Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu Is Not Leaving Graciously, Despite Losing 2 Elections

GIF: Netanyahu is hanging from a clock as politicians watch.
Illustration:  Amos Biderman

It’s at the point that it can be said that the Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s days in office are coming to an end. After 10 years, he’s having hard time accepting that he has lost 2 elections in a row. Like his BFF, the republican US President Donald Trump, he’s not one to graciously leave his position of power. In addition, PM Netanyahu is also facing legal challenges regarding his wrongdoings while in office. But PM Netanyahu will not go away without a fight as he won’t give up trying to salvage some vestige of power and position.

Meanwhile his BFF President Trump is dropping him like a hot potato. I consider this updated tidbit as a preview as to what we can expect when President Trump loses in 2020.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

As per 9/20/2019 Haaretz article, “Analysis –With Israel’s Election Results, Netanyahu Is Reminded That Trump Hates Losers” by Yossi Verter.” (“After his double defeat, Netanyahu throws himself into Gantz’s arms. He knows he’s on borrowed time ■ After going out of his way to help his friend win two elections, Trump is now giving Bibi the cold shoulder.”)


“If anyone is capable of feeling pity for Benjamin Netanyahu after what he did in this election campaign, he may feel this sentiment after Netanyahu’s carrying on in the last two days. The man whose behavior during the campaign repeatedly raised questions as to his mental stability now looks like someone living in la-la land.”

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“Still on the ropes after his double defeat – both the party and the bloc took a beating – he is pretending to run the complex political situation, to dictate the rules and to control the agenda, as though the campaign were still going strong and the 8 P.M. headline is the be all and end all.”

“Netanyahu’s personal clock is ticking toward his hearing, after which an indictment and a trial are likely awaiting, while spreading hollow propaganda that looks like it was pulled from the spam folder on media adviser Yonatan Orich’s tablet.”

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“Netanyahu never overestimated his voters’ collective wisdom. He was a master at playing on their primordial fears, inflaming their spirits and arousing hatred for his rivals. That’s how he won elections, time and again. Now he’s pulling out the only rabbit he has left, the good old blame game, in a bid to reach a third election with some kind of public support.”

“This is a total delusion. He is a prime minister suspected of criminal acts who refuses to leave his position and go about his affairs. Yes, Israel has become one of those states we never believed we’d be like.”

“Netanyahu is playing an absurd, transparent game. On Thursday morning, at the official memorial ceremony for Shimon Peres, he virtually threw himself into Benny Gantz’s arms and invited him to form a national unity government, hinting at an agreement in which the premiership would rotate between them. Hours later, he had the leaders of the right wing-parties sign a mutual pact binding them all together in any future government. All for one, and one for all.”

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“Later, when Gantz and his party leaders responded with the appropriate dismissal of this nonsense, he issued a statement of regret over Gantz’s refusal to meet him. With all due respect, these are death spasms. Netanyahu is putting on an act of controlling the situation, but his bluff is obvious. As long as Netanyahu is a bone stuck in the political system’s throat, no serious negotiation will begin on a national government, which under the current circumstances is the only solution to the state’s paralysis.”

“Netanyahu’s confidant, Minister Yariv Levin, who heads the joint coalition negotiating team for the right-wing and ultra-Orthodox parties, told one party leader on Thursday: “There’ll be no negotiation, and if there is, nothing will come of it.”

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President in the crosshairs

“The rotation story is so fallacious it’s hard to believe anyone can take it seriously. We had a deal like that in 1984, between Peres and Shamir. Peres honored the rotation deal. In 1990, in the midst of the second, rotation-less unity government, he got over it and carried out the so-called “dirty trick” that dismantled the government. Gantz knows, as does everyone else, that in every scenario of unity with Netanyahu and his Likud gang, one must expect a trick a thousand times dirtier.”

“Gantz beat Netanyahu in this election. Unequivocally, his party is bigger, and so is his bloc. He will become a laughingstock if he breaks all his promises and renounces his positions in exchange for the defense portfolio in Bibi’s fifth government. His achievement leaves him no room to compromise.”

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“The deeper one digs in the hole we’ve fallen into, the more one understands there’s no solution to this imbroglio. Only a plea bargain for Netanyahu, enabling him a respectable retirement, with no prison time, might pave the way to a solution. Another option is to replace Netanyahu in Likud’s leadership. This is an extremely difficult process. It is doubtful whether the time frame enables it.”

“There will be no rotation, because for Netanyahu there’s no scenario but being first in office. As bait, he may offer his partners to elect him, in a year and eight months’ time, as president, who has full immunity from facing charges for his entire seven-year tenure. This strange idea was heard this week, behind closed doors.”

“Granted, Netanyahu may be in the midst of trial by then and perhaps the legal question will arise whether immunity applies retroactively as well. He will deal with it when the time comes. The household at Balfour Street supports the idea. It will enable Sara to turn into the real “first lady,” a title she insists on bearing, even though she isn’t.”

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Party’s over

“Netanyahu knew he didn’t have 61 Knesset seats. The hysteria this time was a real red alert. The panic he projected wasn’t pretended. On this subject, at least, he didn’t lie to his voters. None of the external polls showed the right-wing-ultra-Orthodox bloc achieving the magic number-of-salvation – nor did the in-depth surveys conducted for him by John McLaughlin, the highly respected pollster of U.S. President Donald Trump.”

“According to several sources involved in Netanyahu’s campaign, awareness of this reality began to trickle down into his consciousness about two weeks ago. Balfour Street fell apart. There was a total meltdown at the residence. Things lurched out of control. Son Yair’s tweets became more disturbed and wild. Sara was having her special moments, too, in spades.”

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“The situation shocked him. The die was cast, the party was over. There would be no immunity from prosecution, no overriding Supreme Court decisions, the hearing before the attorney general would not be postponed, the attorney general would not be fired, there would be no deus ex machina. All roads would lead to we-know-where (Ramle and its prison, not Rome).”

“The public became aware of the situation on August 31. A minute after the end of the Sabbath, in the yard of the family villa in Caesarea, Bibi posted a clip that was appalling by any standard, in which he accused the journalists, editors and managers of the Keshet 12 television station of attempts to perpetrate a “terror attack on democracy.”  The spectacle was disturbing; the words were on the brink of phantasmagoria.”

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  1. Dear Gronda, gday mate. I hope you are well. This particular election in Israel showed the exhaustion and distrust of bibi, I would venture to say that if he was in full power, the USA would be at some stage of kinetic policy regards Iran. At the moment the Australian prime minister is with the occupant of he WH (for a week?) if he is stupid he too will go the way of Boris Johnson and Netanyahu, everything trump touches dies. Hugs mate.

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    • Dear Gary J.,

      You are so right on the money.

      The Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu has finally met his doom. It looks like President Trump will follow in his footsteps. But for now, President Trump is being a gracious host.

      Fortunately, President Trump has resisted having the US military being pulled into Saudi + Israel’s conflict with Iran.

      How did you get stuck with “ScoMo, an Evangelical Christian who’s to the right of PM Turnball?

      From what I’ve read, he’s earned a reputation when he was the immigration minister for his hard-line stance against immigrants and he’s been consistently opposed to a carbon price (tax). He’s taken credit for “stop the boats” – a harsh policy to halt asylum seekers from entering Australia. He and President Trump should see eye to eye on most subjects.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • All true, never voted for him or like him. Australia is the easy foil for USA to show it has a partner in mid east. Aussies in general love Americans and do not really care for 24/7 political noise such as trump creates. Scomo must tread warily or become another lap dog to trump which aussies definitely would not like. Hugs mate.

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