Ending ACA Is What’s Really Behind GOP’s Rush To Seat GOP SCOTUS Pick Before November 2020

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I’ve been arguing via twitter that one major reason that the republican President Donald J Trump and his GOP cronies in the US Senate are rushing the GOP conservative ALEC dark money donors /Federalist Society’s SCOTUS pick, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, prior to the November 3, 2020  elections, is because she’s expected to wield the fatal blow to the ACA, (the 2010 Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare) when it comes up for review by the Supreme Court on 11/10/2020.
It’s important to note that the consensus among ALEC GOP corporate and conservative wealthy members who fund with their secret (dark) monies, the current Trumpian Republican Party, expect a return on their investment. For decades, this included the spending of millions of dollars to block the development of any government healthcare delivery systems like the ACA and any and all environmental regulations.
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See: (2014)audio recordings

Those from the right view the current strategy to kill ACA (Obamacare) via the 11/10/2020 Supreme Court ruling as the latest volley in a multi-generational fight against government run/ state-proffered health care. For decades, GOP conservatives have been battling hard against all government programs designed to be a safety net for average American workers. This would include the 1935 Social Security program established by President Franklin Roosevelt, which is funded by both employees and employers enacted to protect retired elderly from financial ruin, and the 1965 Medicare and Medicaid laws designed to provide the elderly and disabled, access to affordable health care insurance coverage.

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Cliff Notes Review Of US Healthcare:

As far back as 1945, the US President Harry Truman pushed for an “expansion of  the then compulsory social insurance system” to include health care insurance for everyone. But the AMA (The American Medical Assoc.) had successfully led the fight to kill it by calling it, “socialized medicine.

In 1946, when Republicans managed to gain control of the US Congress, the fight for any government sponsored universal health care coverage for all average everyday workers, died. But then the GOP  leaders came up with the idea to grant tax breaks to businesses if they chose to provide their employees with health insurance policies. Ever since, employees’ health care coverage has been entwined with their employment.

It wasn’t until 1965, that the Democratic Party President Lyndon Johnson managed to enact major new health care programs, in the form of Medicare and Medicaid. Of course those on the right fought this development, tooth and nail. They’re still trying to end these so called examples of socialism.

Until 2010, U.S. presidents struggled to enact better, more comprehensive national health care reforms, but these attempts failed because of right-wing opposition.

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In 2010, the Democratic Party President Barack Obama accomplished the “mission impossible” task of enacting health care reforms via the ACA (Affordable Care Act)/ Obamacare, with numerous concepts based on a 1989 conservative program published by the ALEC offshoot,  the Heritage Foundation. It justifiably ranks alongside the most important pieces of social policy legislation in US history, including the Social Security Act (1935); the Medicare and Medicaid laws (1965) and the Civil Rights Act (1964).

True to form, the right had quickly ascribed the label of “socialized medicine” to the ACA and it has stuck as fast to Obamacare as it did to President Truman’s healthcare plan. Heck, in 2020, we’re still hearing this GOP talking point about the ACA/ Obamacare being “socialized medicine.

President's Next Biggest Lie Besides His Exoneration, Is GOP Will be The Party For Healthcare | Gronda Morin

As per a 9/3/ 2020 note by Tammy Williams of the Truman Library for the History Hub website:

“Thank you for your question regarding the quote about Truman and socialism. In President Harry’s Truman’s remarks in Syracuse, New York on October 10, 1952, he said this:”

“Socialism is a scare word they (GOP) have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years.”

“Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security.”

“Socialism is what they called farm price supports.”

“Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance.”

“Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations.”

“Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.”

“When the Republican candidate inscribes the slogan “Down With Socialism” on the banner of his “great crusade,” that is really not what he means at all. What he really means is “Down with Progress–down with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal,” and “down with Harry Truman’s fair Deal.” 

