Theory: Trump With GOP Senators Set UP “Mask Opposition” Stance To Help Win 2020 Election

How cartoons are chronicling the battle between mask wearers and Trump - The Washington Post

I’ve waited for days after the November 3rd, 2020, US elections before deciding to share this post because it’s hard to buy into the following scenario, as it’s beyond repugnant. But I’ve chosen to speak up based on the reality that the republican President Donald J Trump with his GOP supporters seem to suffer from no boundaries as to how far they will go to win.

So, here’s the rest of the story…

Way back in early 2020, the republican President Donald J Trump with his Enabler -in-Chief, the GOP US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others, backed by GOP ALEC/ Koch Network type dark money donors, all conspired to develop a campaign strategy, to ensure a win for themselves in the November 2020 US elections, no matter what the costs to our US democracy and the inevitable harm done to the American public.

See: Codependency Relationship Between Trump And McConnell Works For Them But Not For Most Of Us via @GrondaMorin

Mitch McConnell Supports Impeachment - Meme on Imgur


Well before May 2020, President Trump with his GOP sycophants along with the Russia/ FOX disinformation campaign assist, came up with the following plan:\

1.) They started around April 2020 with a disinformation campaign regarding the non serous nature of the COVID 19 pandemic, no worse than the flu, despite having been fully notified by their own science experts as to how devastatingly consequential the pandemic was, as early as January 2020.

2.) These GOP players  decided to become proponents of the “herd immunity” stance as their plan to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic, which they knew could cost USA, millions of unnecessary fatalities.  Around August 2020, they even went shopping for a medical doctor, Dr. Scott Atlas, a frequent FOX TV guest and fellow of the conservative Hoover Institute at Stanford, who had -0- experience in the field of epidemiology to sell the concept of “herd immunity” without actually saying the words.

3.) GOP continued to resist having the federal government send any monies to “Blue States” to assist them with dealing with COVID 19 pandemic despite the larger share of minority communities being hit hard with disproportionately higher percentage of its members contracting the COVID 19 infection. This tactic was also designed to limit “Blue States” access to additional monies to implement election protocols in the midst of a raging COVID 19 pandemic. This Scrooge-like thinking is  reflected in an op-ed by the GOP FL US Senator Rick Scott:

National Review
Op-Ed: Sen. Rick Scott
December 12, 2020

“Democrats have spent the last few months demanding bailouts for states and local governments. They claim that if you oppose spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out states such as New York, Illinois, and California, then you support laying off teachers, health-care workers, and first responders.”

“Guess what? They’re lying. And unfortunately, too many of my Republican colleagues have bought their lie and are getting ready to cave.”

“What Democrats really want is for Congress to just send money to liberal politicians who have already shown they can’t be trusted with it. If these politicians have budget shortfalls, it’s because they did not prioritize their struggling constituents in the first place, and instead wasted money on other things. New York and California are of course free to burn tax dollars for fun. But they shouldn’t expect Florida and the rest of the country to pay when the bill comes due.”

4.) Then these GOP conspirators conditioned all the Trumpian loyal supporters towards not wearing a mask in order to make sure that they’d show up at President Trump’s rallies, and most importantly, that they’d line up in droves for in-person voting on 11/3/2020, the final election date, without being bothered by the possibility of contracting the COVID 19 bug.

5.) Meanwhile President Trump with silent approval from GOP lawmakers and backed by ALEC type business donors with marketing support from FOX/ Russian disinformation messengers, spread the word about mail-in votes being rife for potential fraudulent external interference, despite the fact that in previous years, this mail-in choice was a GOP preferred method of voting.

These GOP plotters tried to prevent US states from expanding constituents access to mail-in ballots during time of 2020 US COVID 19 pandemic, to protect those of our more vulnerable population from having to stand in long lines to vote on election day, making them more susceptible to contracting the spreading coronavirus infection. Fortunately, more often than not, these GOP players were blocked by US courts from significantly blocking states from increasing the use of mail in votes for worried Americans who were fearful of voting in person because of the increasing numbers of COVID 19 victims.

Note the intent, which was for GOP to depress mail-in voting as well as decreasing the chances of Biden/ Harris Democratic Party Ticket supporters from showing up at the polls for in-person voting due to fear of the pandemic.

Here’s irony:

Justin Gray @JustinGrayWSB
In new intv with me @GaSecofState says “24,000 GOPs who voted absentee in primary did not vote in General – says Donald Trump cost himself the election by sowing distrust in absentee: “he would have won by 10 thousand votes he actually suppressed, depressed his own voting base”

6.) Around May, 2020, these GOP schemers placed in charge of the USPS United States Postal Service, a political hack, Louis DeJoy who had orders to make adjustments to the mail delivery process by this agency, causing unwieldly delays in the mailing out and the return of ballots to the various County Supervisors of Elections offices.

Cartoons: Face mask rules; jobs recovery; Facebook vs. Hong Kong

As per a 8/20/2020 report by Aaron Mak, “The Hiring of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Looks Even Sketchier Now.”


“We’re finally learning more about what, exactly, has gone amiss at the U.S. Postal Service, because Congress has begun to pry loose some answers. On Thursday, lawmakers heard new testimony that shined some light on the appointment this May of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who has been accused of inappropriately slowing down the agency’s delivery in the crucial runup to the presidential election. The process behind that appointment now looks much more dubious.”

