthy. Only when the doctor screws up is it news. Keith

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  2. Gronda, if someone cares about our global reputation and trade, cares about good healthcare options, cares about fighting climate change, cares about protecting the environment and bee pollinators, cares about our growing debt problem made worse by this president, cares about civil rights and liberties for all, cares about common decency, cares about data-driven analysis, and knows that our economy has been growing for over 120 months, only 30 of which have been under this president, then please vote for Donald Trump’s opponent.

    But. you must vote and not phone it in. Trump won because he got people who were not crazy about Hillary to stay home or vote for Jill Flynn. As for the Democrats – beating Trump truly is the major consideration. Please do not nominate a candidate that will not appeal to moderate Dems and Independents. Trump should not win this election if Dems do this. He can win if he continues to resonate with his race baiting and fear mongering of perceived evils of socialism and Dems nominate a George McGovern or Walter Mondale like candidate (please research how they did in the general election).

    Gronda, I am writing this to any progressive readers. We cannot be stupid about this election. Trump is beatable, but he can also win. Watergate was all about making sure Nixon ran against McGovern and not Edmund Muskie and getting dirt on McGovern. Trump is more corrupt than Nixon, per conservative writer George Will – I agree. He will do everything in his power to lie, cheat and bully. Take that to the bank.


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    • Dear Keith,

      I am thinking Democratic voters so far are siding with VP Biden because they think he’s the best Democratic Party candidate to beat President Trump.

      But I’m getting more basic in my pleading for unity among all peoples of decency to back all Democratic Party candidates, no matter what their policies are in order to rescue our US democracy. President Trump and his sycophants are trying to rob us of what makes this country truly great,like our value for truth; our appreciation for diversity; our promotion of a free press; our backing of a non-partisan, competent judicial and law enforcement systems; our promotions of peoples to peacefully protest our government and leaders; etc.

      We accomplished our 1st goal, to elect enough Democratic Party candidates to take over the majority of seats in the US House in 2018. Now our next objective should be to oust President Trump from The White House in November 2020. We need to keep our eye on the ball.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. I can totally relate when you state that the thought of tRumpsky winning reelection “gives me nightmares and terrifies me.”

    I sometimes wonder how this country was able to turn around so strikingly in a mere two years. But the answer lies in what you wrote about the “backing of certain interests who are intent on maintaining power. These mostly dark monies donors.” As the old saying goes … Money talks … and it’s been shouting quite loudly in tRumpsky’s ears.

    I truly am concerned about the future of this country and its people if there is a repeat of the 2016 election.

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    • Dear Nan,

      President Trump did not happen over night. The environment has been built over years to allow for an authoritarian racist leader. We’ve seen the GOP states implement voter ID laws and other ways to depress the turn-out of Democratic Party likely voters. We’ve watched the Supreme Court justices give their stamp of approval to extreme partisan gerrymandered state maps. We’ve seen the development of FOX TV and other right wing media outlets by right wing executives who designed its outreach to stoke the racist impulses/ anger in their viewers.

      In short, these right wing money guys have figured out that having control over GOP isn’t sufficient for them to maintain power because of the changing demographics that will favor Democrats.

      The GOP in Congress need their fix, monies and so they’re kissing President Trump’s derriere. What I don’t get is the defensive posture of the Democratic Party leadership team in the US Congress. This is not the time to play, defense.

      Hugs, Gronda

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