“You can listen to President Truman deliver this speech (and download it, if you want) on the Truman Library’s website here: https://www.trumanlibrary.gov/soundrecording-records/sr59-160-president-truman-rear-platform-remarks-syracuse-new-york. The portion you’re looking for is about 6:45 into the speech.”

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As per 9/2020 Alliance for Justice (ALJ) report:

(The current GOP SCOTUS Supreme Court nominee pick), “Amy Coney Barrett fought to undermine health care for millions in her attack on the Affordable Care Act, and publicly criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for his (2012) decision to uphold the law.”

Her other views:

She also fought efforts to ensure that all women have access to contraceptives. Barrett has been critical of Roe v. Wade, stating that the framework of Roe essentially permitted abortion on demand.

“Like other Trump nominees, she has shown an inclination to rule in favor of the rights of the wealthy and powerful over the rights of all.”

Read more on Barrett’s background.

In a 7/11/2011 article published by the Nation,  the former Insurance Company executive Wendall Potter details on  how ALEC has been working for years to kill the ACA/ Obamacare::

Excerpts from, “ALEC Exposed: Sabotaging Healthcare:”

Days after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, I arrived at the spring 2010 meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in Denver, where a fellow consumer representative introduced me to one of the hundreds of industry lobbyists swarming the convention center. “She’s somebody we can work with,” he said, clearly convinced that she would deal with us in good faith, even if we might disagree on certain policy issues. Over the next several months, other consumer reps agreed that she really did seem to want to do what was right for patients, even if the organization that paid her salary often seemed to care more about profits than people.”

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“I was skeptical. I knew from my two decades as an insurance company executive that the industry often conducts duplicitous charm offensives, assuring the public that insurers support consumer-focused reform while executives work surreptitiously to block any reform that might curtail profits. So I was not shocked when I found out that Joan Gardner, executive director of state services for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s Office of Policy and Representation, had been keeping something important from us. As a leading member of ALEC’s Health and Human Services Task Force, she’d been helping write legislation designed to ensure that any healthcare reform implemented at the state level would benefit insurance companies far more than their policyholders. She was also leading an effort to recruit more dues-paying members to ALEC.”

“I learned of Gardner’s clandestine work when a reform advocate alerted me to a story about a resolution her ALEC committee had drafted in 2008 to forbid “government-mandated health care.” Apparently fearful that a bill would reach Obama’s desk that would allow states to establish single-payer systems, ALEC crafted the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, which, despite its Orwellian name, was written to deny the citizens of any state that passed it the freedom to set up such a system. By declaring that Congressional attempts to regulate health insurance at the federal level would be unconstitutional, it would effectively ban not only a federal single-payer proposal but also a federally created health insurance exchange and a federally operated public insurance option. ALEC has boasted that some 44 states have introduced its Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act (which itself would not withstand a constitutional challenge).  Only 8 states have passed the act.”.

“Reviewing ALEC’s healthcare-related bills and resolutions from the past few years makes it clear that insurers realized early on that the best way to block the profit-threatening provisions of any federal reform would be to attack them at the state level through ALEC. With Democrats in control of both houses of Congress and the White House in 2009, insurers assumed some kind of healthcare reform was inevitable, so they adopted a strategy to shape rather than stop reform.”

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“Its top five goals became:”

§ “Keeping single-payer proposals off the table;”

§ “Ensuring that the final bill contain a clause requiring all Americans not eligible for an existing federal program to buy coverage from a private insurance company;”

§ “Preventing the new law from establishing a government-run plan (the “public option”) that would compete with private insurers;”

§ “Making sure that the reform law is implemented primarily at the state level, to keep the federal government from assuming any significant new oversight of private insurers’ business practices; and”

§ “Keeping any new regulations and consumer protections to a minimum.”