“David Williams, a former member of the Postal Service Board of Governors, which oversees USPS and selects the postmaster general, told the Congressional Progressive Caucus during a hearing that he resigned in April partly because of how DeJoy’s hiring was handled. “He didn’t strike me as a serious candidate,” Williams said of DeJoy, a former logistics executive. According to Williams, the board selected the executive search consultancy Russell Reynolds to produce a list of candidates for the position. Late in the process, however, board member John Barger suggested moving forward with DeJoy after having lunch with him. Barger and DeJoy are both Republican donors. According to Williams, it appeared that DeJoy’s name did not come from Russell Reynolds.”

Trump's Pet Postmaster

“The irregularities in DeJoy’s hiring are yet another example of the Trump administration assigning controversial and often unqualified donors to important positions. (DeJoy is notably the first postmaster general in almost two decades who is not a career postal employee.) Now that DeJoy has decreased USPS’s delivery capacities by mandating changes to overtime and other agency procedures—and Trump has explicitly floated the idea of withholding funding from the agency to discourage mail-in voting during the pandemic—there is renewed interest in how exactly the postmaster general was able to assume this influential perch at such a critical moment. While DeJoy has said he’ll hold off on imposing any more cutbacks on USPS, he hasn’t committed to reverting any of his recent changes. He’s set to testify on Friday and again on Monday before Congress, where he’ll have a chance to answer the many, many questions his short tenure has raised thus far.”

7.) From the Spring of 2020, Senator McConnell has been holding firm on his red line of requiring any HEROES Act to include legal liability protection from any claims against business owners for COVID 19 claims before he’ll even consider any COVID 19 relief package. I can’t help but question if his demand for legal liability immunity regarding COVID 19 potential claims, includes the GOP lawmakers of the US Congress.

Here are some recent Tweets which reflect my thinking…

Dear @RonaldKlain, I also suspect that @realDonaldTrump   w @senatemajldr set up US for “herd immunity” stance re COVID 19 to win election by depressing DEM in person voter turnout during pandemic as they knew fear of it was for real. Why else did GOP rail vs mail-in voting?…

Dear @RonaldKlain  , I worry that @realDonaldTrump@senatemajldr  reasons for delaying transition by @JoeBiden team isn’t benign to appease WH occupant but it’s an orchestrated play to delay team’s access to intel re COVID 19 details + extent of Russia’s part in 2020 election…

I bet @realDonaldTrump w GOP Eunuchs are delaying @JoeBiden /@SenKamalaHarris transition as they need to delay past 1/5/21, Dems access to intel re Russia’s part in 2020 election./ Must Read: ”  Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President | The Atlantic

NOTE: This post was updated on 2/2/2021


    • Dear Rugby 843,

      I consider the GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as deserving of impeachment as he’s knowingly condoned the unnecessary deaths of 100,000s of innocent, decent hard working peoples living in the USA. At least history will hold him to account. His legacy will be tarnished while he has made a ton of money.

      Dems still have a chance to cut down Sen McConnell by a few pegs, by winning the 2 US senate seats in Georgia scheduled for a run off election 1/5/21. If Dems pull off this Hail Mary play, then Senator McConnell will lose his position as the majority leader which he would find to be a devastating loss.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  1. Dear Gronda, Hallo and i missed you when you were not posting. Always on my mind because of your good work. How even i, here in Australia, felt a lifting of spirits at the outcome of the election. The Media Coverage here on ABC was total, fact based and comprehensive. It is so inexplicable the incumbent can not find a modicum of decency, nor has any common decency. Proof that the seventy five million plus who voted Biden/Harris know the difference, and may America begin to heal. I hope you and yours are safe and well mate, please take care and Hugs from Oz.

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  2. RUGBY 15: As Dr. Azar admitted on television yesterday (11/16/20) on MSNBC that he and a group of scientists had first started working on the early stages of the (Moderna) vaccine at the NIH on January 13, 2020, this clearly supports the concept that they were in receipt of the basic genome information that China transmitted on early January and which was re-transmitted on 1/22/20. This shows you how EARLY the Trump administration had this information and yet they botched all efforts in setting up diagnostic testing and contact tracing. As Trump believes in herd immunity it makes sense that he would practice it under the guise of his rallies and his supporters are now bearing the brunt of his deception. Those states that followed the original CDC guidelines have lower rates despite Chicago, Detroit, New York, Newark, Boston, Atlanta and Miami being the major FIRST airport stops from China and Europe where when people landed the border patrol and TSA did not adequately test despite the Trump Administration’s fore-knowledge of the virus’ virolence which they were notified about by the CDC personnel in Wuhan, China at the end of December. This was after Trump had “defunded” the USAID Predict Program in the Fall of 2019 which had existed for 10 years and whose purpose was to identify early pandemics BEFORE they got too far into the system! When you compile the facts that have been publicly identified to date (even thru 5/31/20) the Administration’s failure to perform is very apparent.

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  3. My heart sang tonight, on seeing a post from my dear friend Gronda! I agree with your take, but despair that a large percentage of this nation has been brainwashed to believe whatever McConnell, Hannity, Trump, et al, say. The biggest threat to this nation comes not from Russia, not from the Middle East, not from North Korea, but from within, from those who are so ignorant as to believe the lies they are being fed. Sigh. Hugs, my dear friend!


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