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I have been away trying to be treated for extreme pain. It may take awhile. I can’t thank my blogging family members, followers, and readers for your continued support.

This is just a shout out that all is okay and that I’ll be back blogging and Tweeting as soon as possible.


I haven’t escaped the daily Nutty Trump Reality Show.  It’s so embarrassing to know that the rest of the world is watching this show as well. One doesn’t know whether to laugh, to cry or to do both.

The republican President Donald Trump’s out loud thinking about purchasing Greenland from Denmark was just blip on the show’s radar. It didn’t come as a surprise that he cancelled his scheduled state dinner with Denmark’s head of state, Queen Margrethe II,  because he felt slighted that his idea was not well received.

The president keeps acting like the US is beholden to other countries’ interests such as Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

In another stroke of idiocy, he has been resorting to Antisemitic tropes regarding our Jewish brothers and sisters while he has no clue that his commentary, along the lines that anyone who votes in favor of a Democratic Party candidate is being disloyal to Israel, which is not an effective campaign strategy.

Then, as he keeps denying that there’s a likely pending recession, he just highlights that this is a real problem with no viable remedies. He lies about adding manufacturing jobs. He tells his followers that he’s spending trillions on our military as he’s diverting millions of dollars allocated to military bases to be used to build his US southern wall. Our US military cannot continue to be used as a political tool. Heck, he still lies about almost everything.

His back and forth discourse on expanded gun control background checks is giving most of us, whiplash, while he trying to figure out a way to appease his 2nd amendment hardliners while dealing with the reality that over 90% of the population are in favor of this legislation.

His version of a pending trade agreement with China is non-existent.  President Trump has accused China of making too many demands to where he was obligated to walk away. We all know that the opposite is true. President Trump couldn’t stand allowing for Chinese officials to save face to where a trade deal would be a win-win trade deal for all parties. Once the Chinese felt forced to discontinue negotiations, there’s no way they’ll work with President Trump to work towards a resolution.

Frankly, his backing off on adding tariffs on Chinese goods is because his GOP dark money donors producing the president’s daily reality show have given him orders to back down. He’s allowed to direct his reality show with a free hand but with certain restrictions like pushing for actions counter to what the public wants, like universal background checks for all gun purchases, climate change mitigation projects and universal healthcare via the ACA/ Obamacare.

Frankly, he’s losing his mind but and the best his GOP cronies can do, is hide from the press.

This post was updated on 9/17/2019.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you are in pain again, my dear friend. Take a break from all of this … believe me when I say that it will still be here in spades when you feel up to returning. I agree with you that Trump is in a predicament, is in way over his head, and is increasingly unstable. Which is frightening, for I do not trust him and he seems to believe his power to be unlimited. Sigh. Take care, Gronda. You know my email address if you feel like a chat one day. Love and hugs! ❤

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