President's Next Biggest Lie Besides His Exoneration, Is GOP Will be The Party For Healthcare | Gronda Morin

“Insurers achieved their first 4 goals, with ALEC playing a key role in a well-coordinated effort to keep the most progressive proposals from being enacted at the state or federal level. Where it fell short was in blocking provisions of the law that will impose more rigorous oversight of insurance companies’ business practices. After Obama signed the bill into law, the industry turned its attention to influencing how the new regulations would be written (by the NAIC and federal bureaucrats) and how the law would be implemented in the states.”

“As its archive reveals, ALEC has been at work for more than a decade on what amounts to a comprehensive wish list for insurers: from turning over the Medicare and Medicaid programs to them—assuring them a vast new stream of revenue—to letting insurers continue marketing substandard yet highly profitable policies while giving them protection from litigation. Republican lawmakers continue to promote model bills from the 1990s. Some of the most far-reaching and industry-favorable measures adopted by ALEC over the years:”

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§ “The Resolution Urging Congress to Create Private Financing of the Medicare Program, initially adopted in 1998, calls on Congress to privatize Medicare by permitting the creation of Individual Medical Accounts, similar to Health Savings Accounts that accompany high-deductible health plans and that have become attractive tax shelters for well-to-do Americans.”

§ “The Resolution on Medicaid Funding Through a Federal Block Grant, adopted in 2008, urges Congress to replace the current financing mechanism for Medicaid with block grants. In another proposal to privatize the program, the Access to Medicaid Act, beneficiaries would receive vouchers to buy insurance policies in the private market.”

§” The Health Care Choice Act for States, adopted in 2007, would permit the sale of individual health insurance policies across state lines, which wouldn’t be subject to the mandated benefits required by in-state policies. The effect would be to make comprehensive policies significantly more expensive than they already are. (Wyoming was the first state to enact this model bill, in 2010, followed by Georgia and Maine.)”


§ “The Non-Economic Damage Awards Act, adopted in 2002, would limit medical malpractice awards for damages like pain and suffering to $250,000, making such lawsuits infeasible. (Few lawyers would be willing to represent patients if the total award were limited to that amount because they probably wouldn’t be able to cover their costs.) ”

See: documented.net/Revealed: ALEC Annual Meeting Attendees. List includes Trump Administration / 2020 Campaign Officials

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  1. Gronda, no question. This issue needs to be shouted loudly from the rooftops. One party has spent ten years trying to expand coverage to Americans, while another group has nay-sayed and sabotaged the expansion of coverage causing premiums to rise and insurers to leave the markets.

    Here is a letter I posted and forwarded to my newspaper and about 200 folks. Please feel free to adapt and use. What disgusts me is the GOP Senators shot an engine out of the plane in midair and now are suing to say the plane can no longer fly.

    “The truth matters. Actions matter. Four years ago, Trump said we had to wait and see his healthcare plan. None existed and still does not. Three years ago Trump cut payments to insurers to fund their payment of co-pays and deductibles for ACA members making less than 2 1/2 x the poverty rate and then lied about its impact – it actually increased premiums and the deficit per the CBO.

    After the election, SCOTUS will be hearing a case to rule on the constitutionality of the ACA premium subsidy after Republicans stripped away the coverage mandate, which would severely hamper the law and may lead to its end. The White House chose not to defend the law. The ACA impacts both exchange and employer benefits, three key provisions of which are allowing pre-existing conditions, requiring guaranteed renewability and requiring wellness doctor visits not be subject to deductibles.

    Sadly, beyond the nay-saying, there has been more sabotage of the ACA which increased premiums (Google Marco Rubio and risk corridors), repeal and replace efforts which were fortunately defeated, and fourteen states (including NC and SC) who still have not expanded Medicaid, a key part to help people in poverty. Health care coverage access is a major issue this coming election so says this retired benefits consultant, benefits manager and former actuary.

    Eliminating the ACA which which may impact over 200 million Americans (including the ACA requirements on employer plans) is unwise in my view, in general. But, doing so in the middle of a poorly handled pandemic by the White House with over 200,000 and growing American deaths, is plain asinine and mean-spirited.”


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